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He who holds the flow is the king.


I saw a topic in Zhihu yesterday:

“The rich people around you taught you what truth? “

After reading the first hundreds of answers, in fact, most of them have one meaning:

Make big money,

We should learn to use resources, be heartless and have no moral burden.


The essence of selling shovel culture is to use everything

I heard that Zhihu is ready to go public.

This news feels slightly ironic in any way.

When the products were produced, the starting point was the high-quality content exchange community.

Now, the accumulation of ten years is really unique in the cultural value APP.

However, in the past two years, various commercial operations and financing have been carried out round after round.

There are many of them, such as Tencent, Baidu and today’s headlines.

Intellectuals who flaunt their annual salary of millions per capita will eventually become secular.

In a sense, Zhihu is a shovel seller.

Products are the realization of people’s thoughts, so people are products.

On the one hand, he created a utopia that literati yearned for, which attracted the attention of traffic.

On the other hand, he integrated a lot of resources by relying on the creativity of those who believe in a better life.

In fact, this is similar to the logic of our personal brand /ip today.

The cultivation of big V can not be separated from value output, attracting traffic and realizing business.

The output of value can be original, carried or integrated.

No matter what you share, as long as the purpose is clear: what can others get from you?

He who holds the flow is the king.

With traffic, projects can cooperate, goods can be realized, and advertisements can be put in.

This is the essence of “shovel selling culture”.


Wealth accumulation can be a service charge

In the past two days, I received a marketing call for “map marking”.

I wrote a similar project, Bubble Net Earning, last year.

Why are there so many colleagues in the past year after year?

Because of the unequal access to information, this line has been profitable.

Mark that this matter can be done by individuals, but many people don’t know it or take too much trouble.

So some people rely on this small field project, and they still earn a lot of money.

Reminiscent of the “Resume Sale” incident exposed at the 315 party, it is not difficult to understand how these advertisers got the contact information of each business owner.

The method is nothing more than collecting websites like 58 cities, enterprises and sky eyes.
This kind of 0-cost service is full of bidding advertisements found on Baidu’s homepage.
Is its profit high?

High, can make a profit of hundreds of dollars at a time.

The more maps on the shelves, the more expensive the corresponding service fees will be.
Now that information is so developed, will anyone be stupid enough to pay for it?

Then let’s think backwards, why would anyone be willing to spend money on advertising?

If he doesn’t make money, is he doing charity and public welfare?

The answer is obvious, and it must be profitable.

This kind of virtual product has extremely low cost, so why not?


Wealth accumulation can also be a charge for information difference

Last year, short videos became popular for a year.

Several bloggers I pay attention to are all 30-50W.

Many of them have realized the myth of millions of net profits in half a year.

It has become a consensus to shake the wind and bring benefits to mankind.

Some people rely on bringing goods,
Some people rely on rewards,
Some people rely on training,

Some people rely on poor information to sell vibrato authentication.

This project is a win-win cooperation that Vibrato provides traffic support for business owners.

But if you have a deep understanding, you will find that the channel information is really poor.

  1. Through the official certification of vibrato, the price is 600 yuan.
  2. certification of vibrato service provider, price in 500 yuan.

Vibrato needs service providers to help it promote its policies, so the rewards offered are also generous, and a single commission is 420 yuan, so the external price will be favorable.

  1. The service provider’s agents are certified, and the price is 400 yuan.

Ordinary individuals seek services to discuss cooperation and get commissions.

  1. Information flow advertising channels, with prices above 1000+.

For example, the quotation of this platform is around 2500.
Obviously, what he earns is money with poor information.

Having said that, bubbling nets make me think of a paragraph in the e-commerce industry:

A commodity, the factory comes out of 1 yuan,

Wholesale network sells 2 yuan,

Pinduoduo sells 5 yuan,

Taobao sells 10 yuan,

Tmall sells 20 yuan.

JD.COM sells 40 yuan online,

Jumei Youpin 80 yuan,

Users from different channels have different costs of obtaining information and different perceptions of prices.

This is a good way to save money.

Take a picture of a product and try to recognize it on each platform.


Breaking the information gap depends on reverse thinking

There are many selling points of the project, and the single thinking is easy to understand.

The difficulty is how to get the traffic and issue the bill smoothly.

Or that sentence:

Do what project, study what advertisement.

There are two ways to make traffic: payment and free.

Pay less, go directly to open bidding advertisements on various platforms.

Simply talk for free, we can understand by following other people’s marketing copywriting in reverse.

Zhihu search keywords: blue V certification
There are many similar platforms, so you can draw inferences from others.

Tik Tok
micro blog

Wherever the user is, you go.

Wherever you have seen the marketing advertisement, you should walk it habitually.

If you want to make money, you must learn “middleman thinking”.

Learn to integrate resources, learn to leverage strength, and learn to see the big from the small.

If the essence of making money is: choose products+engage in traffic.

In the “middleman thinking”, even the “selection” is omitted.

Just learn how to do traffic, and everything will be there.

Dig a well, focus on a point,

Today next year, let’s see what’s different about you.

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