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Relying on Alipay’s skill of increasing points, the monthly income exceeds 10,000


I saw an interesting comeback in making money last night:

“With Alipay’s skill of increasing points, the monthly income has exceeded 10,000”

The operation of the scheme is very enlightening, so we can share it with you.


Life is full of business opportunities

From any profitable point of view, people are quietly making money.

Now you can go out to do business without your wallet, but you must not live without your mobile phone.

Offline payment is already a three-level differentiation:


This is the convenience of the mobile Internet era.

From the perspective of the Internet, technology changes life.

Giants with a large number of users have adopted many policies to keep them.

The biggest foundation of all businesses is the “trust problem”.

Give an example:

If you borrow a charging treasure, you can avoid the deposit if you have a high credit score.

This is the product of the digital age. He is not worried that you will run away with something.

Because the payment platform is a real-name system, your consumption records and habits prove who you are.

And the introduction of credit score is far more than that.

According to ant credit, there are:

Loan processing, more than 600 points

Credit card application channel, 650 points or more

Visa for going abroad is handled quickly, more than 750

Deposit-free hotel rental car electronic equipment, 600 points or more

The higher the score, the greater the rights and interests.

Credit score has become the proof of personal credit.

However, how to quickly increase the credit score is not clear to most people, so this is an opportunity.


Birds of a feather flock together

When everyone knows that something is profitable, they will take the initiative to pay attention to it.

Awei saw the advertisement of Alipay borrowing money in the headline, and clicked in curiously to test the quota.

It suddenly occurred to me, what is the relationship between the amount and the amount, and whether there are any manipulative skills.

After some search and research, I have done a lot of work and sorted out a dry article.

Then the dry goods were made headlines, but the feedback was very good.

Many people take the initiative to leave a message to him, trying to get a lot of ways.

After replying to hundreds of people for free, Awei found that he had taken a hard job for himself.

Because of limited energy, Awei chose to serve only some people.

Established a communication group in 8.8 yuan, and changed the one-to-one mode to one-to-many.

Whoever consults will throw the payment instructions to him first, and more than 200 people will be transformed in two days.

Due to the frequent sharing of Alipay’s method of increasing points in the group and the opening of the condition of borrowing money, the group friends operated step by step, got positive feedback, accumulated a group of loyal fans, and friends recommended friends. Awei’s group grew bigger and bigger.

Later, he dug up many other ways of playing, and his group friends were happy to pay the bill.

His income, from the unit price in 8.8 yuan, slowly reached a monthly income of 30,000+.


Thinking changes, gold millions

Circle is nothing new.

But the information in the circle must be due to circulation.

There are many similar cases:

Industry exchange group
Virtual resource group
Account number mutual push group
Entrepreneurship docking group

The higher the product value, the greater the information.

Virtual resources are considered as low-cost consumption, but financial loans are considered as large transactions.

In the early days when P2P and credit cards were not controlled,

Someone set up a group of “empty gloves and white wolves” and charged 3000 yuan.

What does the group say?

“Talk about how to use the interest-free period of credit cards to leverage P2P.”

“Talk about which platforms on the market can make loans quickly”

“Talking about the secret of raising a card set by swiping a credit card”

Because the interest of P2P and peer-to-peer lending projects is very high, as long as the operation is completed within the credit card repayment time, huge profits can be obtained, and the greater the leverage, the more profits will be made.

200,000 principal can be turned to 1 million in one year.

Once people are fascinated by greed, they tend to go astray.

With the prosperity of the financial industry coming, more and more people are pouring in.

In the end, P2P platforms kept thundering, and various runs killed 99% of the platforms.

There are many examples of people who have lost their families before the Nuggets landed.

However, the owner of the project changed the class by the dividend of “paying for knowledge”.


How to break through your own limitations

In fact, life is full of projects. Why do only a few people make money?

The world is not pure land, and each has its own sufferings.

Some people understand thinking, but don’t practice.

Some people go to practice, but only do it foolishly.

Some people are not foolhardy and hard to stick to.

I don’t want to talk too much about shortcuts to success,

Shopkeepers are transformed from traditional industries, and many things are never understood.

How to break through their own limitations, summed up 123, for your reference.

  1. change the circle.

Man is the product of environment, which is easily influenced by environment.

If you are surrounded by people who set limits on yourself, you will be easily taken in.

  1. Reflect more.

Some people learn something from a certain teacher, and when they can’t fall down, they are scolded and cheated by leeks.

In fact,

The real teaching begins from the moment you know that teacher.

You failed to start a business, have you ever thought:

Who has experience in talking about customers?
How did this man talk about it?
What qualifications does he have that you don’t have?

To do things, we must do them with a positive attitude.

Find the methods and rules of success, and the necessary conditions, instead of setting limits on yourself every day.

I can’t do this, but I don’t understand that. I’m not capable now, and I can’t earn any money in my life.

It’s better to discard all these negative thoughts. The more you think, the more you deny yourself, and the worse you do.

  1. Be brave in trying.

One of the rules of internet marketing:

There is no real failure, only the test is unsuccessful.

Why do the goods in the vibrato always explode in hundreds and tens of millions?

Because the operation of professional teams is to test first and then shuttle.

At the same time, put hundreds of different styles of materials, which respond well and then promote them in heavy positions.

Without data support and effective verification, it is luck.

I met a lot of people, afraid of failure.

I want to be a WeChat official account, but I haven’t written an article for a month, asking any questions.

He said that he was afraid of failure, making a fool of himself, and that no one would read it.

I don’t know what to say.

This situation is not a problem of one person, but a problem of a group of people.

In the face of setbacks, we always have a set of words to persuade ourselves to give up.

If you want to change, you must change your thinking.

Success and failure are gains.

Success, feasible method, enlarged matrix, and more benefits.

Failure, elimination of methods, continued testing, and a little higher success rate.

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