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Save the phone bill of CCB 50 yuan for nothing! Pay close attention to it!


Choose a sustainable, stable and profitable growth path,

It’s not that difficult. If you understand what you need to face in the future if you don’t choose this road, it will be too simple.

Today, I will give benefits to fans, not much to say, and go straight to the topic:

50 yuan phone bill of CCB

To tell the truth, this activity has been held many times, and every time I did it, I used my own number and my family’s number to do it again, which was a few hundred yuan. It was really delicious. Save a lot of phone bills every month.

But many people still don’t know, this is the poor information!

Is 0, white pick up! It’s really nothing! Pay close attention to it!

After entering the activity page of ccB, you can get more than 5,000 CC coins after 7 tasks are completed, and you can exchange the phone bills above 50 yuan with guaranteed funds.
Look, there are seven missions. Must be finished.

  1. Read comics

Click the icon, slide freely, and complete the task in 10 seconds.

  1. Panorama of wealth

Click on the icon to see your various asset wealth maps in CCB.

  1. Smart books

Click on the icon to make an account at will.

  1. Wish management

Click the icon, as if Alipay wishes to save money, set a wish at will, at least 300 yuan, and return to the main page of the above activities to receive cc coins after setting.

After receiving successfully, if you terminate your wish, you will not deduct money. Specific operation:

CCB APP searches for “Wish Management”-Wish Management-Top Right corner-Manage Wish-Terminate Wish.

  1. Wealth experience

Click on the icon to check out the various wealth map systems of CCB.

  1. Asset allocation

Click the icon, jump to CCB APP, click “Intelligent Optimization” in the lower left corner, enter a minimum of 1 yuan, and click “Save Scheme”, without purchasing any financial management. Money can be transferred.

  1. Long Zhitou

Click on the icon, the smart fund similar to Alipay can order Tongneng, click on it, and buy 100 yuan at will. For example, buying 100 yuan “Quick Profit+”can complete the task.

After finishing the task and receiving cc currency, you can cancel the order if you don’t want to buy it. Specific operation: Go to “My Position”-More in the lower right corner-cancel the order and return the money.

The above 7 tasks were completed, and they were settled in 5 minutes. They got more than 5000 cc coins, and now they are going to exchange 50 yuan phone bills.

Easy to fix ~ a cool capital word!

Activity announcement

Dear event users: Hello, because the total amount of rewards for the task of “opening the door to wealth in 2021” in this event is limited, in order to enhance the user experience.

From now on, this activity will distribute the reward share of the task of “opening the door to wealth in 2021” in different periods, which will be distributed at 10: 00, 14: 00, 18: 00 and 22: 00 every day, with a limited number on a first-come-first-served basis.

I wish you success in opening the door to wealth and finding treasure!
There are plenty of rewards. If there is no quota for rewards, you can wait for the next game.
Activity entrance: click on the left side of the bottom of the article to read the original text to enter the main page of the activity, then slide down, find the dragon wealth branch, and click in to participate.

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