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To do online projects, we must try to move closer to the unpopular subdivision, which is suitable for inexperienced newcomers to get started


When doing online projects, we must try our best to move closer to the unpopular sub-fields, because the unpopular projects have little competition and are more suitable for inexperienced newcomers. If we do a good job in marketing in the sub-fields, we will generally issue orders faster.

Take virtual goods, e-books, office documents, film and television dramas, music, picture packages, etc. are all resources. We often see businesses that specialize in one item, such as paying for selling knowledge, PS tutorials, table tutorials, PPT tutorials, etc. It is rare for someone to sell video resources and then sell PPT classes.

In fact, there is no difficulty in choosing virtual goods. Virtual goods that are unpopular among the minority are generally the first choice, because the competition is small and the survivability is high, and those extremely popular resources are not suitable for our novices to do when they first enter the industry.

A good virtual commodity can bring us benefits continuously, and it is often used in certain fields. Otherwise, cold and cold resources will not be sold for half a year.

I discovered this virtual resource project only a few days ago, that is, font file. Why do you say that font file is a newly discovered project? Because many fonts in the market are copyrighted now, and it doesn’t matter if we use some fonts casually every day, but commercial platforms will be sued for infringement by others. This is very common in personal blog stations.

There are also some fonts that have no copyright, because they look good, so they have certain value. We can sell these free commercial fonts.
The monthly sales volume of these fonts is basically very high, and the turnover of a single set of fonts ranges from several hundred to several thousand. It seems that there are still many people who buy them. We can also find out the demand from Baidu search index and see the level of search volume.

If we are sure to be the virtual resource of this font, we must have these fonts or various series of fonts in our hands, which are easy to obtain on the Internet, free fonts can be downloaded at will, and each font package has several G’s.

Or go directly to your peers to buy them. After all, these things have been sorted out for us by your peers, but I don’t recommend you to set up such shops online to sell them. After all, copyright issues may be involved.

Then we can only find another way, give up the online shop as a profit channel, and do virtual goods, especially for individuals. Similar copyright issues should be taken seriously, which cannot be put on some e-commerce sales platforms.

Then, let’s recommend several channels that can be realized.

Baidu post bar

Baidu Post Bar has become a traffic pool for marketing experts from all walks of life. Except for some big bars, few people go clubbing now. Then everyone sells goods in Baidu Post Bar, so can we.

Search for fonts, design, graphic design, etc., find some professional bars, and then do your own advertising marketing in these bars.
The most recommended method is to find peers. We can use the advertisements of peers directly, and the marketing text should be done implicitly. If you can write a short story at the beginning of the soft text, the effect will be better.

Download station

You can use some pagoda tutorials to build a simple download station with WordPress theme, and put the fonts you collected into the download station for sale. You can sell a set of fonts alone or sell the download members of the whole station. Of course, the general download station may cost about 19.9 yuan.

How much is the cost of a download station? The monthly rent of a server is about 40. There is also the domain name of the website. The price of buying out the new domain name directly for two years is about 100. The theme can use free WordPress, and the website can be set up for about 150 yuan.

Idle fish

This platform has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it can be sold by uploading baby without opening a shop. Moreover, the flow of the platform is very large, and ordinary products can be sold when placed.

The disadvantages of idle fish are also obvious, that is, virtual goods are not allowed to be sold on the platform. The opinions on how to define each party are always different. Therefore, if we must sell them on idle fish, we can send them free of charge, and postage is your selling price.

The most practical and reliable method is to divert to WeChat conversion, update new fonts and send marketing copy in WeChat circle of friends. This method is suitable for long-term accumulation, and after having a certain purchasing group, it can pull QQ community.

The biggest advantage of using QQ group is that you can put the previous font resources into the group file for self-help download, which is convenient for unified management. Moreover, the accurate fans of these fonts reach a certain volume, and there is no big problem in pushing some design courses in the later period.

Through the above four channels, users can be quickly attracted to do their own profitable back-end. Although the unit price of fonts is very low, there will be higher income if the front-end is done well.

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