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How can we get traffic freely and continuously?


Recently, many people have asked me if I have any long-term stable projects. I think long-term stability must have something to do with the platform, that is, on which foundation your projects are built and whether the gameplay is feasible.

If the platform is unstable, no matter how good the project is, it has no layout value. Just like many people started to operate video numbers recently, the platform has a relatively high foundation, so it has operational value.

Today, the project I want to talk to you about is a stable project that can be operated for a long time, and a profiteering game based on search engines. At present, there is no big problem in this project for about three to five years.

What we need most on the Internet is traffic, and what we need most in projects is traffic. How to get real traffic is a very important thing, so how can we get traffic freely and continuously?

I think the website is a good platform, and besides the website, it seems that there are not many sources that can automatically obtain traffic, and the website is also a project that can exist on the Internet for a long time, so there is no need to worry about being eliminated.

Many friends have studied the website course of making money from bubbling net, but they don’t think this is a preferred project. Why do you say this? Because one of the disadvantages of this project is that the early payment is slow, but once you get out of the novice village, the money is still very powerful.

Then, if we figure out the framework of the project, we must find our own profit direction. There are many types of websites, and I have told you about Haitao, photo, information, taobao guest, blog and so on. What kind of stations can make money quickly?

In my cognition, I think the solution to one kind of problem is the fastest to make money. What is the pain point demand of men, or in other words, what is the pain point demand of the majority of men.

There are many classifications of online fans’ attributes, but if it is the fastest and easiest to realize, it must be male fans.

This is a case of a photo station. You can refer to it. Basically, the income is very stable, with thousands of incomes every day.
The profit model of this station is very simple, that is, selling the photos in the station and selling the website members. If we can make such a website, we can definitely make money, and the profit of the website is not just this piece of content.

It is very simple to make such a website. Let’s talk about the steps of this website. If interested friends can try it.

put up

It seems difficult to build a website, but it is not. Now we can build a website with one click of pagoda program after purchasing domain names and servers. Pagoda is also a convenient method for beginners to learn at present, and others are not recommended for beginners.

After setting up the space environment of the website, we will go to the next step to install WordPress theme. I only recommend WordPress for the template of the theme here, and many WordPress photo stations have good themes, such as B2 theme, which supports online payment and download.
There are a lot of knowledge about building a website, no matter in the free courses shared before making money by bubbling net, so I won’t explain it here. Interested friends can read the video lessons.


About the resources of the website, this is the most important part, because our products are these photo sets. Only by constantly updating some good resources can we attract users to download them. So where do we get these sets of pictures?

Generally, there are many channels to obtain map resources, such as peer-to-peer website handling, network disk downloading, magnetic chain downloading and so on.

It’s simple to carry it directly, find a bunch of websites, and then open members directly, so that you can carry the contents of these websites to your own station in batches. Remember to finish downloading the materials here and sort them out yourself. .
You can also use the search and download of the network disk, search for some photo packages to download or use magnetic search to download. Most of the time, we don’t have a specific target for downloading resources. In short, don’t mess around. It is a good habit to learn to download by classification.


These photo maps are our products, which can be packaged and sold to the whole station or sold separately. Individual photo maps with very high quality are sold separately from the membership system.

For the specific selling price, it is suggested to be below 20 yuan for a single photo. Generally, people are not too exclusive to this kind of thing with a few dollars. If they like it, they will buy it directly. If they are members of the whole station, it is recommended to be within 100 yuan, and the mei of the peers who do better in the market is only 99. Therefore, we should not price too much, and give customers away to our peers for free.
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Of course, as long as the content is normal, it’s best to pay attention to some special items, such as dew point or other irregularities. The biggest problem in making money by doing websites lies in the reduction of rights of websites.

Lowering the right will lead to very little traffic entering the website, which of course means that fewer users buy photo members, and sometimes lowering the right may be puzzling, so it is necessary to make a steady progress, after all, the long-term benefits in the later period are the key.

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