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I hope it will help you to share the practice of vibrating book items!


When many new projects just started, many people generally felt that it was easy to do, so they poured in. After a period of time, most people found that there were too many people doing it and the competition was too fierce, so they slowly turned to other projects, such as the book list project with vibrato. In my opinion, in fact, this is a process of survival of the fittest. As long as you persist in doing it, make differences different from others and know how, you can have the last laugh. Today, what Bubble Net earned me to share with you is the practice of single item in Vibrato Book, hoping to help you!

  1. What is the list number?

If you have done taobao guest, you will know that taobao guest is a profit-making mode that helps merchants to promote goods to get commissions, and the book list number is also a change in form, that is, we help merchants on vibrato to sell books, and they can get commissions if they sell one.

There is a saying that “books are the ladder of human progress”. Many people buy books in their spare time to improve their abilities, so the book list number is very valuable.

Second, why can I make a book list number?

  1. simple manufacture
    As you can see from the above picture, the production of the book list number is actually very simple, and the time and cost of the production process are also very low. A video work mainly consists of a static background, plus some hot sentences on the Internet or hot names in books, and can be made into a work.
  2. The broadcast volume is high and the realized income is high

For example, if you usually have a chattering voice, you will see a lot of books account numbers about emotional inspirational types or books numbers of Chinese studies. Their video praises are very high, and their money-making mode is mainly to sell books by opening commodity windows in the later period, and the commissions for one book are 10 to 20.

Third, the practice of book list number

  1. account number positioning

At present, accounts like Vibrato Book List are popular in the workplace, positive energy, Chinese studies, parenting, etc. Positioning requires us to identify the sub-sectors accurately. Book list numbers in specific sub-sectors are easier to issue, and as long as you master the production skills, it is easier to get popular.
For example, this popular work of Chinese studies like the above is a relatively popular form of work at present. Its characteristics are: beautiful typesetting, exquisite special effects, and strong copy content, which can arouse people’s emotional resonance. Taken together, the probability of popularity is very great.

  1. Material search

Like Baidu, Zhihu and Netease, there are many such sentences on them. We can search for the materials that match our own positioning, and then make these sentences into videos and publish them.

  1. Video production

Making is very simple, as long as we find the template, and then edit it by clipping.

The software APP created by the template is called Meice, but Meice needs to open a member to download the template. If you want to get some free resources, you can go to the major websites to find them. Bloggers share the resources.

After the template is found, we will open the clipping, and click Start to create and import the template.
After importing, we began to insert the found material speech into the template. The size and angle of the text can be adjusted directly, which depends on personal preference.

After the text is adjusted, click to close the original sound effect, and choose to insert the sound effect of the appropriate copy.

Finally, click Export to save, and then publish the video to the vibrato.

Fourth, the channel of realizing the book number

  1. The goods are brought in the window

We can open the merchandise window to recommend books for sale. Of course, first of all, we have to publish more works to carry out a pink-up operation, and then the income will be higher.

  1. Teaching

After draining and absorbing powder first, we can teach classes and collect tuition fees to teach others to make book lists.

  1. Selling number

If you don’t want to do it later, you can sell your account on the account platform. The more fans you have, the higher the income.

The above is the content of how to do the vibrato book list number I shared today, and a little personal practical experience

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