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Making money online is a core focus, tapping the deep needs of users


If you want to make money online, it is a core point to tap the deep needs of users, just like men are lascivious and women love beauty. As long as it is a normal demand, its solution is the beginning of making money. Beginners can also do this poor information project that I told you today.

With the serious polarization between the rich and the poor in society, the pressure of life is increasing day by day. Many people work conscientiously every day, and some bad habits also lead to poor physical system. Problems such as sub-health and keeping in good health are being paid more and more attention.

Many people say that the next wealth boom in 2021 will be in the field of great health, which we don’t know for the time being, but now doing projects in the field of health and wellness can bring good benefits.

Of course, we are not an entity, because we should pay attention to a very important problem in starting a business now, that is, neglecting assets. If we still think like the past, renting a house to decorate and then hiring a licensed doctor to do health management is not realistic for most of us, because the starting capital may be more than one million.

Everyone should know that the more profitable the place is, the more fierce the competition will be, so the physical risk is still great, but the Internet is different. The cost of making virtual resources in the health industry is almost zero.

This focus is on the platform. I don’t think idle fish is very friendly to virtual resources now. If you really want to do it, it may be very troublesome or even fail to pass the audit alone, but it will be different every night.

Just looking for some collections of American TV dramas, I suddenly saw this interesting product, and then clicked in and looked at it. The group was about 4,000, and the single product was sold in 10 yuan, and the product cost was almost zero.

This kind of “holding nine” training is to solve male problems, but generally these problems do not have a very good solution. In addition, many people like to rush to the hospital, which is the market of this kind of products.

Of course, I know that a lot of men make up for food every day. In short, they hope that they can be stronger and more powerful. This kind of commodity just figured out the psychological needs of users and hit the key.
And similar products are sold well, such as Longgen, Zhuang YANG, XING Fu password, etc., all of which sell this kind of teaching service under the guise, but most of these services are useless, and many people buy them just to relieve their inner anxiety.

The most important thing to engage in profiteering products is product selection. If the value of the products is high but the price is low, this is our ideal product, and this kind of virtual goods just meets our requirements.

Then, with the categories and directions of commodities, how do we sell these commodities? I’ll tell you a few directions of making money by bubbling net.

online store

Because the online shop brings its own traffic, this is our preferred platform. Of course, except for a certain evening, a certain treasure is also possible. You can open a shop wherever you can search, but you can brush the keywords appropriately after opening the shop.

This brush keyword is nothing more than repeatedly searching the keywords of our own products. The method is also very simple. Search the full name words of our products, then delete the less important words little by little, and then test the ranking.
We don’t need too many products in an online shop, but basically just a few, because after the baby we mainly push is done, the rest is maintenance, so there is no need to push other products, and other products in the shop will be automatically converted.

Short video

Short video window is a good place to bring goods for exposure. Generally, this promotion can be done on the vibrato short video platform, such as where is the root of male problems, why sedentary will lead to prostate damage, four men’s health tips, and so on.

The purpose of making short videos is to drain, and the premise of accurate drainage is that the verticality of content is very high, so we can carry such videos in vertical fields when operating short videos, and realize automatic revenue in the window.


As a male powder service, if you want to keep this product vertical, there is no problem. Of course, you can also expand the sales scope of products. For users, the more products, the more attractive they are, and the more they want to buy.
Therefore, if we want to import WeChat through the whole network, the copy in the circle of friends must be in place. Not only the products, but also the experience and feedback after use should be followed up in time. Of course, most of the feedback of men’s products is false, and no one wants to come back and talk about feelings after trial.

In addition, the marketing of micro-signals can be operated by matrix, and the main work of packaging accounts is done well. Users are basically semi-automatic when converting.

In addition, I suggest you don’t sell goods, although I also know that this is quite profitable. After all, there are still many unstable factors in this kind of products. On the contrary, I think that the risk of holding Jiushu and Longgen is smaller, the unit price is relatively cheap, and it is more conducive to our transformation.

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