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The liquidity of the food number on the vibrato is still good


Today, I will share with you the project of Vibrato Food Number. At present, the liquidity of the food number on Vibrato is still good, because there are a steady stream of catering businesses that need to drain customers, and the life cycle of catering shops is 18 months, one shop. After opening for one and a half years, they will face closure and closure. Merchants who can survive for 18 months can basically open for 3-5 years

When you are in a commercial food street, it is very common to see that there have been shops renovating, preparing for the opening of new stores, cutting leeks one after another, making a vibrating food number in the same city to make brand exposure for new and old shops, exploring shops and punching cards, and planting grass. It is a project that can be implemented for a long time

Let’s think about the basic labels of businesses in need. The food bosses in small and medium-sized shops can’t afford high advertising promotion. For example, keyword bidding on public comments ranges from a few to tens of dollars, and spending thousands of dollars every day is very normal. For the bosses of small and medium-sized shops, such promotion fees can’t be burned, and they will take the initiative to find some gourmet people to cooperate

The living space for novices to make food numbers is suitable for provincial capital cities and prefecture-level cities. There are not so many competitors, and business resources are familiar with their own cities, which is easier to succeed

First, the underlying logic of vibrato food:

Demand: For catering businesses in second-and third-tier cities, all income comes from the flow of people. The flow of people should not be too low. The population base of the city should not be less than 1 million, and the provincial capital city can reach 10 million

Solution: It is better to have 3 million to 5 million in the city, the competitors will not be so fierce, the business needs are strong, and it is easier to succeed

Revenue composition: The more fans, the higher the unit price of each video. A local gourmet with 100,000 fans earns 3,000 to 5,000 yuan from shooting a shop. This is also a conservative income. Merchants themselves ask the team to shoot brand promotion videos. The cost is between 30,000 and 50,000. A local gourmet with 100,000 fans is easy to achieve.

Second, the specific implementation

Work preparation

Shake the sound and raise the number

Video capture clips

Account realization

Work preparation

Mobile phone equipment: iphone8 or above

Mobile phone PTZ: DJI can be considered, and the cost is after 1000 yuan

The wireless microphone of the bee is delayed, and the cost is also within 1000 yuan. The effect of the bee is very large, which can effectively eliminate the noise. Otherwise, there is no solution in the sound in the later editing time

To edit a computer, you need to configure a discrete graphics card. The time to export video with pr determines the speed

It is best to create a new mobile phone card, and then register the watermelon video. Today’s headline is bound with the vibrato account. Before the vibrato registration, the avatar name should be planned, and no changes will be made after setting it up

Real-name authentication for accounts, setting login passwords, imitating real users, and not having the taste of marketing. In particular, it is reminded that there are several address books stored in mobile phone devices, and friends are added through the address books, so don’t make money without bubbling net. Several commonly used software, such as WeChat, Aauto Quicker and public comment, are installed on the mobile phone, and the difference often lies in the details.

The above equipment has been purchased, and it can be settled within 10,000. The necessary goods should be bought with good quality as much as possible, and the money should be spent on the cutting edge

Shake the sound and raise the number

Shake the sound and raise the number to ensure that one machine, one card and one device can be used

Four elements of raising the number: broadcast rate, praise, comment, and forwarding

These four elements are also applicable to raising numbers and publishing works, and all these four elements can have a good flow

Every day, the online time is no less than 2 hours, which can be accumulated. Different always online can be online for dozens of minutes at noon and night in the morning

Pay attention to 5 to 10 peers. If you do a matrix, you can pay attention to each other with multiple accounts, interact more every day, comment more, insist on watching the same city and live video every day, and complete the user’s behavior path

The number raising cycle is 5 to 7 days, preferably one week

Video capture clips

Video shooting is taken in live shops. In the early stage, when there are no fans, you can shoot for free. No boss will refuse. After fans accumulate to 100,000, they can start to realize cash. Without quantity, it is very difficult to talk about cash realization. It is better to help businesses for free. Also achieve yourself

There are two creative sources of video shooting: vibrato peer account and public comment merchant video. The peer is a teacher, and the merchant video can clearly understand where the demand point is

Don’t shoot the video of the store for too long, it is better within one minute, and the patience of the user is in 10 seconds. It is too long and impatient to see it

Shooting points: video theme, food selection, store service effect, specialties, location and environment, which can be selected from the best and highlight the main characteristics of the store

video editing software

Computer version of clipping, Pr

Sound processing Au

Mobile phone software can also be handled

At the beginning, the video quality is average and you don’t need to be too demanding. If you insist on it, the expression of the lens will get better and better

Account realization

The core of business realization: how many WeChat of business owners do we have, and how many businesses are willing to pay

Get the path of the merchant contact information

Public comment: The merchants seen in the public comment will have contact information, usually the landline of the store or the mobile phone number of the store manager, but most of the employees and the store manager have no decision-making power. We have to contact the boss or shareholders behind it.

At this time, we should carry forward the shameless spirit. When we call, we say that we are the official critic. At present, there is no timely settlement on the back-office payment. What’s your boss’s phone number, we need to check it quickly. The purpose is to get the boss’s mobile phone number. When we call the boss, we will reveal our home and express what we do. The boss’s contact information is generally not easy to obtain. Even if we can’t get the boss’s mobile phone number, we must get the store manager, and make an appointment to talk. The store’s performance is linked to income.

Meituan and enterprise check: businesses on Meituan can check the business license. Through the business license, you can check the basic information of the company. There are contact information of legal persons on it, which can be dialed one by one

Although the method is very common, it is effective and the most stupid method. One shop under the line goes to strangers and trains people. A journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step

III. Project evaluation:

Suitable for the crowd: people living in provincial capital cities, second and third lines, cheerful, talkative and sociable, and introverted friends will suffer a lot

Cost: The equipment cost is less than 10,000, and the team is bigger, and there are employees’ wages and points

Risk and control: in the absence of a solid foundation, don’t be too eager for success. Business resources and positive circulation within the team all take time

Revenue: The annual income is 200,000, which is stronger than working. In the early stage, you can start part-time and operate lightly

Project extension: It can dock payment platforms, such as customer like cloud, saas software platform, resource exchange and realization, and take-out operation platform, which are all needed by merchants. The customer service maintenance of merchants is their core competitiveness

IV. Summary:

The vibrato food number is a mature project. There are many predecessors paving the way in front, and learning more from the experience that predecessors have stepped on can effectively avoid risks

Standing on the shoulders of giants, you can see farther and succeed more easily

The above project sharing is for reference only. The project is changing and the idea remains unchanged

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