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A part-time project with poor information and earning dollars


As long as you can learn to combine, there are actually many online projects, such as this one that can make money by watching videos and praising them.

If you have ever worked part-time online, you must be familiar with such things as praise and brush attention, because with the development of short videos, this business has been developing vigorously since last year.

A certain tone in China is praised, etc., but most of them are to cheat you to pay a threshold fee in the early stage. However, the project I told you today is practically zero-cost. If you do it with your heart, it will be no problem as the main business.

Many new friends are willing to work hard to earn part-time jobs because they have no skills on the Internet. Today, we are going to talk about a part-time project with poor information to earn US dollars. Since earning US dollars must be a foreign platform.

Let’s open the shrimp skin and search YouTube on this platform, because this project needs to be combined with this shrimp skin shopping website. Let’s take a look at some products related to YouTube.
Foreign net earning: This easy day earns 68 dollars, and everyone can do it at 0 cost
There are many services about praise, subscription, browsing and forwarding, and there are some prices below. There are many products like this on the e-commerce platform of Shrimp Skin, and this store actually provides such services.

That is to say, if you are the UPmaster on the oil pipeline, you can take orders here, and then the shopkeeper will help you complete the relevant services, in fact, it is our domestic brush hand.

Basically, every business has business. Let’s look at so many businesses. The prices vary, which is basically similar to one of our treasures. It is more suitable for being a newbie of YouTube. It has no subscription and no page views. If we are eager to measure some of them, we will basically come here.

Facebook, ig, Twitter, and ig are also social media, which basically have a demand for brushing shrimp skins. These four platforms have a lot of demand, so we can do this kind of business in reverse.

First of all, we register a shop on shrimp skin, and then copy other people’s equal treasures to come in, so that we can take orders and the initial price can be reasonably cheaper.

Next, I want to introduce this website like4like to you, which is a part-time platform for doing this kind of brushing.
So we already know the requirements of Facebook, IG, YouTube and Twitter, so how to meet these requirements at zero cost is the key to earning US dollars, and the like4like I mentioned above is a platform that can meet this requirement.

First of all, we open like4like, this website can be opened in China, so don’t worry, let’s register first. In the taskbar of this website, we can receive many tasks, such as YouTube subscription, Facebook browsing, etc., which can increase our points, and we can get points at any time when we do tasks.

It is ok to praise, subscribe and watch videos. Besides the four social platforms I mentioned above, there are many other platforms. We must earn points on this platform first, and only earn certain points can we serve other users on the platform.

Get integral

First of all, we need to have any account of Facebook, IG, YouTube and Twitter to register. After registering, let’s go in and demonstrate one casually, and find a YouTube to like it.

Because this is a praise task, open the video and praise it directly, then don’t close the video, it will automatically close after a few seconds, so the task is completed, and there will be no bonus points if it is closed manually.

Subscribing is similar to praising. Just remember not to close it manually. Every time you finish a task, the second task will come out.

Like browsing videos, there will be a blood bar below, that is, the countdown, which needs to be finished before browsing videos, generally between ten seconds and twenty-five seconds. If the video takes only a few seconds, open it again after reading it, and it will continue to time the countdown.

Points for tasks will be automatically given to your account. Generally, you will have them when you finish your tasks. Don’t worry about this.

Earn dollars

Now that you have a certain number of points, you can provide services for others. For this service demand, let’s go back to shrimp skin. If we receive a small order, we need 50 praises. If one praises 2 points, then we will have 100 points.

Then, we input the url address given by the customer in Shrimp Skin into the task bar, and we can also select the fans that the customer needs especially, such as regional fans, etc. After adding the task, we will save it directly, and when adding the task, we will mainly look at the user’s needs.

Because opening a shop for dried shrimps is free, that is to say, your orders on dried shrimps can be distributed on the platform like4like. At this time, everyone will have questions. What if the dried shrimps receive a relatively large order and can’t earn so many points manually?

Don’t worry about this, like4like supports recharging, because you have already paid for the shrimp skin receipt, so you can recharge some of it in like4like and directly buy points for customer service, which is a foreign information gap.

What if you don’t want to open a shrimp skin shop?

It doesn’t matter, if you open our domestic QQ group and search for “Tubing Subscription”, you will also find a group of users with such needs, so we can also set up such a QQ group and guide some UPowners with needs to come to us.

The most convenient place for this kind of reverse business lies in the platform’s own value-added services, which take customers’ money to help customers solve problems.
At present, there are many such orders on shrimp skin, and the biggest advantage of this like4like platform is that if users subscribe for your customers on it and cancel it within one month, the points they get will be returned to your account, so the platform is still very reliable, and this platform has always been purely manual, so its relative security is also very high.

You can make a lot of money with any contact list. This price can be set in the platform. If the upstream and downstream structures are better, it is easy to earn US dollars.

A few days ago, I accidentally downloaded a Aauto Quicker Extreme Edition. I didn’t do anything, so I brushed the video and cashed out 10 yuan in the morning.

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