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A picture project that can easily make money with only one mobile phone


Many people who make money online will encounter many short-term, short-term and short-term, with few benefits. When doing projects, they must give priority to projects with long-term passive benefits.

The picture money-making project that I told you today is a long-term project, which is more suitable for us as a part-time sideline and can easily make money with only one mobile phone.

The platform I want to share with you is foap, which is a company specializing in providing picture materials. We make money by selling pictures on this platform, and how much pictures you sell on this platform is divided into 50/50 with the platform. For example, if you sell pictures for $10, you can get $5.
Actually, it’s very simple to make money on foap. Let me give you an example. I believe you can understand it at once.

First of all, we open the official website of foap. The interface is very simple. Let’s first understand what pictures are on this platform. To make money, we must first find out which types of pictures are popular on this platform
Like this kind of delicious food picture, this one costs 10 dollars, and it’s not difficult to take this picture. Compared with the fact that we usually like taking pictures before eating, this is really nothing, right?

Every day, we take a little time to take three or four good-quality photos and put them on. There are more than 1,000 photos a year. If we accumulate so many photos, the coverage will be wider, and it will be easy to sell them for money.

Virtual products like pictures can be sold indefinitely. It is no exaggeration to say zero cost. As long as this project is accumulated, it must be a sustainable income.

Now I will tell you about the operation steps of this project.

I. Registration

First, we open the official website and click sing up in the upper right corner
After entering the new interface, we choose to register as creator. Enter the email here, and you can start to register. If you have your own facebook account, you can also associate your account.

When we get here, it shows that we have successfully registered. After registering in the web version, foap will send you an email to confirm the registration. We can activate this newly registered account in the email.

Foap is not only a web version, but also a mobile version of APP, which can be downloaded by Apple and Android. The biggest advantage of this APP is that domestic users can use it without setting up nodes.

Let’s log in by mobile phone.

Second, take pictures

Before taking pictures, we need to supplement some information, and then we can upload or take pictures.

Before uploading and selling your own photos, you need to pass some basic examinations, such as the clarity of photos should not be too low, the size of photos should be moderate and not too small, photos should not contain racial discrimination, violent SQ and so on, and most importantly, photos should not have people’s faces in the mirror, which should be paid special attention to.

Share a picture to make money, take a picture with a mobile phone to earn dollars, and make money easily
Then, at this time, you can start uploading pictures. The pictures uploaded for the first time will be randomly sent out by the platform. As long as someone sees your pictures and is praised, they can be sold if they can reach 2.5 stars on average, and they can be sold directly if they are sent out later.

Then we need to add some tags to the pictures when uploading them for better sale. Just like this picture of flowers, we need to add flowers, which is beneficial for others to search our pictures.
Of course, you can refer to other photos of the same type on the platform to see how they are labeled. It is enough for a photo to have about 5 labels. Remember that it is better for all photos to contain portraits.

In the lower right corner, we can see the pictures we have uploaded.

Third, make money

Making money on this platform is not just taking photos and sending photos. Let me explain it in detail.

The first is to make money by doing tasks. There are many tasks on this platform. We click on the rocket button below. There are many tasks in it. All the tasks here are rewarded handsomely. This is a $1,000 task. Novice can learn platform operation before playing.

The second is to publish photos for sale directly. The platform is usually priced at 10 dollars. If someone buys them, you can pay dividends directly with the platform.

The third type is invitation, which invites users to join this platform to make money. If you invite users, they sell a picture, and you can earn 10% dividends as an inviter.
The fourth one is especially suitable for friends who are not born to take pictures. You only need to do a classification task to make money, that is, the album administrator of the platform adds your favorite photos to the album. If others buy pictures through your album, you can get an extra commission of 0.25 USD/photo in addition to the original author’s reward.

It seems that 0.25 is not high, but if you share a lot of photo albums, the revenue will explode.

IV. Collection

In our APP, seeing the above Foap Coins is one of our profits, and the photos you sell and the profits will be sent here.

We can click on Foap Coins and exchange it into US dollars. We can also buy Foap Coins, which is similar to the paid promotion of our domestic platform.
If you want to withdraw cash, you can use PayPal to collect money, and register a PayPal by yourself.
This platform is relatively simple, so long as you are willing to take some time to do it, you can earn US dollars on it, which is easier to make money than many domestic platforms, because foreigners attach great importance to originality and are willing to pay for originality.

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