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The one-to-one price is 396 yuan, the monthly sales are 400+, and the profit exceeds 10 W.


Recently, in the background, many students sent me WeChat, saying that they paid IQ tax in other places before they read my article, and regretted not paying attention to me earlier.

Why pay IQ tax? At the end of the day, it’s because I’m too eager to make money.

In fact, many routines of cutting leeks are basically unchanged, copying articles on the Internet and then draining them to their own WeChat official account and websites.

The only purpose is to cash you out.

The most direct result of this is that a group of people who are willing to pay for their original knowledge are disheartened, which can be called cancer.

In fact, it’s not impossible for you to really want to pay. Talk to him first, then earn a sum of money from the project he recommended, and then pay.

A truly capable person is not afraid of your test.

That’s the end of the proposal. Let’s recommend three zero-cost sideline projects that Xiaobai can do. It’s no problem to earn 200 per day after implementation.


Modern people are very strange. They are afraid of socializing and loneliness.

Often, goals are set on a whim, but most of them can’t persist and die hastily.

The best way is for others to take over and supervise themselves.

Therefore, the need to supervise clock-in arises at the historic moment.
The one-to-one price is 396 yuan, the monthly sales are 400+, and the profit exceeds 10 W.

Is it complicated? It’s hardly difficult.

To put it bluntly, supervision means inspiring chat, and of course it can be carried out according to the set words. In fact, many people take this as a gift.

Send the supervisor as a gift, this wave did not expect it ~

Then why do I recommend this project when I make money from the bubble net?

In fact, simple supervision service is only one aspect of this project, and there are many ways to realize it.

For example, punch card group
As I said, traffic is the basis of all profit-making behaviors.

Similarly, Taobao is not only a trading platform, but also a traffic portal.

To operate this project, you must add the private WeChat of the client.

After the service is completed, people who need supervision can be pulled into a group, and the threshold of paying for entering the group can be set to facilitate the people who enter the group to punch in and supervise each other.

Of course, you can charge no fees, only accept the security deposit, and return the security deposit for entering the group as long as it reaches 30 punch-in days in the group.

No matter which method you use, you will get a group with high activity and extremely low dropout rate.

With a batch of such groups in hand, there are many ways to realize them:

  1. The community treasure is realized
  2. permutation group
  3. Brush the list

Even as a group owner, a micro signal filled with 5000 friends with temperature is already very valuable.


Many people may have heard about chat with you, but you may have heard little about the play of chat with you +CPA rebates.

Girls have advantages in this game. If you are a boy, you need a little skill.

Specifically, first use female accounts to post on various social software. In order to improve efficiency, you can also go directly to apps like exploration and Soul

These apps will basically match people who are interested in your profile, in other words, the intended customer base.

After successfully matching the opposite sex object, talk and drain it to the private WeChat trumpet properly.

Chat on the trumpet for a while, and say that your teammates called you to play games.

At this time, 80% people will ask you what game you play.

You can send him a link and invite him to download and play together.

You guessed it correctly, this game is to bring a CPA rebate.

That is to say, if a new user registers through your channel, you can get a commission, which is usually 9-16 yuan/person.

Some students on WeChat earned more than 300 a day by playing this game through bubble net!

Although this game seems to be full of routines, on the contrary, I suggest to be sincere when chatting.

After all, as long as the trust is established, telling the other party directly that the new user can help you get the game package is just a little effort for the other party.


Now that I’ve said “pull new”, let’s talk about another one. I also forgot which classmate asked me similar questions recently, and answered them by the way.

Nowadays, when many enterprises promote APP, they will release paid new tasks, such as buying more food.

In fact, it is similar to the game mentioned above, so some people want to make this money.

I used to play directly to the reward platform to post tasks, but I found that this game is not efficient now.

The reason is very simple, the reward platform itself has such a large flow, and it will earn this money by itself.

This leads to the fact that many people who do tasks are no longer new users, and they can’t earn paid subsidies.

Then the question is coming, how to operate the most efficient innovation?

The answer is offline, college students.

The reason why they are college students is also very simple, because this group is just an adult, so they are clean and belong to unregistered groups in many apps.

Go to the university post bar for drainage, sweep the dormitory building, set up stalls at the school gate, and develop the student team.

As far as I know, some students specialize in offline pull-down, recruiting 10 students, 80 yuan/people, and then they pull their classmates. The output of one day far exceeds the input.


Write here, and make an end by the way.

When you have no money, your time is the least valuable, so find the right opportunity and immediately All In.

The way to make money is all-in-one. If you can earn one dollar, you can expand it to one hundred dollars.

Income is a yardstick. Earning money means that your cognition is correct. Even if it is not much, it means that you have the ability to distance yourself from others on the road of making money.

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