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Five small businesses of “anti-traditional” gameplay, each of which is started at low cost


Recently, I accidentally discovered several small businesses of “anti-traditional” gameplay, each of which started at a low cost, thought in reverse, received miraculous effects, and was interesting to share with everyone. Friends who feel that their horizons have been opened and their knowledge has been increased, remember to forward and support them, thank you.

Case 1

The creative “sleeping broadcast” with a daily income of 50,000

The case comes from the Twitch platform. Unlike other friends who “live sleep for reward”, this little brother took a different approach and made a live broadcast with the selling point of “reward tortures him without sleep”.
The game is simple and creative. Late at night, my brother goes to bed, and connects the live broadcast platform to the computer’s text-to-speech recognition system. When fans enter the live broadcast room, they can either type and speak (text automatically turns to speech) or spend money to order the “noise” set by my brother in advance to wake him up. All night, my little brother was in the mode of repeatedly falling asleep and being woken up, his eyes were dull, and there was no love in life, but basically every night he earned a lot of money. It was observed that one day my little brother rewarded as much as $8,854 (about RMB 57,644), which made him feel outrageous and shocked.
The specific reward items are as follows: $4.99 can order a loud noise (train whistle/glass shattering/fly buzzing/noisy electric sound, etc.); Rewarding 7 dollars can directly let the younger brother get up and interact with his voice; You can get a reward of $75 and watch his show of tearing clothes with your bare hands. Of course, my little brother turned a blind eye to the unreasonable wonderful demands and went back to sleep.
Why does “torturing the anchor without sleeping” attract so much attention and reward?

  1. Simply sleeping on the live broadcast satisfies people’s curiosity, and many people have interpreted it and won’t say much. But watching this one sleep is like chasing a drama. What sound will wake him up next? How will you react? The audience’s curiosity was developed to the extreme.
  2. The otaku, who is slightly fat and sloppy and can never sleep quietly, is sympathetic, and some users are rewarded for psychological compensation.
  3. Success stimulated the audience’s psychology of comparison, and the viewers in the live broadcast room secretly competed with each other, comparing who can order the loudest noise, and trying to make a strange move … Breaking up the younger brother can obviously be recognized by other audiences in the live broadcast room.

It’s not unusual to sleep on live broadcast, but there is obviously no such difference+fun live broadcast in China. After this article, vibrato and Aauto Quicker will come out. Let’s bet? Copy and plagiarize can be done, but don’t forget, it is the bubble net that earns the clues I provide.

Case 2

Blue Ocean blind date live broadcast

As we all know, live broadcast realization is nothing more than two categories, one is to sell physical products; The second is to sell knowledge and courses, but it is the first time to sell “blind date service”.

The protagonist of the case is a 51-year-old aunt from Northeast China. At first, she watched other people’s live broadcasts, which made her feel very interesting. Later, because she failed in doing business, and she also loved to talk, she tried to be an anchor in Aauto Quicker, positioning herself in the live broadcast room of “Internet Matchmaker” in the three eastern provinces, asking fans about their basic situation and mate selection criteria through Lianmai, helping them match up and find objects, and realizing the community later.
Four ways to realize cash: 1. Anyone who intends to know Lianmai can brush a small gift (around 3 yuan) to show sincerity. 2. Encourage fans with blind date needs to spend 30 yuan to enter the “WeChat group” for in-depth communication. The rule is that men are charged and women are free. 3. Encourage successful couples to brush a sports car (95 yuan) in the live broadcast room to express their gratitude and roll the popularity of the live broadcast room. 4. Hold an offline blind date party and collect the ticket fee.

Usually, short videos shoot 4 types of content: 1. Expose emotional scammers; 2. Introduce the information of the marriage partner; 3. Live broadcast notice and offline party notice; 4. Thank the fans for the screenshots, and wish the successful couple.
Share 5 money-making projects with reverse thinking, start at low cost, and make money as easy as drinking water!
It is not difficult to do it. It is talkative, emotionally stable, cheerful, and likes to chat. It is named @XXX Emotional Hotline, with 4 mobile phones, one live broadcast, one BGM, two likes (connected to snack bar), plus microphone, bracket, sound card, background board, etc. It can be broadcast at home, and the cost is only 10,000. In this case, the aunt in Northeast China has a monthly income of 10,000-30,000, which is simple.

Case 3

Draw a lottery to eat

It’s not unusual to do blind boxes by hand, but have you ever tried “fresh blind boxes”?

A fresh-keeping platform has produced a blind seafood box, which can generally produce oysters with a price of 18.8 yuan/box, and lucky thieves can produce oysters or pork with a value of 100 yuan.

At present, some supermarkets also sell blind boxes of vegetables, which are made up of corn, lettuce, eggs, pork and other fresh dishes. They are priced in 15 yuan, 25 yuan and 35 yuan, and there is a probability that Wenchang chicken or beef will be offered at a price of three times … Countless people line up to buy it, which has made news. What if Wenchang chicken is offered in 15 blind boxes?
Not only supermarkets, but also take-out platforms are selling “blind box dishes” fast food recently. 9.9 yuan can buy a limited edition milk tea, or a blind box package with more than 20 points of meat and vegetables. The dishes are random, and there is a chance to offer expensive dishes.
Although the blind box has gambling elements, it can’t hold back the users’ love of playing, being fresh, exciting and curious … In this era of “everything can be blind box”, you can think about how to combine the “existing business” with the “blind box play” innovation. Here, I suggest that enterprises that “digest and deal with inventory” should do it quickly, and don’t say much, you know.

Case 4

Free express delivery service

Garbage is the treasure that is misplaced. Recycling the garbage that others want to throw, while providing time-saving and labor-saving services, can also be integrated into a new business model.

Recently, some people play like this: go to the campus gate or express outlets to set up stalls, help people who have just picked up express delivery for free, and realize it by recycling express packaging, earning 200-300 yuan every day.
The method is very simple. Choose the peak hours of passenger flow (10: 00-13: 00, 16: 00-19: 00), set up a stall, prepare express tools such as knives, hang up the sign of “free express delivery”, and start work directly without any cost.

Why does anyone need this service? 1. Some people like to dismantle express delivery for inspection on the spot. If they are dissatisfied, they will return it directly at the express delivery point, so as to avoid tossing back and forth. 2. In order to ensure the safety of goods transportation, many sellers pack their goods in a very fine way, and the foam, cardboard and tape are tightly bound, so that most people can’t open them in 5 minutes. However, the “express service for dismantling” saves time and effort, and it doesn’t need to reach out and clean up the garbage. Why not? 3. Some people worry that the express delivery at the stall will reveal privacy. You can prepare the speech in advance to guide-“I can help you dismantle the express delivery for free, and the express delivery can also help you to smear it. You can take it home and dismantle it without handling it. The express delivery order is easy to cause privacy leakage.” Just buy a mosaic pen or privacy smear roller seal for a few dollars in Taobao.
Case 5

Cat shop that doesn’t sell cats

What I want to talk about is not the popular cat cafe, but the “cat rental” service! Case Pet Shop is located in Chengdu 339 Shopping Center, and the store advertises: 9.9 yuan, take the cat home to accompany you!
There are only 10 shared cats in the store, all of whom are about one year old, and the business is in a mess. At present, all cats have been rented out, and customers in need have to queue up to make reservations.

The process of renting cats is as follows: 1. Pay a deposit ranging from 1,200 yuan to 10,000 yuan according to the variety. 2. Provide ID card, home address and family environment photo. The tenant must be local in Chengdu and have no other pets at home. 3. Sign a cat rental contract. 4. The tenant must spend 200-300 yuan to buy cat food and related supplies in this store.
The business of renting cats is simple and creative, which meets two requirements: 1. Renting is cheaper than buying, which meets people’s temporary needs of keeping cats at low cost and in stages. 2. Many people have a need to raise cats, but once they buy them home, they can’t return them. In the case of uncertainty about whether they can raise pets well, “renting cats” is equal to “trying to raise them”, and the cost of trial and error is lower … Anyway, I think it’s awesome. There are both short-term benefits (cat food and so on) and long-term benefits (rent). Maybe customers can raise feelings and sell them at high prices. Absolutely.Five small businesses of “anti-traditional” gameplay, each of which is started at low cost

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