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From zero to one, the live broadcast of the brand anchor middleman is a small project


This is my experience in the small project of live broadcast of brand anchor middlemen from zero to one. This project is simple and reproducible. Because of limited energy, I didn’t continue to do it after running through it and shared it with everyone.

PART 1: analysis

Many small partners have heard that the vibrato live broadcast is very hot, but they can’t think of how to enter this industry. It is really difficult for ordinary people to do vibrato live broadcast:

Ordinary people, as anchors themselves, require a lot of time and patience, and at the same time, they have strong requirements for personal abilities.
Ordinary people work as teams themselves, and the problems of anchor management, product selection and supply chain are fatal.
It is even more difficult for ordinary people to make their own products/brands.

I unilaterally think that ordinary people should make money by one thing, and there are two points to pay attention to:

First, we should be simple and make a single breakthrough. If ordinary people want to make money, try not to touch systematic projects, such as building an anchor team.

Second, we should be able to find out the imbalance between supply and demand. Look at trends, demand, supply and competition.

From these two points, Bubble Net Earns My Analysis; It is an opportunity for ordinary people to bring goods with live vibrato.

First of all, the vibrato live broadcast e-commerce is really an outlet, and there is another outlet that is closely related to this vibrato live broadcast: new consumer brands, a large number of new brands have suddenly appeared in the past two years, and many of them are brands with financial resources.

These funded brands actually want to do live vibrato to bring goods, but most of them have not done it, mainly because most of the new consumer brand teams are immature and lack of people who can do it.

That is, the heart is unable to do so.

This is the demand.

Looking at the demand side of anchors, many individual anchors often lack specialized business teams. In fact, many individual anchors cherish their accounts very much, and they don’t want to bring bad goods. However, this year’s students who have no supply in the matrix shop of Vibrato Shop have mixed quality of their goods.

At the same time, vibrato is definitely more and more strict in the management and control of anchors with goods, which can be seen from the fact that DSR (Seller Service Rating) of store reputation will directly affect the reputation of anchors with goods.

In the future, the anchors with goods will only pick more and more goods, while those who used to shop in the small shop matrix will definitely get more and more sad, and the brands of high-quality products will definitely become more and more popular.

There is a time lag, and we are now at this time lag, where high-quality brands won’t do it, and anchors gradually demand high-quality products.

Among them, there are opportunities: the needs of both sides can be docked, and the opportunity for ordinary people comes-the middleman between high-quality consumer brands and the anchors of vibrato.

This is a typical market where the demand side continues to grow and the supply side temporarily fails to keep up.

Then look at the competition. If we meet high-quality brands and anchors with goods, we will face many MCN companies.

So how to differentiate to avoid competition? My suggestion is to dig deep into a profitable vertical brand and anchor.

Because most MCN are all kinds of business, they are widely used, but not deeply used.

To sum up the first part:


New consumer brand entrepreneurship and vibrato live broadcast overlap


New consumer brands need to sell goods on the vibrato live broadcast, and the anchor needs quality products and supply chains


The supply chain is uneven, and the supply of high-quality vertical products is insufficient


Be a MCN company of the whole category, a matrix player of vibrato shop without supply, and all potential service providers who do vertical services


Be a profitable vertical consumer brand and anchor middleman

PART 2: planning

Now that we have seen the opportunity, how can we seize it? The second part is about: planning

First, analyze the opportunities and break them into several key words: profitable, vertical consumer brands, anchors and middlemen.


The core difficulty lies in the selection of products. Here I will briefly talk about the following products:

  • It is not recommended to make products that change very quickly, such as clothing
  • Don’t make products with a price exceeding 100
  • Don’t cook seafood
  • Snacks, functional foods and staple foods can be considered.

In the part of product selection, my suggestion is to switch to the anchor perspective, and then switch to the audience perspective to look at the product. Of course, this is not an easy task.

[Vertical Consumer Brand]

First of all, you can find it through various WeChat official account and websites, such as FBIF of food, internal reference of new consumption, etc., and look at consumer goods brands whose financing scale is not too large in recent year, and some old brands have good reputation.

Secondly, you can turn over the head brand through Taobao’s homepage category, and look at the products with price in 0-100 yuan, high repurchase rate or good superposition.

After finding this brand, you can find out whether this consumer brand has opened a small shop for vibrato and how to do it on vibrato through tools such as vibrato check/flying melon data/cicada mother/vibrato. We have opened a vibrato shop, but our core goal is to make a bad brand, so we can communicate with them on their WeChat official account or Tmall.


The anchors can be layered first, and the core of our attack is 500,000-100,000 anchors in the middle waist and feet.

Taking this part of the anchor group as an example, it is divided into:

First, the single anchor with good live broadcast effect,

The second is the team anchor with good live broadcast effect,

The third is the single anchor whose live broadcast effect needs to be improved.

The fourth is the team anchor whose live broadcast effect needs to be improved.

Fifth, there are no bloggers who broadcast live.

So how can we find one, three or four anchors quickly? You can directly see the competitive product delivery of the vertical consumer brands we found through tools such as Flying Melon Data/Cicada Mama/Shake Da.

Here you can switch to brand perspective: look at competition.

Competition is divided into three dimensions: brand/product competition, parallel competition and vision competition.

We mainly look at the first two kinds, first of all, we form competing products of brand/product competition, that is, competing products of the same category.

At this time, it is necessary to look at the products selected in front as much as possible. Whether the products selected can be differentiated from the existing products delivered in vibrato is the key to our high delivery efficiency.

Otherwise, the anchors will say, “I have already brought such products” and choke you to death.

We can directly watch the anchors of competing products that form brand/product competition, and directly follow them.

Then look at competing products that form parallel competition, that is, like satisfied people, products with similar needs are put in. For example, bloggers who put in whole wheat bread and bloggers who put in chicken breast can be consistent. Find competing products in parallel competition, put them on bloggers and follow them.

Finally, you can mine some vertical bloggers by yourself, and this one can finally use this method.


How can we be a good intermediary between the brand and the anchor? How can we balance profit and scale? This is a very worth studying.

First of all, the brand side: First of all, when negotiating with the brand, there is a skill here, which can find the “competing commission ratio of the brand” to negotiate with the brand.

It is estimated that the commission will increase by about 20%-30% on the original basis. For example, the open commission for whole wheat bread is 20%, and the directed commission for anchors is generally 30%-35%, and then we have to keep our own 10%-15%. You can tell the brand openly and sincerely that it is difficult to push the market if the commission is insufficient.

Secondly, the brand side is required to give some benefits to the vibrato channel on the original products, such as price reduction, special performance, or fuzzy price band with other products, which is convenient for us to negotiate.

Third, we need the brand to cooperate with you to support the sending of samples, control the DSR score of the store, and give some excellent anchor benefits. Finally, the brand side is required to open the sub-account so that you can open the commission and manage the anchor, and then settle the corresponding commission for you every week/month offline.

Then there is the anchor side: the front anchors are layered, so they can be used at this time. Different anchors have different commission strategies and welfare strategies.

At the same time, if we are a vertical anchor, you can summarize the live broadcast methods of excellent anchors, communicate with the anchors, and form a set of templates for the live delivery of excellent anchors, so as to improve the delivery efficiency of the whole anchor group and win three wins.

PART 3: execution and optimization

Plans often fail to keep up with changes, and the implementation part is often full of pitfalls.

I ran around and found it feasible, which is a win-win situation. Here are three points to share.

  1. The efficiency of finding anchors can be improved through crawler tools+third-party platforms.

For example, knowing the teacher’s Web Scraper, I made use of the crawler tool+third-party platform, quickly grabbed the introduction page of competing anchors, caught the introduction, and quickly collected WeChat.

The specific script involves some technical operations related to Web Scraper, which are not listed here for the time being.

  1. You can write sop of spoken language to improve the communication efficiency with talents.

According to the measured data on my side, 40 anchors are added to the single number every day, and 25-30 anchors are passed. It is very easy to send 5-10 samples on the same day. For example:

“Hello, business cooperation, I am the head of xxxx business, I like your vibrato video very much, and I want to cooperate with you to bring goods and hope to pass.”

  1. Build a good business circle of friends.

The core interests of anchors are how to bring goods, what goods to bring, and how to show data.

PART 4: recommendations

  1. Be prepared to be replaced by the brand at any time. The best destination for the intermediary is to replace it.
  2. Don’t pursue profit and give up scale. You can negotiate impulse with the brand, and set up money for loss/drainage, welfare and profit.
  3. It is suggested to form its own core barriers as soon as possible, for example, how to do live broadcast and bring goods to a certain vertical anchor to improve its competitiveness. It is also convenient to transform in the future.
  4. If the result must be replaced by the brand, the difference between the brand and the anchor commission will not last long, so the goal of this project must be to truly empower the anchor and the brand-training to improve the delivery effect of live broadcast and video or other more imaginative things.
  5. Intermediaries can work as teams, and small cities recruit people to do business, which can be quickly enlarged after running through them.

The above are the ideas and suggestions that I shared for ordinary people to make money by taking goods by vibrating live broadcast, which can be copied and operated by teams. Of course, there are many problems in details, but I think this project is quite good, and it can achieve a win-win situation for the brand, the anchor and you.

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