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First, all laws are connected

If you have a heart, you will find that our world is wonderful, and two seemingly unrelated things are surprisingly similar in some respects.

Tao Te Ching says: Tao gives birth to one, life to two, two to three, and three to all things.

There is another big bang theory in modern cosmology. At the beginning, the universe was just a singularity. After the big bang 14 billion years ago, matter existed in the state of electrons, photons, neutrinos, etc., and evolved to the present, forming the universe we have observed so far.

In the Qinling Mountains in Gansu and Shaanxi, China, there is a bird (son) named Golden Chicken with red belly. The male feathers are brilliant and beautiful, which can be said to be handsome among birds. One of the purposes of this evolution is to grow prettier and have more colors in pick up hot chicks, and the greater the success rate of pick up hot chicks will be, which will ensure the continuity of DNA.
Let’s take a look at human beings. In some tutorials of picking up girls, the first step is to package yourself. Friends circle should bask in famous cars and watches, bask in their superior material conditions, get a famous brand on their bodies, and learn various skills when chatting with girls.

Packaging in place, bubble (pian) girl success rate will be greatly increased.

There are too many such examples, and seven or eight can be found easily.

Since there is such a rule in the world, it must have its uses, for example, it can use one known thing to understand another.

Looking at it from another angle, we may get a different harvest.

For example, there are many similarities between two seemingly unrelated things: chasing girls and draining water.

If you don’t believe me, let me analyze it for you.

Second, pick up girls

Some people always say that they can’t find someone for various reasons, and they have lived for more than 20 years, and they are still a single dog.

Ask him why, and say: I am too poor, too ugly, have personality problems, can’t meet the right ones, and there are no girls in my working and living environment.

In my opinion, these are not the main reasons.

As long as you make up your mind to cancel the order according to the formula analyzed at the end of this article, you will definitely be able to cancel the order.


Haven’t you seen how many conditions are not as good as yours, and you can get girls?

Theoretically, they can, and so can you.


To solve a big problem, we must first break it up and turn it into small problems. All big problems are made up of small problems.

If one split is not enough, split it twice until the problem becomes a small one that can be solved.

I divide the process from strangers to contacts between a person and a little sister into the following four steps:

  1. packaging

If you want to be welcomed by your little sister, you must package yourself first.

We don’t talk about love rat PUA here, just talk about how to get rid of the bill as a single dog.

Therefore, the packaging here refers to packing yourself in terms of hygiene, appearance, dress and so on within the scope of one’s own ability.

It can also be said to make yourself look better than before.

After all, no one likes a sloppy boy.

  1. Say hello:

After packing, we should look for our favorite little sister.

Off-line, you should try your best, mobilize all your contacts, and introduce girls to you.

I also need to get in touch with the outside, expand my circle of friends and participate in more activities.

When you meet your little sister, you have the nerve to make friends with her. If you have friends, it’s even better. Let your friends introduce you.

If one fails, change to another. You can imagine this process as a blind date without parents.

On-line, download some dating software, such as SOUL. After going up, greet each other. If you can talk, you can talk. If you can’t meet, you can cycle your previous actions.

The key word of this step is “quantity”

Before finding a girlfriend, the quantity must go up.

As long as the quantity is guaranteed, it will happen sooner or later in terms of probability.

  1. Attraction:

After greeting, just let people pay attention to you. If you want to develop further, you have to cultivate your feelings.

Girls are attracted, not chased.

You have to have a certain point to attract her, so that the two sides can keep in touch.

This point may be your character, your three views, or some small habit of yours ……

There are many factors. Maybe you don’t even know that you can attract a girl.

  1. Communication:

When the other party was attracted to you, after a period of understanding, they had many long talks all night, and finally one day, you two had a showdown.

I like you ~

Me too

Hehe, the moonlight tonight is really beautiful ~

Yes ~ the wind is also very gentle ~

This is the general process from strangers to contacts. Let’s take a look at drainage, which is actually similar.

Third, drainage

Drainage is also divided into four steps:

  1. positioning

Before you start drainage, you have to define your own position and make a user portrait with the target user.

According to this positioning, package your own WeChat official account and personal WeChat circle of friends, and then determine where your target users are.

Otherwise, you will need middle-aged uncle powder, but you will run to the far right where there are many children to drain, and the result will naturally be no better.

If you do this well, you are ready to start the next step.

  1. Exposure

Exposure is to let potential users see your articles/videos and hear your audio as much as possible.

Only when you can appear in each other’s sight can you have the probability of successful drainage.

So how do you let potential users see your content as much as possible?

Two choices, either spend money, put in various advertisements and engage in various activities.

Either exchange content and platform, you provide high-quality content that the platform needs at present, and the platform gives you traffic, which is simple and direct.

Or trade your own resources for others and valuable things for users.

In short, exchange what you have in your hand.

  1. Bait

With exposure, we need bait.

What does bait mean?

It is the value you can give the user, which can be a red envelope, information, or your personal design, or your content is valuable to the user, and he wants to get closer to you ……

Bait, can be one thing, can also be a combination of several.

In a word, the purpose is to make users think it is necessary to spend some time to find you from one platform to another.

  1. Transformation

At this stage, the user has arrived at your WeChat official account or WeChat, so what you need to do is to solve the trust problem of the user, provide the products or services they need, and realize the realization.

Fourth, summarize the formula

After analyzing both steps, let’s summarize the formula.

Through this formula, we can locate our own problems, solve them, and achieve the goal, no matter whether you are chasing girls or draining.

If you read the article carefully, it is not difficult to find that there are many similarities between the two activities: chasing girls and draining water.

The packaging in chasing girls is equivalent to the positioning in drainage.

Greeting is equivalent to exposure in drainage.

Attraction is equivalent to bait in drainage,

Communication is equivalent to transformation in drainage.

At this time, the problem is simple, we put the two problems of chasing girls and drainage, merged into one, and combed again.

Little A wants to have a girlfriend, so she first packages herself, so that when she meets a girl with a heart, she will not lose her chain. (Positioning your own WeChat official account and personal WeChat circle of friends so that fans can stay)

Then, in various ways, he ensured that he could keep in touch with new girls (ensure exposure).

When I met the nth one, a sister was very pleasing to the eye, and the two exchanged WeChat (bait takes effect).

After exchanging WeChat, the two had a long talk all night, and my sister found out that this young man has so many advantages, so I can think about it and let him be my boyfriend. (After reading your historical articles/friends circle, or after communication, I decided to stay and become your fan)

Now you can summarize the formula.

We refer to communication and transformation as the purpose.

Bait and attraction are collectively referred to as value, and the unit is percentage, with a perfect score of 100%

Positioning and packaging, collectively referred to as packaging, the unit is percentage, out of 100%

Greeting and exposure are collectively referred to as exposure, and the unit is one, with no upper limit.

So, this formula is:

Purpose = packaging × exposure × value

V. Simulation verification

Small A, want to take off the order, according to the formula, if:

The packaging value is 10% (I can’t help it, the appearance is too bad)

The value is 40%

To find a girlfriend, it is theoretically necessary to contact 1÷(10%×40%)=2525 girls.

Of course, the above data are just random examples. In real life, we can’t estimate specific values.

However, we can know from this formula that if we want to find a girlfriend as soon as possible, we must increase the packaging value and value as much as possible, and increase the number of girls in contact.

The same is true of wanting to drain as much as possible, so as to improve the packaging value (positioning) and value (bait conversion rate) as much as possible, and ensure the exposure of your own content.

VI. Finally

In this world, there are actually only two key points that determine whether we can achieve our goals:

Probability and quantity

Small details determine the probability of getting something done.

Your persistence and devotion determine the number (frequency) of this event.

If we want to accomplish something, as long as the direction is correct, we only need to perfect every little detail as far as possible within our own ability. Before we fail completely, we will never give up and try countless times, and the probability of success will be much higher than others.

If you fail, it is normal, but failure is better than regret.

Because, as a person, there are too few factors that we can control, and we can only say: “Man proposes, God disposes.”

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