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Simple copy and paste don’t need to invest any money,


Many foreign network Z projects are basically inseparable from Google, especially Google’s cps, which doesn’t make much money on the domestic platform, but the unit price is higher when returning to China.

Many foreign projects don’t need complicated process, like domestic ones, they also need to receive codes, etc. There are many foreign projects that novices can get started quickly. Today, the Google project I shared with you by Bubble Net is a handling project.

This project is simply copying and pasting without investing any money, selling goods and not needing a large number of fans. Simply put, it is the kind where Xiaobai can make money.

Simply copy some text, then paste it into the mail and send it out, and you can make money.

So above we talked about the principle of this project, and now we’ll talk about how to operate this project in detail.

First of all, we open Google news in Google browser, that is, Google News. After opening the link of Google News, we can see such a news website
In this news information station, there are a large number of news and articles from various places, which are our potential resources. I will tell you how to use these press releases to make money later.

In the left column of Google News, there are some categories, such as entertainment, games, news, health, finance, etc. As long as we aim at the fields of commerce, technology, entertainment, sports, science and health, other fields such as military and politics are not our choice.
If we click on a link at random, such as health, and we click on a meeting, there will be many fields, such as nutrition, medical care, etc., then if we click on the category of nutrition, we will see more articles in this sub-field.

Open this article, and then we directly copy the content of this article, yes, that is, carry it directly.
Next, we open the website Spinbot and paste the nutrition article we just copied into this blank place. Why should we copy it here? Because Spinbot is a rewriting website, it can rewrite articles directly.
That is to say, through the manuscript washing of this website, an article completely different from the original text can be produced.

After pasting it into the blank space, we click the button below, which is to verify whether everyone is a robot, and then click GO, and the article that has been washed will appear in the blank space below.
Next, we copy this text, because this text is a new article. We want to make money from this article. With what to make money, it is the best choice to submit articles on other platforms.

Here, I’ll give you several target websites. If the press release is one dollar per word, a 100-word article can earn almost 100 dollars.

Let me introduce you to two websites that can contribute:

Writers Guidelines, first of all, this website is a blog website, and the theme of this website is to teach everyone how to eat healthier, so the article we just washed about health and nutrition can be published here.
First of all, let’s take a look at its writer’s guide. You can get the draft fee if you are selected by them. Here is an introduction to the draft fee of this website, which is $1 per word.
Now we pull to the bottom, there will be a submission mailbox, open the e-mail, and we can copy the article that has been developed just now to the mailbox.

The submitted articles will be reviewed by them. If the content is not very bad, the passing rate of the review is basically very high. Once the review is successful, they will reply to an email asking you to provide payment information. When we get here, we can register a PayPal and give them the PayPal payment email.

The resources of this project will not be exhausted, because a large number of new articles will appear in Google News every day. All these articles are resources after our manuscript washing, so we can do them for a long time.

It doesn’t matter if it is possible to be checked out by others. At most, it will be defeated. Next time, we will submit new draft articles. We will always add draft articles and submit them all the time.

Coaches Training Blog, the theme of this website is business and life. We can also find the content with similar theme in Google News and then copy, develop and paste it.
Foreign online earning: Google carries money-making projects, which can be done by novices who simply copy and paste
When making contributions to each website, we should read and understand the requirements of this website as much as possible, so as to increase the probability that our submitted manuscripts will be adopted. Once adopted, it is equal to making money, and we don’t need any other operations in the middle.

Each website pays different prices for submission, so you should pay attention to your own income and know the information about the payment of these websites.
Many foreign blogs need a lot of time to manage and operate. We help to wash some articles into them. These platforms are very welcome. Moreover, the articles we publish in blogs can also bring benefits to them, so we will get the manuscript fee.

Finally, I would like to tell you that if you submit articles to these platforms for editing and auditing, you don’t need to submit them all, but you can submit them partially.

Now let’s have a look. Is this project particularly simple? Copy and paste directly, and use the platform of manuscript washing to earn the original manuscript fee. If the operation is good, you can successfully cast an article a day, and it will also earn hundreds of dollars.

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