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The website is also a big place to burn money


I. Project source
One of my long-known brothers (leek community) has been studying SEM technology with his boss. In a chat, I learned the learning path of SEM: burning money. At first, I thought it was simply burning money. Later, I found that few bosses who usually do SEM do website by themselves. They all like simplicity and rudeness. In their eyes: the website is also a big place to burn money.

Based on our understanding of the industry, we need to know that for the bosses who bid on Baidu, generally speaking, they will not use a perfect website for advertising. Therefore, you rarely find some “whole station” delivery in Baidu, which is usually a very simple single page. However, such simple landing pages can usually be copied and cloned.

Second, the technical practice

  1. the use of the website clone

2.VPS server purchase and environment configuration

  1. Domain name resolution and binding
  2. Upload the single-page course code file
  3. Modify corresponding specific information

Third, the traffic channel

  1. Establish your own template material library (single page collection)
  2. Relying on SEO to launch long tail keywords from all walks of life in XXX industry+bidding website construction (super unpopular)
  3. Layout of long tail keywords (mining industry data)

Weight loss and fat loss plastic breast enhancement massage technique industry increases breast plump beauty cream genuine external essential oil source code bidding single page template

  1. Baidu bidding data
  2. The price should be high! Calculated by day (matching SEM)
  3. Find the bidding company (the best offline) to bundle the business commission or sell the website

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