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A group of people made a lot of money by intercepting the movie keywords.


There is an immoral method of absorbing powder, but this method is very accurate, which is known to people in the circle, but rarely mentioned, that is, river closure.

Today, I would like to tell you briefly that I don’t recommend you to operate the bubble net, but it’s good to listen to the excitement.

At present, river closure is applied in many fields. For example, every time a hot event comes out, there must be a group of people going to SEO river closure.

It is common in the field of movies. Every year, a group of people cut off the river through movie keywords, earning a lot of money.
Just click on a webpage and you will find that it makes you pay attention to WeChat official account.
The operation after paying attention is to guide the personal number (these personal number friends are doing take-out CPS, movie ticket system, etc.)

This method has a long history. Basically, every popular movie can become a new front for traffic, and there is SEO where there is search
This is an appetizer, and the above method is not difficult to operate. Find a website with high weight to publish relevant content, and then induce fans to pay attention.

Vibrato interception

With the rise of the wave of knowledge payment (leek economy), a lot of powerful knowledge bloggers (sickle hands) appeared.

In fact, I don’t know how to spread knowledge and help others (raise and harvest leeks) on vibrato, but making short videos is very attentive, because there is no traffic without care.

My friend also talked with me about this problem. Traffic is the king, so just copy the course, which is understandable.

Even I told my circle friends that if you want to train, it is no secret to find the top three courses in the market, take them back and learn to practice, and then integrate the three sets, that is, your courses.

There are also conscientious bloggers, who practice and develop their own courses and polish them conscientiously, but they are really a minority.

But we all know this thing, but Xiaobai doesn’t. Xiaobai thinks that bloggers who tell stories are very good at it, and their practice is also very strong.

In fact, in our eyes, we are broadcasting live every day, showing off our wealth. If there is no time to do the project, how can the project be set up? Maybe people have partners.

If I don’t ridicule this behavior, I may be one of them in the future. If so, you can take it as my self-mockery.

Let’s talk about the thought of river closure on vibrato.

Do these bloggers get their own traffic pool, have nothing to send a message, or start a live broadcast and work hard on vibrato?

Therefore, such a group of people appeared to help bloggers, share the fatigue of harvesting, and come to a wave of anti-harvesting.

For example, the blogger trains salted fish, and has already held many courses. His courses are easy to buy in the market, but Xiaobai doesn’t know.

So these people went to private letters, looking for those who wanted information and those who were active in the live broadcast room.

It’s very simple. The official price is 2999, but I only need 29.9 here. Originally, it’s all small white, so I want to get the maximum return for the minimum benefit. If I think about it, the course is not bad, which saves a lot of money.

As a result, there was a series of counter-killings, which taught the knowledge bloggers a good lesson, and there were already many people who operated in this way.

Bloggers have no way to avoid this problem at present, even if they let fans report something, it is not realistic, loyalty is not so high, and there are a lot of people who can’t even report it.

In particular, the data sent by the number owner, that is, the hardest hit area, can be directly changed from Gui Li to likui jy, go to private messages directly, and then be induced to WeChat.
This method has been operated by many companies in batches, and it is certainly not just the field of payment.

For example, in the field of weight loss, send weight loss methods; Sending parenting methods in Baoma field; Send love treasures in the field of love.

Vibrato bloggers have screened the most accurate fans, and these people only need private messages.

Especially in the live broadcast room, they are all online in real time and send private messages directly. Basically, they will reply immediately after watching the live broadcast.

The disadvantage of this game is the title, which requires a large number of accounts to be piled up, but the vibrato number is cheap, which means that many people now play ants.

Maybe everyone thinks that this method is not easy to operate, but to be honest, the profits generated by the accurate fans of this acquisition can not be underestimated.

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