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A network sideline project that can be done in the long run and has not low income


Among the previously shared projects, many are small projects, which can only be done in a short period of time, or are rather tired, and the value is not very high. Today, Bubble Net made me talk to you about a project that can be done in the long term and the income is not low, that is, insurance sideline business (with an annual income of 100,000, which many people can do). When it comes to insurance, many people may be against it. Overwhelming insurance sales information and telephone calls, but empathy, doesn’t this just show that this project makes money?

First, the underlying logic of the project:

  1. requirements:

Insurance has been developed in China for several decades, and it is relatively mature, and there are many large companies and Internet insurance companies, all of which are involved in financial insurance business more or less.
With the development of these years, people’s living standards have obviously increased. As an effective means to hedge future uncertain risks, insurance has also become an effective means to hedge risks, and the market has been educated more and more mature. Insurance is no longer an investment and financial management project bought by rich people, and many ordinary individuals and families are more or less in contact.
With the development of the Internet, many insurance companies have been divided into two types, one is the traditional insurance brokerage company, which specializes in recruiting insurance salesmen by itself. One is the Internet insurance brokerage company, which has a relatively low threshold and recruits part-time insurance salesmen from the whole society. In the insurance salesman sector, the threshold for employment has been lowered very low, which shows that the demand in this market is even greater.

  1. Solutions:

The insurance sideline I shared this time was mainly an independent insurance broker on the Internet platform in the early stage, and I could have other jobs, but I used my influence to realize it through insurance in my spare time. In the later period, if you want to deepen your work in this field, join the traditional brokerage company with its own Internet insurance business platform.
One advantage of joining a traditional brokerage company with an Internet insurance business platform is that it can obtain long-term benefits, and the benefits have no ceiling. Moreover, it is a way for teachers to lead apprentices, which can better solve their own sales problems. Moreover, traditional brokerage companies will have many high-end insurance products, which will not be sold on the Internet platform.
However, independent brokers also have great advantages, that is, the threshold is relatively low, and the business pressure is very low, so they can develop their own sideline after the main business, which is very suitable for ordinary people to do insurance.

  1. Income composition:

Internet insurance business mainly depends on insurance commission. The commission ratio is quite good.

Second, the specific implementation

  1. select the platform:

There are actually many Internet brokerage platforms on the market. There are two main forms. One is that you can only do the only practice certification (that is, you can’t certify the B platform if you certify the A platform). There are not many such platforms, and the mainstream is Huize (APP is called Jumi), and the other is Baobao (but this platform only supports invitation registration now, that is, you need someone to give you an invitation code to register. This can go to the official group or interest exchange group and find others.
The other form can be authenticated for many times (that is, after the A platform is authenticated, the B platform can be authenticated). There are still many Internet platforms, and the mainstream ones are I cloud insurance, fast insurance and insurers.
However, due to the large number of Internet brokerage platforms, the inevitable products are also relatively homogeneous, and the functions of products are also very homogeneous. The general insurance is divided into four major protection insurance (critical illness insurance, life insurance, medical insurance and accident insurance), financial insurance (annuity insurance, increased lifetime insurance), other specific insurance (such as travel accident insurance, school insurance, etc.), and enterprise insurance (property insurance and some group insurance). Therefore, it is not necessary to register multiple platforms, but generally register 1-2 platforms, which can basically meet the needs of most people.
The general registration process is as follows: if you have a practicing certificate, you can directly register with your mobile phone, and then you can start to promote and earn commissions. If you don’t have a practice certificate, you need to find a platform to register for your practice certificate, then join the brokerage platform, and the platform will help you to apply for your practice certificate. After the certificate comes down, you can start to promote the commission.

  1. Knowledge reserve:

Professional knowledge: Many people regard insurance as a life-saving risk hedging product. Because the insurance business is complicated, many people do not have professional knowledge, so the insurance broker is the most important reference and recommendation. If the insurance brokers are not professional, first, no one will believe them, and second, if they recommend it, it will be difficult to get along in this circle if their reputation is bad; Third, in case the customer has a problem with insurance because of his unprofessional, it is also a very bad thing. Therefore, professional knowledge is the basic condition that insurance practitioners must possess.
Channels of knowledge learning: Generally speaking, there are more knowledge channels on the Internet, for example, there are more professional courses to learn on insurers and portable books. In addition, you can also read some authoritative insurance works in the industry, such as Your First Insurance Guide and Life Should Be Insured.
Professional guidance: No matter how proficient you are in theoretical knowledge, there will be some accidents and problems in the process of actual communication with customers. At this time, whether there is professional guidance will become very important (in traditional insurance brokerage companies, there will be masters and apprentices, and independent brokers will have to find their own ways). Therefore, the best way is to find some experienced insurance practitioners to give guidance and give professional advice in time when encountering problems.

  1. Insurance sales:

Main business with sideline business: there are quite a few professions that are suitable for taking insurance. For example, doctors can ask whether they have bought commercial insurance when patients are sick (most people don’t have it). However, due to their personal feelings (they will lose money when they are sick, without the protection of commercial insurance), they will pay more attention to commercial insurance and prepare for themselves and their families. Another example is lawyers. Because of their professional characteristics, lawyers are very suitable for selling annuity insurance and life insurance. For example, financial planners, because of their professional attributes, insurance is often their preferred sideline project, and customers around them are often willing to invest in insurance, and the conversion is often very high.
Friends circle: As an acquaintance social circle before friends, it is often easier to transform people with needs around them. A team that specializes in operating a circle of friends, with dozens of micro-signals from thousands of fans, specializes in operating a circle of friends, and can make an annual profit of tens of millions. As long as you write a good copy, users don’t resent it, and even want to see your circle of friends, then when their needs are touched, they are often the easiest to become your customers.
Self-media: Friends circle is engaged in private domain traffic, while self-media is mainly public domain traffic. Self-media here mainly refers to short video platforms such as Vibrato and Xiaohongshu, which can obtain users from public domain traffic pool. There are many wealth management bloggers in Vibrato. When they share all kinds of wealth management knowledge, they are also shaping their influence, making fans feel that they are very professional in this area. Often, they are very willing to add the blogger’s WeChat. When there is any need in the future, they will naturally choose this expert they feel trusted. However, self-media is a very long-term thing, which needs to be accumulated and transformed slowly. It is suitable for long-term operation, and it is difficult to obtain huge traffic in the short term.

III. Project evaluation:

1, suitable for the crowd:

Insurance sideline is a project suitable for many people to do sideline business. The longer it is operated, the more popular it will be.

  1. Cost

The main cost of this project is time cost, and it takes a lot of time to accumulate your own knowledge and shape your professional influence.

  1. Risk and control:

The main risk of this project lies in the problems that may be caused due to the unprofessional nature when people are allocated insurance. Therefore, it is necessary to learn knowledge as much as possible and find one or two professionals to lead the way.

  1. Revenue

It is really possible for this project to have an annual income of 100,000 yuan. The commission rate of general critical illness insurance and life insurance is about 50%-85%, the commission rate of medical insurance, accident insurance and specific insurance is about 10%-50%, and the commission rate of annuity insurance and increased whole life insurance is about 20%-50%.
Income = premium * commission rate. If you want to earn 100,000 a year and pay 10,000 premiums per person, the commission rate is 60%, that is, you only need 16-17 customers to earn 100,000 a year. If the premium is 5K per capita, the commission rate is still 60%, and only 32-34 customers are needed. Some customers will not only buy for themselves, but also for their children, parents and spouses. That is to say, maybe about 10 small families will be enough to support your small goal of earning 100,000 yuan a year.
If the quality of your circle is relatively high, like some business owners and employees of big Internet companies, their incomes are relatively high, for example, employees of big companies such as Ali, Huawei and Tencent all have relatively high incomes. Then, if the per capita premium is 20,000, you only need 8 such customers and three or four families, which can bring you the small goal of annual income of 100,000. Don’t you think it’s too difficult?

  1. Project extension

Financial Consultant: People who are willing to spend money to buy insurance tend to pay more attention to investment and financial management. At this time, if you happen to have research in this area, it is often easier to cut into this area and develop another good business line.
Self-media blogger: There are many advantages to being a self-media blogger. Besides gathering a large number of fans to transform, it can also attract many advertisers to advertise. For example, if you introduce XX products in a video, you can get thousands or even more advertising fees, send a circle of friends and so on, and earn a sum of money. It’s quite good.
Training lecture: When your influence grows slowly, some organizations, enterprises and organizations will ask you to tell their members how to buy insurance. These training courses can be charged, and the fees are charged by hours or sessions, which will not be cheap.
Course sales: There are many internet course platforms where lectures can be given to attract users to pay.
Paying community: Insurance is a very long-term and complicated matter, and many people are willing to pay. If you have 1,000 fans willing to pay you 999 a year, your guaranteed income will be 990,000 a year. Still very rich.

IV. Summary:

Insurance is not a profession suitable for the public. It is a profession that needs long-term investment. The longer it takes to work, the stronger the compound interest effect will be. Don’t join a traditional insurance brokerage company easily, because most people go to these insurance companies to send their heads (buy a bunch of insurance for themselves and their families and leave), so this matter should be taken seriously, and it is valuable to persist for a long time.

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