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Internet thinking, from operating products to operating people


Do you make money selling imported fruits? Teach you to use the Internet to think and operate, earning over 10,000 yuan a day! (with detailed practices)

Recently, everyone must have seen the news that Chinese mainland no longer imports pineapples from Taiwan Province, which has aroused different views of people on both sides of the strait. This is only the most normal policy of our country. We don’t talk about politics here, but only talk about making money. Generally speaking, the import fruit business is not as good as before.

I have a friend who has been engaged in the wholesale of imported fruits in Guangxi for several years. He has bought two suites in Nanning and two in white, which shows that the business was really good before. In December last year, he told me that the business is very difficult now. In the past, the turnover of shops could be 20,000 a day, but now it is only a few thousand. The cost has increased and the labor wage has also increased. This is really more and more difficult. He asked me how to sell on the Internet.

Selling online doesn’t mean selling products on multiple platforms. If you really want to transform and upgrade, you must learn internet thinking.

It is estimated that people who pay attention to bubble net for a long time know what Internet thinking is like, but many people don’t understand it, especially some traditional bosses, who really need this thinking to upgrade their projects.
What is Internet thinking?

Who was the largest taxi company in China before? It’s Shanghai Volkswagen. And now? Now the biggest taxi company in China is Didi Taxi, but Didi doesn’t have a taxi of its own.

Who was the largest airline in China before? It’s Air China. What about now? Ctrip is the biggest today, but Ctrip doesn’t have a plane of its own.

Do you understand it?

This is the Internet thinking, which changes from operating products to operating people.

A few years ago, Wechat business was the one who knew the internet best. Did they really make money by selling products? No, what they really do is sell agents. So don’t underestimate Internet thinking, which is the most powerful weapon for many traditional industries to transform or upgrade.

So if you want to sell your imported fruits well, it will be upgraded to the business people. Let more people play with you, how can we let more people play with you? Give up profits and recruit people.

Generally speaking, it is to use the partner system.

There are two aspects to consider, one is the local partner and the other is the national partner. Because you are doing business in a local city, you can give priority to setting up local partners first, and then setting up national partners.

How to establish a local team of partners?

1, their acquaintances

Because you have been engaged in the import fruit business for a long time, you already have a certain popularity in the eyes of your acquaintances, so now let some acquaintances be your partners and give them the profits. They only need to simply forward them to your circle of friends, and they can earn tens or hundreds of dollars. Why not?

  1. Customers

You have accumulated a lot of long-term customers when you open a shop. Tell them that you will get a discount when you buy it in the future, and you will get a commission when you share your friends to buy it. As long as the profit distribution is good, there will be many customers who want to do it. After all, they usually want to buy fruits to eat, and there will be discounts when they buy them later, so they will be willing to introduce their acquaintances to buy them.

  1. Local group purchase captain

Now, there are several group buying shops in every community, such as Xingsheng Preferred. Find them, talk with them, and let them also represent your products. It can be delivered to the door every day, and the profit of imported fruits is still very considerable.

  1. Gift company

Gift companies often buy gifts for customers, and imported fruits are also one of the most common gifts. Let them join you in making this cake bigger and stronger.

How to find the partner system all over the country?

Because logistics is very developed now, especially in many places, goods can be delivered one day or the next. This also brings very good conditions for fruit merchants to carry out national business. So even if you are a fruit shop, don’t miss developing business all over the country. It’s not what it used to be. Now the conditions are very mature.

This part can be promoted by video, such as vibrato, introducing an imported fruit every day, introducing its characteristics, where it is imported, how to eat it best and so on.

But the purpose is to recruit agents, so that more people like their own fruits. At this time, you may have to integrate more imported fruits, because the bubble net makes money. I believe that if you do this, the business will be 10 times better than before.

Many people don’t know how to start a business on the Internet. They think that doing an Internet project with others means starting a business. If you really want to be strong, what you need is a master who will take you into the business. Continue to pay attention to me, and make sure you take fewer detours on the road of wealth.

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