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Sell temporary food, find flow pool and drainage hook, and finally realize it.


I chatted with one of my members yesterday, and she said that she finally realized the freedom of snacks and imported snacks. She sent me a picture before I could say anything.
One case of soft acid bacteria in 7.6 yuan, only 29 yuan needs to mention the oil consumption of 6kg in Haitian, and one case of six walnuts in 18 yuan. . .

Unexpectedly, the temporary food can be so cheap, even cheaper than the original price of 5. When I smell the business opportunity, I immediately opened the omnipotent Taobao, trying to verify my idea of making money by bubbling net.
Sure enough, the omnipotent Taobao has verified all the wild ways that can be commercialized. Evian here is 2.99 yuan per bottle, and cookie 7.4 yuan here is a box. I purposely went to QQ group and Douban to search for keywords, and found many communication groups and discussion groups about temporary food.
As we can see, the general foods in temporary period are snacks such as biscuits, juices and chocolates, which we often eat, and the most common ones are those with a shelf life of one year. The expiration date is not expired, so long as it is eaten within the shelf life, it will not have adverse effects on human health.

Moreover, temporary foods not only exist online, but also some offline supermarkets have special temporary special price areas for consumers to purchase. If you go to the supermarket for shopping at night, you will find that many snacks, various vegetables and fruits and freshly made bread will be sold at special prices as long as the shelf life is approaching.

Consumer: “More than 200 drinks are earned as long as they are 30 yuan.”

Mr Cao, who lives near the Drum Tower, is 29 years old and a regular customer of a chain import food store. I often visit the temporary special zone, and before I get together with my friends and family, I drive together to store some potato chips, drinks and so on. I eat almost the same food in two or three days, and it will not really expire. “

Mr. Cao said that when he first learned about the temporary special zone, a bunch of drinks with the original price of more than 200 yuan were bought in 30 yuan, and he was very excited at that time. Moreover, most of them had expired for more than one month, and he felt that he had made money. “The expiration date is not really expired, which does not affect eating.”

Do you make money selling seasonal food?

Don’t underestimate these short-term foods that sell very cheaply. In a populous country like ours, it may be a tens of billions of consumer markets. After all, users’ income levels vary, and there are business opportunities when there is demand.
If you take the initiative to join some local business groups or community groups, you will find that many people are selling this kind of temporary goods. A WeChat group, a group purchase of Solitaire, may have tens of thousands of flowing water. What if you have 10 or 100 WeChat groups?
How to operate this project?

First, you need to determine your own realization path, such as e-commerce platform, private domain traffic circle of friends and WeChat group, and offline stores. (Now many communities have opened such special merchandise stores)
Do you make money selling seasonal food? Some people earn millions a year by selling temporary food
Secondly, it is to find a long-term and stable supply channel. Here we recommend that you can take orders from Baidu Post Bar or QQ Group. There are a lot of warehouses looking for businesses that need to purchase goods. Of course, it is no problem to search directly on 1688.
At the beginning of the sale, the seller will definitely not give you much profit margin, but as long as you can continue to purchase goods from a fixed channel, you can press the price with the seller after a period of time.

Finally, it is how to drain and sell.

I’m here to give you some new media marketing ideas. If you are interested, you may wish to try them.

① You can go to idle fish and accumulate a lot of keywords for sale. After the transaction, you can deposit users on your own WeChat.

② You can go to Zhihu to write an article about “How to find authentic imported snacks that are 5 times lower than the market price”, then guide users to pay attention to their own WeChat official account, and then guide them to personal micro signals.

③ Do a social flash marketing. When building a group, you can promise users to send XX products as long as XX people are brought in, so that when there are more people in the community, they can sell other categories of temporary products.

④ Go to Douban Snack Group for drainage, write a soft article with your real purchase experience and unpacking process, and guide users to add WeChat for resale.

Well, that’s basically it. Finally, we should remind you that you must be optimistic about the date of expired food, and don’t touch expired food whether you eat it yourself or sell it.

In addition, no matter what you sell, you can use the pond theory of new media marketing to find the flow pool and drainage hook, and finally realize it.

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