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From the media to move bricks to make money, headline audio is a good choice


This year, short videos continue to be popular from the media, and various platforms give great support to creators, such as video numbers, certain sounds, headlines, etc. If you want to make money by moving bricks from the media, headline audio is a good choice, so you must learn to use the traffic of the platform to continuously bring benefits.

Like the headline number we are going to talk about today, a small number of people make money for themselves by using the headline audio because they know how to play, and the income from sending an audio on the platform is hundreds or thousands.

So how should this audio project be played?

At the sight of audio projects, many people start to have headaches. They don’t have a good voice and can’t speak Mandarin. In short, there are many difficulties. Today, we can avoid these problems by using some software, and novices can also operate audio projects directly.
First of all, we plan to operate the headline audio project, and we need to know the rules and profit model of the project. Headline audio is distributed to creators according to click and play, which is similar to Himalayan.

So let’s prepare a headline first, with unlimited weight.

With an account number, we have to think about which section to operate, because your content must not be too messy. For example, if I publish an audio of a children’s story today, and then come to an exam exercise tomorrow, there will be no way to do this vertical field.

First, determine the classification of deep cultivation, and then find the materials. Generally, what we can do is some stories of children before going to bed, strange stories, unsolved mysteries, inspirational quotations, emotional topics, etc. These categories are enough for us to deeply cultivate.

Let’s take one of them as an example to explain it to you in detail. First, we should record the audio by ourselves from the traditional operation headline number. For example, we should do the audio of children’s stories.

Where are the most common audio materials? Of course, it’s peers, so let’s go to peers to find materials, such as Himalayan and dragonfly FM, all of which have a lot of children’s bedtime stories, which we can carry directly.
There is no copyright problem in this method, because the audio is not directly uploaded to the platform, but reprocessed and recorded by ourselves, which is an original audio.

Most of the time, the platform can’t tell whether you are directly handling other people’s audio materials or using written materials, so there is no infringement problem. Whoever speaks the same audio is the one who owns it. The copyright of the materials is shared by everyone, and very few are original.

A tool, Xunfei Language Record, will be used here. We can directly convert other people’s audio into words through Xunfei Language Record, and then use the recording function of our mobile phone to read according to the manuscript.

In this way, we can make an audio material and upload it directly to the headlines. Besides these, some novel websites and anecdote platforms have a lot of good materials.

Let me tell you how to operate without dubbing yourself.

This method is suitable for friends who are not confident in their voices. Like the first half mentioned above, they need to give themselves a proper position, first of all, the popular classification, and secondly, they want to like it. After all, interest is the best teacher. If you are interested in finding information, it will not be boring.

Let’s focus on this intelligent AI recording. What does this mean, that is, without manual recording, words can be directly converted into audio, and there are many classifications, such as emotion, work, standard, English, nature, news and so on.

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