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Look, another small project with poor customer information.


There is never a shortage of projects on the Internet, especially those with asymmetric information, some of which can make money by turning around casually. What others don’t know and what others can’t think of is the starting point for us to make money.

I often tell you that if you want to make money, you should try to narrow the gap with those rich people. This gap is reflected in poor thinking and information. Thinking can’t keep up at once. It needs constant integration and transposition, but poor information can.

When I first wanted to do Taobao, I acted as a recharge agent for expenses. I always wanted to transfer goods in kind, but I didn’t know how to find the source of goods. When I saw that everyone on the Internet was selling goods in full swing, I didn’t know that 1688 was needed to purchase goods online.

Later, there was a generation service developed by the merchants for river closure. Although some users could be intercepted, at least the problems of supply and delivery were solved, and I put up with it. However, I still didn’t get on the bus when I made money from bubbling nets. Up to now, more than ten years have passed, and I don’t have a serious cat shop.

Information gap never means saying goodbye when you miss a window, but information gap after information gap, losing one after another, and losing one project after another.

There are still many projects, which we know are very profitable, but we don’t do them. Just like the resources of film and television dramas, the whole network knows that this thing can be sold for money, and it can be uploaded on any platform at will, especially a certain fish and a certain evening, and the sales volume is still considerable.
What you have to do is to get these high-definition film and television resources as scarce as possible, and then hang up a store for sale. Or build your own posts on the platforms such as Post Bar, Q&A, Zhihu, etc., ask yourself and answer your own questions, refer to peer-to-peer rhetoric, and drain them to WeChat for sale. There are many channels.

Of course, there are still some projects that are related to technology. For example, there are a lot of short videos around PS, PR and other software. In most cases, the realization is the old three sets, taking orders, training and advertising.

I think we are all very familiar with these three ways of realizing cash. There is no need to talk about advertisements. There are more fans in accounts. There will be many advertisements for game promotion and APP download, which can be received with leniency. The field of training is also very vertical, that is, selling courses, PS design courses, design teaching, video editing courses, etc., which belong to the field of knowledge payment, and taking orders.

Because you have shown your strength in the short video, people with design requirements will send you a bill, which is similar to those of Witkey, but the traffic of Witkey is not as big as that of the short video platform.

Orders generally include logo design, signboard design, posters, picture albums, etc. In addition, there are some relatively unpopular orders with higher prices, such as old photo repair. This unit price is relatively high, and there are certain technical requirements, but don’t worry, I have a video tutorial for old photo repair. If you have friends who want to learn, just add Ali WeChat and note “old photos”, and I will send it to you.
If you want to make money through poor information, you must first understand this poor information, and then judge whether this project is suitable for you. A few days ago, bubble net earned the soul money-making project I told you, and some people have already used this software to lay out offline blind dates.

Realizing accurate traffic is never difficult. What is difficult is how to obtain these traffic. The asymmetry of traffic will also lead to the increase of income gap, so the first factor to solve the information gap is equivalence.

Today, I read the news, saying that according to Taobao’s big data statistics, the average sleeping time of Chinese people has been delayed, which means that the peak period of users visiting Taobao has been delayed, and the peak period every day is between 0 and 2 am.

Many people have the habit of visiting a treasure before going to bed, but now we have to add a video brush, so what inspiration can this bring us?

The average collective delay in staying up late can completely increase the services of midnight snack, running errands in cities, take-out and so on, so will it also increase the needs of couples’ life, which is the starting point for thinking about a project.

If you don’t make money for no reason, the big environment determines users’ living habits and market demands. The information difference is around us, so don’t say you don’t know.

In fact, Baidu bidding is to use the information difference to make money. The purchase channels of products are almost the same. What can be bought on a single page of bidding can also be bought in a certain treasure, and even it will be cheaper in the evening, but many people still bid for orders. Although it is a little lonely now, it can always be played.

I didn’t want to go downstairs at noon yesterday. I was going to order some takeout at Meituan. I just opened Meituan and played an interface where I could buy 8 packs of paper-drawing. When I saw that the paper-drawing of the company was almost used, I bought it with my backhand. I can pick it up at the supermarket downstairs in our company at 4: 00 this afternoon. It is really cheap and convenient.
A colleague who just bought it said that it was so cheap for you to buy this one from me. When I looked at the special edition of a treasure, I said why you are using this one. Colleagues said that you spend a penny on shopping, and I can get more than a dozen pieces when I pull a new one.

Look, another small project with poor customer information.

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