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The heat is very high, and it is easier to work part-time on the Internet


When we carefully study some sideline projects on the Internet, we will find that making money in subdivided fields is the simplest, just like making money on the Internet. Doing a part-time project can make money, and doing business consulting services can also make money.

There are many directions. Only if you can determine a classification and are willing to spend time and invest in it for a long time, you can definitely make money. Compared with many friends I know well, the bigger it is, the more difficult it is.

Dear friends, when choosing fields, if the threshold is relatively high, you should consider it carefully, because it is difficult to make money, which will indirectly hurt our enthusiasm. It is necessary to choose some projects that can easily make money for transition.

This project shared with you today has been very popular and relaxed recently. It was also extended from the game industry at the earliest, that is, practicing and playing on behalf of others.

Since the development of the Internet, it has contributed a lot to the promotion of the game industry. At the earliest time, this industry was only a substitute for training. The upgrade and hosting service for virtual accounts in games has been developed to the present, and it has reached the stage of accompanying play.
Playing games with you is very simple, that is, simply playing games with you. Although it is simple, there are still a lot of competitions. After all, the industry comes in very fast, and the income from playing games with you for one hour ranges from tens to hundreds. Ordinary games can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month.

How should we operate this project?

First of all, we need to know which platforms can be played with games, because this is a new industry, and because of the sensitive nature of the industry, I don’t recommend that you take orders privately through some other channels.

It’s best to take orders on the platform, which will make a basic registration and screening for users. Platforms such as hunting, comparing hearts and buying Meng can be settled in. How long the new platform can survive is still unknown, and the traffic volume will not be large.

So late, after we settled in the platform, there will be many projects that can receive orders, such as LOL, king, eating chicken and so on, and even some large-scale online games can be played.
A sideline part-time project suitable for personal part-time operation-games for training and playing, with an easy monthly income of 20,000
Besides these games, other services are available on this platform, such as some popular wake-up services, sleeping, seiyuu chat, virtual lovers and so on.

Every different service has a different price, and the price of men and women is different. In contrast, the service price of girls will be higher, and with some ambiguous services, the price will be higher.

From some popular practitioners, we can also see the number of times they take orders. Of course, the more they take orders, the more professional they become. Of course, the value and technology are also indispensable.

So here, we have a clear understanding of the whole accompanying play industry, know some of the playing ways in this industry and know his profit model, and the rest is how to operate this project.

First of all, mobile phones, computers, headsets and cameras are essential. After all, many games are involved, so we should also have a certain understanding of popular games, or often work overtime to play some games on the platform, so as to prepare for taking orders.

It doesn’t matter at all that these devices are low-end in the early stage. In the later stage, when the orders are made, they can be replaced with better ones, especially headsets. The business of good headsets is very sweet, which is a far cry from each other, because in most cases, we serve users through sound.

In addition, in order to increase our order quantity in the early stage, we can make some promotional videos and put them on the platform, so as to capture some fans, and these fans can become your invisible users.
A sideline part-time project suitable for personal part-time operation-games for training and playing, with an easy monthly income of 20,000
In fact, there are quite a lot of ways to publicize. For example, sending some short videos to a certain tone can greatly increase our exposure. With exposure, some gold owners will find us and increase our demand users.

The rest is to apply for settlement on the above-mentioned platforms, and just submit your own information, which is needless to say.

In fact, there is no difficulty in this project. Many girls are a little nervous when taking orders on this accompanying platform for the first time. They don’t know what to say when chatting with the opposite sex. They are afraid of offending customers, so they can’t make this order. I don’t think it is necessary to pay too much attention to this.

There will always be the first time, mainly to make users happy, and gradually accumulate some experience, which is actually the art of chatting.

In addition, sometimes there aren’t many lists, because the traffic is attracted by the hot playmates. Don’t be impatient in the early stage, as long as there is a list, try to serve as well as possible. With your long stay and good service, there will be more and more lists.
In addition, there is a deeper way to play this project, that is, to set up a playmate studio, which everyone may think can such a dirty playmate be made into a company?

This is a bit like recruiting anchors on the live broadcast platform. After signing a contract with a company, the company will package you and play with you. Similar to this, we can sign some people who do part-time play with you in the form of a company, and then use the company’s resources to package them, such as brushing them some transaction slips, packaging their image, and making promotional videos to promote them.

In the later period, if you want to sign a dividend agreement with the company to accompany these debut games, then they are essentially the artists who signed the contract in your company. In the future, you only need to keep signing, packaging and incubating these “artists”, which are also very profitable.

We ordinary people only consider making some money when doing projects, while real businessmen consider who can make money for themselves. This project is very simple, and both men and women can do it. It’s no problem to earn pocket money by themselves. In the long run, the profits will be very severe in large-scale development.

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