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Some netizens asked me if playing games at home can make money. My reply can make money and make a lot of money. The biggest experience is “tired”, but some people have entered millions by playing games. Today, I’m going to take stock of a few small projects to make money by playing games. If you are a game lover and don’t have a suitable job, you might as well try it.

  1. Try the game to make money

Maybe you don’t know, even if you try a game on Tik Tok, you can earn over 10,000 a month.

First, we open the homepage button of the vibrato app, and then click the search button in the upper right corner. Enter the game publisher plan. We can see that someone here has earned 30,000 yuan through this game.

We click on this game, there is a game task here, download the game demo directly, record the game video as required, upload it to our Tik Tok account, and finish the task.

As long as your videos are played, there will be revenue.

  1. Play with the game

Playing games with others means playing games with others, taking orders on the platform, and many players who need to play with them will post tasks on it. Accompanying and receiving tasks, completing order tasks and making profits. Earnings are priced by the hour and divided into games. At present, the mainstream games are from 30 to 80 yuan. At present, the most popular games are Jedi Survival and League of Legends.

As for where to take orders?

At present, there are relatively large game accompanying websites: Bixin, Betta, Tiger Tooth, Moon Fishing Dog, Blade, Pipi and so on.

  1. Moving bricks and selling numbers

Many games open a lot of clothes every day, and there will be a lot of opening numbers. If you are lucky, you can get good military commanders or equipment, and you can sell them for money or on trading cats.

For example, a game is “Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition”, which can be played with computers and mobile phones. We focus on the opening number, save enough 1000 gold beads to go to the 5th consecutive lottery. If we are lucky, we will draw a lot of 5-star military commanders, and with good skills, we can hang the opening number of trading cats.

You can sell it for 100-300 yuan. If you are unlucky, it may be a few dollars and a dozen dollars. In the long run, this game can make you earn pocket money by moving bricks.

Remember that the price of Apple is about three times more expensive than that of Android, giving priority to Apple.

  1. Game anchor

The job of a game anchor is very simple. As long as you are a game lover, you can become a game anchor. This live broadcast doesn’t need a real person to appear, if you play the game well and the perfect explanation is better.

Generally speaking, there are only two incomes for anchors, one is gifts and the other is receiving advertisements. According to popularity, the higher the popularity, the more expensive it is. This kind of advertisement is not available for small and medium anchors, and it is concentrated in big anchors.

Another income is reward, for example, live broadcast on vibrato, earning sound and waves. At present, the gift share of vibrato is quite high.

The industry of anchor is still very difficult at present. The income depends on popularity. The higher the popularity, the more profitable it is. If you do well, you can also get the high signing fee of the game company.

  1. Open a game studio

This is more profitable. The studio, which is usually set up by the boss hiring employees to operate, mainly helps ordinary gamers to play gold and practice games on their behalf.

This is a gray industry, and it is also the target of the game operators now. It’s ok to be small, but it’s hard to be big.

There are many other games that make money, such as renting game accounts and selling game merits.

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