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How to make money on youtube


If you can make money on the Internet, it is generally far from making money. What projects are popular at present? When you count short videos, there are many opportunities to make money on youtube abroad. Let me talk to you in detail about how to make money on youtube.

Because of my previous test, I found it easy to earn US dollars on this website. You can look at my recent income first.

In total, it has earned almost $2,000 up to now, and this month it has earned more than 1,000 yuan. It hasn’t been long since last month, so this platform is still very powerful. I will explain this project to you today.
This project is actually very simple, that is, using someone else’s youtube video, and then converting its link, then other people just click this link and we can make money.

Ok, then I will teach you how to do this project step by step, and teach you a way to earn more money.

In this project, we need to use two websites, the first is AdFoc and the second is quora. We can earn a good income by using these two websites, which is passive income, that is, we all like to make a living.
The first is AdFoc, which is a re-linking website. Its function is to replace the youtube link you selected. We log on to youtube to find the video classification you want to operate, and then copy the link of the channel. This website will re-link this youtube channel, so as long as someone clicks on this new link, even if they don’t watch it, we can make money.
The latest tubing YouTube money-making project, CPM’s profiteering game
On the new page, we can see that this revenue is calculated according to CPM, which is the same as the revenue calculated on youtube platform. 1,000 people click this link to start calculating revenue.
The latest tubing YouTube money-making project, CPM’s profiteering game
The following are the differences between countries. If you click from the United States, you can get $26.25, and Canada can get $13.65. Therefore, we can see here that there is still a big gap in the income of people from different countries who click on links. Then we need to find a platform with more Americans to share our new link.

The latest tubing YouTube money-making project, CPM’s profiteering game
Then let’s copy the processed link just now and come to quora. There is a very important point here. Let’s talk to you first. This website is somewhat similar to our post bar. If you post the link directly on the platform, it will basically be blocked. If you pave some valuable words in front and paste the link below, it will not be blocked.

OK, then I’ll briefly go through this process for everyone.

First of all, look for a video on youtube. As we can see just now, the income in America is relatively high, followed by Canada, Australia, Britain, Switzerland, etc. Then we should choose English video. If you choose Chinese video, the income may be very low.
As for the topic of video, you like it. First, go to the translation software to translate Chinese into English, and then search this English, such as how to lose weight, how to cook delicious food, how to roller-skate and so on.

After selecting it, we click on the video, don’t need to watch it, find the share below the video, and then we copy the link.
When you come to AdFoc, first register an account at the top left, then paste the link you just copied here, and then click the back button. The blue one at the bottom is our short link, and then send out this link.
Next, go to quora, search for words with the same classification as the video just now. For example, our video just now is looking for a slimming series, so we can search for slimming here, and the categories should be unified.

The latest tubing YouTube money-making project, CPM’s profiteering game
Open a post casually, and there will be a lot of replies in it. We will continue to reply to the post, then write or carry a personal experience casually, and copy it. Finally, add a sentence, “I have a youtube video here, which gives me a lot of help+our link”, and that’s it.
The latest tubing YouTube money-making project, CPM’s profiteering game
If you want to expand your income, you should go to Google browser, search the weight loss forum, throw these links in casually, and let them settle down slowly, so that you may have a lot of passive income when you open AdFoc again.
The latest tubing YouTube money-making project, CPM’s profiteering game
AdFoc is actually the relationship between youtube and users. It promotes youtube and earns advertising fees from it, while we earn commissions from the promotion of AdFoc, which can be done stably for a long time.

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