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Two interesting anti-traditional practices, the traditional industry has played new tricks


I have to say that the situation of physical stores is getting more and more difficult. From store rent to labor and publicity expenses, coupled with the impact of the Internet, countless stores are closed every day.

This is not the case. The fruit shop downstairs of my company made a profit by bubbling net, and the tips of Wangpu’s transfer were put out. This is the second store closed in one year. However, in spite of this, there are still people around to make another fruit shop flourish.

Therefore, it is not that business is getting harder and harder, but that the business logic of doing business has completely changed.

Times are changing and markets are changing. How many people won the Jianghu because of the changes of the times, and how many people disappeared because of the times.

What if you have no choice but to use money urgently?

I have seen two interesting anti-traditional practices, which have brought new tricks to the boring traditional industries, and may bring you some reference for the operation of physical stores.

01 live blind date

According to the latest statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics and the Civil Affairs Bureau, there are 240 million single people in China, accounting for 17.3% of the total population of China.

The huge single population provides a huge market for dating, but the traditional blind date can not meet the emotional needs of the new generation. Therefore, driven by the popularity of live broadcast, strong market demand and economic interests, live blind date came into being.

The so-called live blind date, as its name implies, is a blind date in the live room of “matchmaker”.

The main play method is a blind date with three roles: “matchmaker, male guest and female guest”. Other viewers can freely go in and out of chat rooms to watch, or apply for a blind date on wheat.
According to the different modes of anchor operation, this kind of live blind date is also varied, some are live broadcasts, some are met in the same city, and some only provide a contact information …

Searching for keywords such as “blind date”, “matchmaker” and “introduced object” on short video platform makes it easy to find a large number of anchors focusing on blind date. The entry threshold is very low, so long as you have a good mouth, you can almost do this job.
Taking the following aunt in Northeast China in her fifties as an example, she located the live broadcast room of blind date in the same city on Aauto Quicker, and asked fans about their basic situation and mate selection criteria, etc., to help fans match and find objects, and accumulated a lot of fan base.

There are four types of short video content of this Northeast aunt: 1. Introduce the information of the marriage object; 2. Expose emotional scammers; 3. Live broadcast notice and offline party notice; 4. Thank the fans for the screenshots, and wish the successful couple.
As an intermediary, the active motivation of this Northeast aunt also comes from interests. Rewards, selling goods, successful blind date service fees and offline blind date party tickets are all her income sources.

In her place, customers can choose the mode of paying or free according to their own needs, which is usually free for girls and paid for boys.

There are two kinds of free, one is that you can go to the live broadcast with your intention, and the other is that you need to send information for review, which is called “real-name registration system”, including but not limited to name, age, height, weight, economic conditions, mate selection conditions and life motto, and then she will make a simple recommendation.

Ordinary payment is to spend huge sums of money to join the anchor fan group with 6 quick coins (0.6 yuan), and the more advanced way of playing is to brush gifts on the price tag of Shangmai men to provide better service.

From roses to confession balloons and sports cars, the price of gifts varies, and the income from a live broadcast is at least 500 yuan less.
In addition, collecting “membership fee” is also a major source of income for live dating. During the live broadcast, the anchor will drain to WeChat to make a deal and make a second conversion to make money.

As far as I know, there are many types of membership fees after being drained to WeChat, among which the most basic ones are paying for information about girls and sending them to friends circle/Aauto Quicker to increase exposure.

If you want to know someone with better conditions, you need to pay a higher membership fee, so that customers can screen each other’s region, age, occupation and appearance.

Most of the charging standards are as follows:

48 yuan introduced five female guests;

88 yuan introduced 10 female guests;

200 yuan introduced until the release of the order+pull the blind group+send Aauto Quicker or a circle of friends;

300 yuan sent friends circle for 30 consecutive days.

It can be seen that even if we only trade one order every day, the profit margin is very large.
People, always want to get married, but it is only a matter of time before. Although some people are unmarried, the mainstream of society is marriage. Therefore, the blind date project market still has great potential.

As mentioned above, there are still many monetization channels for the live blind date project. Whether we want to make some rewards for introducing others directly or drain to offline transactions, there is a lot of room for getting rich.

As for this project, it is very suitable for beginners to operate, and it can start quickly. It can make money in a short time, and at the same time, our network will be greatly improved.

The most important thing is that it is not difficult to make a live blind date. She is talkative, cheerful and likes chatting. She is named @XXX matchmaker, and then she prepares two mobile phones, one for live broadcast and one for background music. Add a microphone, bracket, sound card, background board, etc., and just wait for the broadcast at home.

The cost does not exceed 10,000 yuan, but there is no upper limit to the income. The case of aunt in Northeast China shared above can simply achieve a monthly income of 10,000-20,000 yuan, which is better than most ordinary office workers.

02 “Fresh Edition” Blind Box

After 95 and 00, it is no stranger to do blind boxes by hand. In order to get my favorite doll, many young friends around me do not hesitate to throw a lot of money, and some people still call for a “blind box” to survive.

As we all know, POP MART started out as a blind box, which relied on the blind box to complete its listing, with a valuation of hundreds of billions.

But if someone tells you that the things in the blind box are no longer toy dolls, but become fresh dishes such as crayfish, pork, eggs, scallops, rape, carrots, etc., which can be called “fresh version” of the blind box, would you still like to open it?

In fact, a fresh platform has long used blind box play to drive the sales of goods, and achieved initial results.

I have observed the opening activities of fresh blind boxes on the group buying platform before, and found that the sales volume of fresh blind boxes is nearly twice as high as that of ordinary fresh group buying. If there is a lottery, they are basically sold out when they are put on the shelves.

Their approach is as follows: using the “blind box lottery” game, users only need to spend ten to tens of dollars to buy fresh products, and then they will randomly draw blind boxes, and then they will have a chance to get a blind box prize with the prize value exceeding the next unit price, thus attracting many users to place orders first.

Give an example. At present, there is a popular fresh blind box selling oysters in the market. The price of a fresh blind box of oysters is 18.8 yuan, which contains 3.5 kg of oysters, usually 20 to 30.

According to the blind box, out of every 20 oysters, one can randomly take out 3.5 kg of yellow clam or oyster meat, with a value far exceeding 18.8 yuan. If you’re lucky, you can smoke raw oysters or yellow clams. It’s simply “small and big”.

Even if you can’t smoke oyster meat or razor clam meat, the price of shelled oysters in each blind box is quite cost-effective.

I don’t lose money or even make a small profit. Occasionally I can win the first prize. I buy oysters worth 100 yuan for more than ten dollars. Who doesn’t want to try them? Therefore, even housewives who are careful in their daily lives can’t resist placing orders to buy.
What if you have no choice but to use money urgently? Push two low-cost small businesses, invest thousands of dollars, and earn 20,000 a month!
It was reported in the news that a post-90s vendor in Nanjing market launched a “blind vegetable box” suitable for two or three people online. According to different categories, the price ranged from 20 yuan to 40 yuan.

Just over a week after the launch, 118 people have tried it early. The income is increased by 400-500 yuan every day, which can reach 10,000 yuan in one month.
This wave of blind box winds not only blows to the fresh market, but also the take-out platform is in full swing. Looking at the hungry platform, I found that some tea shops and fast food restaurants also offer “blind box packages”.

The content of their blind box package is that only 9.9 yuan can buy a limited edition milk tea, or a blind box fast food with a price of more than 20 yuan, with random dishes and the opportunity to offer expensive dishes. Sales and popularity have been high.
Therefore, any business model can learn from each other. Physical stores can learn from e-commerce to conduct online live broadcast, and they can learn from POP MART to study the blind box play.

If it were me, I would think of using this blind box mode to solve the problem of stock tail goods.

In the past, fresh food companies wanted to clean up their inventory by means of price reduction and promotion. This method is not to say that it has no effect, but always gives people a feeling of being cheap and eager, and the consumption experience is naturally not much better.

However, the blind box mode is different, even if it doesn’t need to reduce the price, it can achieve the purpose of promotion, which can make the inventory relatively large, the sales volume small, and the temporary fresh food be sold unconsciously, and it can also attract customers’ attention and make a wave of marketing.

Moreover, consumers are particularly willing to pay for it, and even easily become addicted and buy it repeatedly. This is why it is worth exploring more ways of playing.

In a word, it is concluded that playing the blind box mode of fresh food well may open up a brand-new marketing promotion road.

03 is written at the end

There is a saying that goes well: if you do things with 80% of people’s thinking methods, you will only get 80% of people’s results.

Most people in the fresh and blind date markets are thinking in the right direction, thinking in a common direction, and the business is naturally not much better. However, with the help of the above-mentioned reverse play of live broadcast and blind box mode, the result is quite different, and a brand-new road has been taken.

Shopping malls, like battlefields, either survive or change. There is no other way. The reality is so cruel.

The same is true of the difficulty in doing business in physical stores. On the surface, it is the impact of the Internet and competitors, but the core reason is that the times are developing too fast, which leads to the fact that most business operators’ own thinking has not kept pace with the times, and business is becoming more and more difficult.

At this time, if we can change the angle, think from the opposite side and give full play to the magic of reverse thinking, the problem may be solved smoothly, and there may be unexpected gains.

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