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Zero cost can also operate idle fish reselling projects


Doing Internet projects, but really making money still requires a certain amount of thinking. If you want to run a project stably for a long time, the second-hand e-commerce platform like idle fish has always been easier to do, and it is easier to make money by using poor information.

Now, the threshold for entering the e-commerce platform is relatively high. In many cases, the passenger flow is bleak without certain promotion, but two platforms like Pinduoduo and Xianyu are still good, at least the platform traffic is always high.

In Pinduoduo, you only need to set up the shop to have business, while Pinduoduo is positioned as a small and beautiful product, and the idle fish is also good, which is more suitable for reselling. Take the products from Pinduoduo or some other purchasing platforms such as 1688 to the idle fish, and resell the second-hand goods to earn the difference.

Of course, many people may ask about doing e-commerce business, and the most worrying thing is the inventory problem. The imported goods can’t be sold at one time, but will take up funds. This can be completely avoided if you change a game, and you can operate this idle fish reselling project at zero cost.
This operation method is similar to that of a certain treasure’s no-supply store group. After customers take pictures of your products, you can go to the home platform to take pictures. It’s as simple as that. Let’s look at the operation in detail.

Then the core of this project is: (Pinduoduo +1688) Get the goods+resell the idle fish = earn the difference.

account number

First, prepare the accounts of idle fish. If you can prepare more accounts, you can operate them as a matrix. The products on each account are divided into one category, or you can operate one first, and then add it when you are familiar with it.

As for the tedious account registration, I won’t talk about this bubbling net. Most of them are registered with Alipay, which is also convenient for later collection.

Selection of products

Selection of products is also a kind of sniffing for the market. Your product’s low cost performance and high customer price will affect the transaction.

In fact, the nature of idle fish is similar to that of Pinduoduo. They are mainly small commodities, and their user groups are similar. Most people who shop on these two platforms hope to get something that is worth the money, and they will buy some commodities that can’t be bought on a treasure, such as virtual commodities.
The second-hand idle fish has no source of supply, and the daily income of 300 is poor to make money
I think everyone has a certain understanding of what kind of goods to choose here, so if you want to make a profit by making a bubble net here, it is best to have certain data support, that is, those small commodities with particularly good sales volume, which must be welcomed by the public.

Selection platform, here we recommend several similar platforms, such as Pinduoduo and 1688. In theory, the products of these platforms can be directly used to hang idle fish.

Let me give you an example here. For example, when we are in Pinduoduo, there will be many product recommendations, and we can find a number of low-priced small commodities by direct search. There are many small commodities in 10 yuan, such as mobile phone cases, pendants and headphones.

For example, if we see that headphones sell well, then we will search for the keyword headphones. The headphones searched in Pinduoduo cost a lot of two or three dollars. Although they are cheap, they look attractive and have a good appearance.
At this time, you can copy this commodity to the idle fish for sale.


Then how should we sell the headphones on the Pinduoduo just now to the idle fish?

First of all, the copy must be attractive. Even if it is made up, it should be made up to be normal and true. For example, “I bought too many headphones of a certain treasure 59, and it was not bad after trying, but it was cheaper, and it was mailed”, and you can earn more than ten pieces for one earphone.

We can directly take Pinduoduo’s commentary pictures. If you are writing, you can learn from the introduction of the goods, but don’t introduce those that are too high-end and high-grade, because we are selling idle fish, so it is better to talk with people.
The most important thing is to make the user feel that the headset is your own, so that the trust will increase a lot invisibly.

Turn the beat

We take the products from Pinduoduo to sell with idle fish, then the users take pictures of our idle fish products, then we go to Pinduoduo to take pictures for the users, and the products taken in Pinduoduo will fill in the user’s address.

Below, I also made a mind map of this process in detail, and those who want to try it can learn it by themselves.

Any project must be developed in the direction of batch in the end, because this project does not need to stock up, so our account number is equivalent to circling users in idle fish, holding users to find businesses for welfare and earning intermediate price difference, so the batch depends on how many numbers you have, and the cost is very low.

Reselling this business may make a profit of 30 or 50 per number. If there are two numbers, the daily profit will be over 100.
Moreover, batch operations can also offset the impact of titles on us. After all, it is very common for idle fish to have a careless title. Now, it seems that virtual goods are badly hit, so pay attention.

This project doesn’t need to be stocked in warehouse, and it’s not too late to do it now. The platform of e-commerce has always had a good market, and many projects have changed their ways. You can earn money on any platform as long as you learn this money-making thinking of using information difference to resell.

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