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Counting several small projects earned by the network


People often ask me if I can make money by playing games. Playing games can definitely make money and make a lot of money, but one thing to pay attention to is that I am very tired. Although many people have made a lot of money, let’s take stock of a few small projects. If you are a game lover and then have a spare job, I think you can give it a try.

  1. Try the game to make money
    Playing games on Tik Tok is also over 10,000. We open the APP homepage button, click the search button in the upper right corner, enter the game publisher plan, and then we can see that someone has earned 30,000 through this game. We click on this game, which has game tasks. Download and play, record the game video as required and send it to your Tik Tok number to complete the task. As long as your video has a broadcast volume, you will have income.
  2. Play with the game
    When you play the game, you will accompany others to play the game. There are many people who need people to play with them. Now people are very lonely. It is nothing more than taking the task to complete the task and making money to make money. The income is calculated by the hour. It is divided into the mainstream of the game, like the king, which is 30~80. The more popular is the Jedi to survive, and the League of Legends eats chickens.

As for where to take orders?
At present, there are relatively large game accompanying websites: Bixin, Betta, Tiger Tooth, Moon Fishing Dog, Blade, Pipi and so on.

  1. Moving bricks and selling numbers
    Then there is moving bricks and moving bricks. In fact, many of them have a lot to pay attention to. Then I first talked about a strategic version called the Three Kingdoms. He can play with a computer and a mobile phone. We mainly help him with a start number. If you are lucky enough to save 1000 golden pigs to go to the 5 th company, you will draw the kind of 5-star military commander. The configuration skills are also good. You can hang it on the trading cat and sell it, probably selling it for 100 ~ 30.
  2. Game anchor
    Therefore, we are the game anchors of live games anyway. In fact, the work is very simple. As long as you are a game lover, you can become an anchor, and you don’t have to appear. If you play the game well, you will also blow water to explain, so much the better. The income is divided into two pieces, one is a gift and the other is an advertisement. Although the popularity is higher and the price is more expensive, this part of the small and medium-sized anchors is nothing, and then they are rewarded. For example, Tik Tok makes a living broadcast to earn sound waves, and Tik Tok’s gift share is still quite high. The industry of anchors tells the truth a bit, mainly depending on popularity, but it is better for everyone to play games while playing live, right?

The above are the few things I know here. The way to make money by playing games, the studio originally wanted to share, but this is too difficult for ordinary players. He needs investment that is not zero cost, then we will not say it here. Ok, I think everyone can go to the subsidy point where I can operate. I don’t think there is any problem, or that sentence is finished.

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