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The project of the blind date website, let everyone break the news, the specific gameplay


There are as many blind date markets in single dog as there are now. Cars, houses and bride price are the pains of many men. Although the current post-90s marriage concept is that you don’t want to get married, you can’t afford to get married, and if you want to live this life alone, it’s not uncommon to simply be good. However, marriage is the second biggest event in life after all. If there is a market, there will be projects.

Dating website project, let’s break the news for everyone, the specific gameplay.
Step 1: If you want to be a blind date website, you must first have a website. If you can make your own website, you can do it yourself. If you can’t make your own website, you can go to Taobao to find someone to help you do it. Generally speaking, it can be done for hundreds of dollars. Open Taobao, directly search for the keyword “making website” and consult customer service for specific prices. Say your requirements well with others. The prices corresponding to different requirements are different. Simple ones are definitely cheaper.

Step 2: After you have a website, start looking for the website materials. Since it is a blind date type website, the materials must be the information of male and female guests, so zhenai and Lily are preferred. If you want to open a part-of-speech website, you can check the information of male and female guests only if you become a vip. Since you want to open it, you can see it. You can see various information about male and female guests, such as Zhang San, a male from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, who is engaged in foreign trade, with a height of 175 and a weight of 128. . . Our job is to select high-quality male and female guests, and remember that they must be of high quality, but not ordinary ones. Quality must come first. Classify their data by region and city, and finally upload the data to our website.
Step 3: After having a website and uploading information, spend money to do simple promotion of the website, with the aim of improving the weight and ranking of the website. Professional people can also be found to do the promotion, which is a omnipotent treasure.

Step 4: Start to drain the website. According to the portal information on our own website, Hangzhou’s portal to Hangzhou, Hangzhou’s forums, post bars, etc., the way of drainage is to publish blind date information, which is very tempting for single people. Our early layout effect will appear here.

  1. They are all local people in Hangzhou, which makes people feel more authentic and reliable.
  2. Both sides have the need of blind date, and their positioning is relatively accurate.
  3. The published information is of high quality, and the general information has been filtered by us.

In the published dating information, try to be true and reliable. What group are you? Finally, there are some proofs. This mainly depends on the screening and elimination you made in the early stage. The last point is to guide people to your website, because all the published information has no contact information. If you want to contact information, you must recharge the members of the website and become a vip before you can check it. If the amount is, it depends on your regional economic level.

The fifth step: regularly update the website content, release information, update and drain, and finally make a natural profit.

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