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To do Internet projects, you must think if you want to really make money


If you want to make money in internet projects, you need to think. If you operate for a long time, the platform like the second-hand e-commerce of idle fish is quite good. They mainly use the information difference to make money, but now the threshold of e-commerce platform is relatively high. At present, Pinduoduo and idle fish are not bad.

In Pinduoduo, you only need to set up the shop. This voice is actually good because Pinduoduo’s positioning is small and beautiful, and it is suitable for reselling. You can put Pinduoduo or some other platforms, such as 1688 products, to make a difference, so many people will ask the e-commerce business is most worried about inventory, so what should I do?

In fact, you can operate at zero cost, and we will disassemble it for you here
Then the core of this project is: (Pinduoduo +1688) Get the goods+resell the idle fish = earn the difference.

In fact, this operation is similar to that of a certain treasure’s no-supply store group, that is, if someone buys your things, then you can buy them on other platforms and then deliver them. First, you must have spare accounts, and more than a few are better. Matrix voice,

Then, each account is divided into a category, so it is vertical and unified. It is recommended to register with Alipay. If it is convenient to select products, you must find that kind of product with high cost performance.

In fact, similar to Pinduoduo, they are all small commodities, and there are some virtual products. Everyone knows what products to choose, and the sales volume is better
I personally suggest that you can start with headphones and find some small products within 10 pieces. This is still better. There are a lot of two or three pieces in the Pinduoduo, and everyone looks ok
Then, how to sell this, first of all, you have to make the copy attractive, and the bite is more real. For example, if you buy more than 59 pieces of Taobao, try to send it well. Then you can sell it casually and earn a dozen pieces for the time being.

Pictures, just take Pinduoduo’s comment map directly, don’t use that fine-tuned picture, it must be true, let people feel that this headset is your own, and bring more for resale

Then, in the end, any project should be done in the batch direction, because this project does not need to stock up, so the account number is equivalent to booking and determining the user first. Of course, the user needs to compound interest to earn the difference when looking for a merchant. Maybe a number can only earn tens or dozens of pieces a day, but you have more numbers, and you can also spend hundreds of dollars, right?

This is today’s sharing. This project does not need inventory. It is not too late to do it now. The platform of e-commerce has always had a market. Many projects have not changed their medicines. As long as you master this kind of thinking, I think you can make money. Ok, or that sentence is finished

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