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Even if the price is only 1 yuan, the monthly sales volume still exceeds 100,000+


“Human curiosity can’t stop for a moment.”

I think most people have no objection to the above sentence.

Curiosity is also a demand, so long as you satisfy it, you can open a market.

If your thinking is quick enough, you can also dig out various ways to realize the same project.

I shared this project today. Recently, a classmate in the industry achieved a monthly income of 60W.

This achievement really surprised me.

This project is Google Street View APP

English is Google Earth. Interested students can search on the internet.

As a long-standing information gap, it can be felt from the name, which is not practical for most people.

But video is a good thing, and some UPs succeeded in bringing it to fire.

For a time, a large number of fans were looking for this magical software which was rumored to be able to see beautiful women on Myeongdong Street in South Korea and bikini girls on Miami Beach in the United States.


Simply analyze the Google Street View project.

Google Earth is an APP for viewing high-definition street view maps, covering a wide range (even the moon and Mars), but excluding China.

The function of bringing its own street view map is very popular among users, and the original fan audience is quite large.

Moreover, compared with daily maps used for navigation, Google Street View is more inclined to be a hobby APP for exploration and discovery.

Google Earth is generally divided into three versions:

  1. IOS version
  2. Android version
  3. PC version

The PC version can be ignored, and the first two are mainly sold in China.

If you want to go to Google Street View for IOS, you only need an Apple ID in the outer area, switch ID to log in, download and finish.

Android version is a little troublesome. Domestic mobile phones generally castrate Google framework, so it is necessary to install this framework on mobile phones before downloading Street View APK software package.

However, when you finish the above steps and open Google Earth, you will find that you still can’t see the high-definition street view.

Yes, if you want to fully experience Google Street View, you have to help your customers make normal visits to Google.

And this matter, as well as all the appeals, will be handled by your peers.


As mentioned above, many people have played this APP, and of course more people want to play it.

With the help of video commentary, the monthly sales data of this software began to show a small climax, which is the dividend period.
Even if the price is only 1 yuan, the monthly sales volume still exceeds 100,000+

From our past experience, the basic sales of poor information products = net profit, and Google Earth is no exception.

I have a look, almost all of them are automatic delivery+single store operation.
Moreover, there are not a few shops with over 10,000 sales volume, so it is not difficult to imagine that this demand is still very promising.

Market means competition, which is very obvious from the price point of view.

The price of one dollar has almost bottomed out, but it also has advantages:

  1. This price has no meaning of price war, and it is basically harmonious below the head.
  2. Compared with the entity’s small profits but quick turnover, this is totally “income after sleep”.

Similarly, competition doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It is consistent with the previous poor information projects. Buy a resource from peers, copy their words, and open after simple operation.

Next, it’s still just ranking, traffic and transaction.


How to gain differentiation advantage among peers with poor information and improve ranking.

I wrote about this bubble net earning as early as before.

If you just need to earn thousands of sideline jobs a month, just do it.

Talk briefly about the extension of Google Earth.

If you want to enlarge a long-standing project, you have to talk about the guy who earned 60W.

Simply put, it is matrix–drainage–re-realization.

Taobao is not only a trading platform, but also a traffic portal.

The purpose of the matrix is to link Taobao, a traffic pool, in addition to one store earning 10,000 and ten stores earning 80,000.

Similarly, drainage is also for re-realization.

I have said long ago that the resources that more than 50 owners with 500 people have are absolutely beyond the imagination of most people.

And there are only 25,000 people in 50 500 people, which is the purpose of making matrix.

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