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If you find out what human nature just needs, you can lie down to make money, virtual resources, and make a profit


On my business trip, I took time to watch the film Gold Mine.

Although the plot is old-fashioned, the truth expounded at that time is thought-provoking.
The protagonist’s twists and turns of Nuggets dream is both a reality and a life.

Test specimens were faked, local governments were bribed, investment groups from all over the world were invited to make field visits, and gambling agreements were signed with big brothers. All kinds of plots were reversed, and by a false “gold mine news”, the financing listing was successfully completed, and hundreds of millions of gold were collected.

There is no comment on the black operation, but there is a detail worth pondering.

Rich people are not fools. They may have known the truth about the “gold mine” for a long time, but what they care about is not the value of the product itself, but the expected value of it, which is the same as Bitcoin today.

Interested friends can find time to watch this movie.


If you find out what human nature just needs, you can lie down and make money

Can’t sleep in the middle of the night, brush Tik Tok to find a way.

Search for “sleep” and “sleep aid”, and see several numbers with “white noise”.

The number interaction of this kind of works is very high, and many people say it is effective in the comment area.
The content of the work is very simple, that is, a sleeping video+various sounds.

The video has nothing to say, but the interesting thing is the sound.

Similar to rain, fire, running water, ear picking, paper kneading, etc.

This kind of sound has a professional term: white noise.
I don’t talk about the specific concept here. I can Baidu myself. In short, it can help sleep.

People who can’t sleep, just keep their cell phones on the single cycle and slowly fall asleep.

It not only improves the broadcast rate of works, but also increases the stickiness of fans.

It can be described as an excellent marking field.

In fact, this model existed bubble net earning very early, which was also called “asmr” in the past.

For those who pursue sound experience, it is an excellent intracranial enjoyment.

In addition to the rapid rise of powder and the popularity of works, the realization mode is also simple and rude.


Virtual resources are profitable

Insomnia pain, not words, know all understand.

Project needs are always there,

Search in WeChat Index: “Insomnia”, 3 million+people are seeking solutions every day.

This is the basis of realization.
Look at how Tik Tok colleagues operate:

  1. Clip video+dubbing of works

Title reference:

Deep sleep method, 95% of people can’t last a minute

Listen to this voice, no matter how badly you sleep, you can fall asleep.

For insomnia patients, every title is a pain point.
All works are a small part. If you want to listen to the full version, you need to add WeChat.

I added one, the full audio 59 yuan.

Yes, it’s so low.

If you were a person who suffered from insomnia for a long time, what would you do?


The problem is demand, and demand is wealth

Since the media era, many people mistakenly think that editing = film and television editing.

Actually, there is something wrong with this logic.

If you make short videos, editing is the basis of integrating materials.

Through the integration of sound, pictures and videos, many new contents are created.

Food number: edit cooking video+post dubbing

Car number: clip vehicle video+later explanation

Music number: editing singing program+sad copy

Many people always say that they have no resources, no contacts and no hobbies.

There are many valuable things in your own life.

Similar to this situation, you are the one who suffers from insomnia. What would you do?

Let’s talk about the general operation ideas of this project for you to draw inferences from others:

  1. Find the material

A. Collect by yourself

Baidu: White Noise (Sleeping Music, asmr)+ Baidu Cloud
B. Buy from your peers

Taobao, idle fish search: sleep music

  1. Practical operation

Open a Tik Tok and insist on uploading works.

Whether a work can explode depends on the copy.

Copywriting is aggressive, and the content is easily popular.

A. where can I find a copy?

Netease cloud sad song comment area.

At midnight, people are the most emotional, listening to music, watching copywriting, and tears can’t stop flowing.
B. How to cut the work?

Find 10 account numbers for benchmarking.

How others send it, how you send it.

Upload 3 works every day for one month.

Occasionally, a video becomes popular, and a number can be added in a few days.

  1. How to realize it?

Study what can improve sleep.

A. refer to peers and sell virtual resources.

B. E-commerce explodes and sells sleep AIDS.

Melatonin, steam eye mask, Chinese medicine pillow, latex pillow, soaking around feet …

See the good ones and try them out. If the ones are effective, they will be made into videos with goods.

C. Is it difficult to bring the goods?

Put the above product keywords on 1688.
Many manufacturers support OEM, and support one generation.

Man-made things happen, so that’s all I can say.

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