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It is completely zero cost, no threshold, and selling hypnotic music


Yesterday, I originally wrote an article to introduce several small items to you. Unfortunately, the document was not saved, and because I was busy with other things yesterday, I didn’t rewrite it. I will have the opportunity to make up this article again next time.

Today, I recommend a very good project to you, which is completely cost-free, has no threshold, has not been written by others, and was discovered when I brushed Tik Tok today.

This project sells hypnotic music.
As we all know, there are many people who suffer from insomnia. Part of the reason is that modern people live in an anxious environment all day because of their fast pace of life and great pressure. Part of the reason is that many people like to stay up late. After they have the habit of staying up late, they will not be sleepy every day for a certain period of time, but they have to get up early to work the next day, which is a great headache. Therefore, this is definitely a very needed market.

Many people know that there is a big market for insomnia, and now there are many products about insomnia in the market, most of which are physical products. To realize the products, we need to purchase goods, store them, and consider various aspects such as inventory. For many novices, the threshold for making physical products is still relatively high.
We do this kind of hypnotic music, which can not only help the insomniacs solve their sleep problems, but also avoid a series of tests brought by physical products.

Whether this kind of hypnotic music can really help everyone solve the problem of insomnia, I think it has certain effect. Sometimes I want to fall asleep as soon as possible, and I will go to the Himalayas to listen to some hypnotic music. When I listen, I will bring myself into that environment and fall asleep slowly.

Having said that, what should we do?

  1. Video production

I don’t know if you still remember that it was very popular to turn pictures into dynamic videos some time ago. In fact, the production method of hypnotic videos is the same as this one. After we make the videos, we can match them with a short piece of hypnotic audio.

For the specific production method, you can go online to find it; I remember someone on the headline gave a special tutorial.

  1. Audio sales

After we have released a large number of hypnotic short videos, where can we find those complete videos and sell them to users? The most direct way is to buy a member from the peer, and you can sell whatever he sells.

Audio pricing can also be directly imitated by peers, and you can sell as much money as they sell.
I think this project is very simple from video production to audio sales. Basically, people who can surf the Internet will operate it. If you are interested, try it before a large number of people start to do it.

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