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You can make money by writing words. How can you make money by writing for customers?


Nowadays, many people have the idea of making money online. I think writing is a good part-time earning project. Beginners suffer from lack of skills, and they are still confused when they want to make money. They can only simply do some small tasks or hang up projects to earn some pocket money.

The writing part-time job I mentioned just now doesn’t need any skills, but it can make money by writing words. For beginners, the threshold of choosing this part-time job to make money will be much lower.

So today, we will explain how to operate this project that can make money only by writing, and give you an analysis according to a current working situation.

So if we want to make money by writing, we must first know several directions or channels to make money. Only by understanding and mastering these channels can you make money by writing.

Of course, whether you take orders from Witkey, submit articles from the media, etc. are all channels. Like a headline on a certain day, a large number of headline parties earn profits by washing some exaggerated articles. Of course, this is also a method.
Here, let’s not talk about the self-media operation method. This threshold is a little high. After all, doing self-media is not only a problem of writing, but also a deep understanding of the platform. Moreover, the mechanism of creators’ rewards on each platform is different, so it is impossible to talk on the same day.

So today, I will focus on talking with you about how to make money by writing for customers. I think this bubble net is more suitable for newcomers without platform.

Ok, before we start preparing to take orders and write them for customers, we must first understand the truth that orders can come from various platforms, and we can also obtain resources from various platforms, not just our own originality.
Understand the above reasons, this part-time writing is easier, because you can only make money if you get enough orders.

Order platform

Below, I will sort out some channel problems when taking orders. These channels can help us quickly find our customers and take orders
A brief introduction, Witkey. com should be familiar to everyone. The old part-time task-based website, when you publish tasks, will have professional counterparts to help you earn commissions. You can also receive some other people’s tasks in it, which can also make money. It belongs to the platform of prey and bounty hunters.

In addition, there are a large number of part-time acquiring groups in the QQ group. Many people, especially some Internet companies, will give a large number of tasks of writing code words to large part-time teams, and these part-time teams will be further distributed to the QQ group, so we can receive some orders in the QQ group. Of course, the group owners need to take kickbacks. It should be noted here that part-time platforms are different from others, and all those who pay money first are liars.

In addition, various writing forums, post bars, tribes, etc. can also provide us with a good customer group, because customers who place orders like to go to places where peers gather, after all, they can shop around.

In addition, if you have your own platform, it is certainly possible. Here, your own platform refers to the shops written by some Baodai. You can rely on the large flow of e-commerce platform to receive orders. This is actually a good channel, but it is difficult to make your own shop now.

However, many shops that can survive have good business, and some shops will choose to cooperate with part-time writers. If you can sign up for these shops, you will also get a part of the list. At least there should be no problem in subsistence.

If you go through these order-taking channels, you will find that the project of making money by writing is very marketable, because there are many people who need it every day, even if it is a simple graduation thesis, many people recruit people to write it online.
Then we should improve our writing ability while taking orders at ordinary times. Part-time writing is like driving on a driver’s behalf. You will encounter any kind of car and any kind of demand. We can’t say that I will give up this order if I can’t open it. We should adapt to all kinds of writing documents.


In addition to our own writing part-time, there is also a more profitable way to win over a group of part-time writers, then ask for the project as an intermediary, and distribute the project from you to earn the commission of each writer. This writing intermediary is usually done in several channels, such as the group owner of part-time writing in QQ group. As we mentioned above, these are specialized intermediaries.

The scope of part-time copywriting by writers is still relatively wide, such as film and television publicity draft, SEO articles on websites, corporate planning copywriting, travel notes, host list, corporate brand stories, and so on.

Then when we take orders, we can also focus on these aspects. After all, there are still quite a few popular companies that send orders by copywriting.

If writers are a resource, you can post on a platform like Douban, recruit writers’ copywriting, and add more part-time writing groups. When there are not enough people in the early stage, you can even add friends in the groups one by one. Some writers in the QQ part-time writing group are also the objects we want to win over.
As long as you have enough orders, many people will follow you. By that time, you don’t need to write in person. Being an intermediary can make you a lot of money, and it is very easy.

Although 2021 is the year when short videos broke out, there is still a market for writing, and there are fewer and fewer part-time writers engaged in writing work. In this case, the competition will be small, and many good orders may be received instead.

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