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A very good YouTube reciprocal way to make money


I talked with you about several projects to make money overseas, and many of my friends have actively communicated with me. I think you are still interested in these projects.

Then, the most important thing to do foreign online earning projects is the network. After getting the basic network and being able to surf the Internet scientifically, it is ok to follow the steps of making money by bubbling network step by step.

Some overseas projects have no basis to follow. As long as the market needs it, this project is reasonable. Therefore, some platforms for making money are still very simple and rude, and as long as you do it, you will get income.

Ok, so the project I’m going to introduce to you today is the channel method of combining the platform with YouTube to make money.

As soon as you see YouTube, you may think that it is a project that needs to make videos. So, it is not necessary to make videos for the project that Bubble Net brought to you. We just find some high-quality and popular videos on YouTube to make money, and there is no infringement problem.

Before doing this project, I need you to think about a question now. What kind of tasks do you like to watch, or users can’t help but open them?
Quite simply, what a man likes is nothing more than money and beauty. So, whether everyone likes watching videos of wealth and emotion, that is, it conforms to a human psychology. When we choose videos, we will improve the efficiency of finding high-quality materials.

Then, we will go to YouTube to search for these keywords. Every platform that relies on search to find content has the relationship between search engines and keywords, which we must know.

On YouTube, we randomly search for how to attract beautiful woman, which is also a topic that many men like very much.
After searching, we will see a lot of high-quality content. After we find the desired video, we will use a new platform: Adtival, which is a short website platform.
The function of this platform is to shrink a long YouTube video link into a short one, which can not only shorten the link, but also make money by sharing the link made on this platform.

We click on the payout Rate in the upper right corner, and here we can see the money that people in various countries and regions can earn by clicking on the links we share, just like the United States, where every 1,000 people click on our links can get a reward of $10.8.
So as long as your content is attractive enough, it will be very simple to get a lot of traffic, so let’s register first, click SIGN UP,

Here, you can log in directly with Google account or register by email. When registering, it will send an activation link to the email, which can be used only after we open the email for activation.

After registering, log in. Blue indicates our income and green indicates our number of clicks
At this time, we return to the YouTube interface just now, click to share the link of the copied video, then return to the short link generation platform, click New Link, then copy and paste our copied link here, click Shorten.
In this way, we can get a short link to help us make money, which means that as long as someone clicks on your link, you can earn dollars.

Let me tell you about the cash withdrawal of this platform. Cash withdrawal is very simple. Follow the steps, click on the Profile in the upper right corner of the interface, and then click Setting.
Then, in the new interface, we can see that there is a Withdrawal Info, that is, our withdrawal setting. Then we can choose the simplest PayPal by clicking on it. On the right side, you can see that the withdrawal threshold of PayPal is very low, and it only needs 5 dollars to withdraw cash.
Pull down to the end, and click Submit again. At this time, our collection problem has been solved. For most foreign projects, I suggest that everyone choose PayPal for collection, which is simple and quick.

In the next step, we will promote it and let more people click on our links. In the following explanation, I will introduce you to two promotion methods, so long as they are implemented, your links can be clicked by more people.

The first is a common way of promotion, which is currently used by most people who engage in such money-making projects, that is, putting such links on social platforms, such as some social forums, some Facebook groups and so on. As long as your content is attractive enough, you can get very good page views from these platforms alone.

I recommend a forum platform like this, such as reddit. How to say this platform? If you want to describe it by analogy, it is Zhihu in the United States.
These social forums are similar. If you don’t know English, it’s not difficult to translate your browser and study it yourself.

The second promotion method is KingdomLikes, which is a task platform, on which we can earn points by doing tasks, such as praising other people’s Facebook or forwarding Twitter, etc.
To register, just register directly by email. After logging in, select Twitter on this interface, and then copy the links in our social forum before publishing the tasks.
What does this platform mean? It means that you pay to promote CPC, others do tasks to promote your links, and your links are exposed.

This is a faster way to promote your YouTube links.

The UPmaster on the oil pipeline wants you to promote their links, and you also get your own profits from the secondary promotion, which is a very good way to make money mutually.

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