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How can an ordinary person succeed in counterattack


If you are still a low-level ordinary person, who goes to work every day, has a poor income, can’t see the direction in life, and is preoccupied with how to make big money and realize your ideal, then I will share how an ordinary person can succeed in counterattack.

At that begin: I’ll tell a story about how an ordinary person can succeed in counterattack.

I was born in general, and I had bad luck in my early years, so I had to get up wherever I fell, and work hard by myself step by step.
If you can’t help it, you’ll be forced to be helpless. Maybe you have to experience sorrow in your life to inspire the courage of construction.

My family is a worker of Chengde’s parents. My dad was laid off. The worker opened a canteen and dug in the soil. Later, he dismantled the canteen and worked as a security guard.

My family is a low-income household. I have been working and studying, and I have sold goods in a canteen.

Once, when I came back from college vacation, I found my mother secretly eating steamed bread and pickles. I was very embarrassed when I found out.

I secretly made up my mind to let my parents live in the best villa in Chengdu in the future. I have no choice but to have a housekeeper and a nanny, and my future is slim.

Wait, this story of ordinary people’s successful counterattack is too long, so I won’t say it.

But I can simply say that his first bucket of gold was only 500,000 yuan, which was collected bit by bit through his own efforts.

Later, he followed the company to invest in Xpeng Motors, and probably all knew that Xpeng Motors was listed, so his 500,000 yuan increased twenty times. Later, his career developed steadily because he was very good at being a human being. At that time, when he went to study cheung kong graduate school of business, he was relatively young. He always told me that knowledge can always change fate. There is nothing wrong with this sentence.

I think its success is inevitable. Take myself as an example. I am currently operating this blog, but I still have many other online projects. My original capital is accumulated too fast, and I don’t want to go deep in any field.

But there is a hero in the story, but every step he takes has a clear plan, and he knows how to make use of his strength and accumulate wealth.

Later, I thought about it. There are really not many such people. Who can bear to spend 3,500 yuan a month in a large institution, just to study hard for several years?

In fact, most people want to make money successfully by counter-attack, which is quite simple to say, that is, to have a series of clear plans and type out the points that they are best at.

For example, when he works in an investment company, he wants to learn a lot of knowledge so that he can jump three times later. However, in contrast, many people, including me, will broadcast live today, and this will make money. I will open a shop tomorrow, and invest again the day after tomorrow. When I go east and west, I finally find that you know everything, but you don’t make much money.

Many people who see others successfully make a lot of money in counter-attack may say, don’t seize the bonus period. Only when you are lucky can you make so much money.

For example, in the past few years, starting a business from media content suddenly caught fire and made a large number of friends rich.

But now you find that many people say that there are too many self-media, too many new media and too many short videos, and there is no chance to make money.

In fact, I want to say that there are opportunities at any time. He just changed his playing style.

So let’s not complain about the dividends of the times. We have already missed them. Never think about them. It’s too late, and it’s too late.

In fact, after the bonus period of any industry, it is standardized. When it comes to the standard period, you need to do your real work with your real knife. As long as you have real skills, ordinary people can successfully counter-attack and make a lot of money.

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