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Old photos are repaired, and money can be quickly accumulated while a batch of private domain traffic can be quickly accumulated


Today, I would like to share with you a good project I have done in the past few days-old photo repair, which can quickly accumulate a batch of private domain traffic while coming in fast, realizing 9.7w in 10 days, passive WeChat personal number, and accumulating 2.3w private domain traffic among people between 20 and 35.

Today, share it directly with everyone for free.
When I came into contact with this project at that time, it was ten days ago, probably around March 25. At that time, I first brushed the video of the old photo, glanced at the comment area of the video, and immediately felt that this project could definitely make a wave of quick money. Short and fast, I directly found a few things to do on the same day, and I was cut several times. Although I didn’t learn anything, I at least got the software for retouching. If the software was bought, it was 980, and finally gave one.

Now I will tell you my operational ideas for doing this model:

Quantity-customer transformation-production ratio-steady development-live broadcast
When I studied this model, I found a problem. The old photo repair project has very accurate users with very high demand points. Even if there is only 500 broadcasts, some people will come to you to repair photos. Just start the quantity. What bicycle do you want? …….

According to this line of thinking, three Tik Tok numbers were directly launched on the same day, and each account was updated with three items, which were undoubtedly about 500 broadcasts, and then these nine items were synchronized to a Aauto Quicker number (one every hour, probably synchronized). Five)

As a result, the five items above the Aauto Quicker are synchronized, and each item is about 1,000 plays (the total play on that day is 5,000).
In addition, there were a total of 1,500 broadcasts in Tik Tok. On the same day, 7 people were drained and 3 people were converted (90 yuan). They directly took the earned money and invested it, and continued to improve the weight of the account.

The next step is to start the production ratio. For the first time, I voted for two works 50, and won 30 customers and converted 5 in about two hours; Without hesitation, I directly invested 300, and the traffic began to increase. The time should be 11 o’clock in the evening;

After the traffic came up, it was converted into about 200 yuan, and it was directly put into 800 yuan again. The total broadcast volume that night should be between 10-30w. By the next morning, it was totally converted into 700 yuan, and only some users were converted (in fact, it was what a group of users said to me that I didn’t have the photos in hand, so I went home to take them in a few days).

Continue to chase after the next day, chase after 200 in the afternoon, the account starts to explode, and it will be played about 1000w in a week (the new number must be tested for the production ratio, and it is not feasible to go to the production ratio after the account is up. Yesterday, I directly voted for a new account. 1600, but yesterday’s turnover is actually similar to the previous day. After it has been up, it is not necessary, just engage in the new number.)

On the third day, another account was created, which was also exploded by this model: take the money earned from the pile and invest, and don’t invest a penny when you don’t earn a penny.

The second account didn’t invest a few dollars, only 200 yuan, because according to a data collation and re-listing of the old photos of the whole network, the old man’s video is easier to explode, and a relatively vicissitudes old man belongs to a interesting content, and then adds music copy and a dynamic effect. What is the reason not to explode?

Those peers who are stars and parents when they were young, in my opinion, are stupid, because the bubble net earned me drainage and sold, and all the pictures that need to be repaired are old people and old ladies. Even if the traffic is better, can the conversion be as high as mine?

Finally, I will sort out the detailed ideas of the whole model for everyone

1, 3-5 accounts, 5-10 more every day, cut a film in 5-10 minutes, every account 5 more every day, the time it takes only 3-5 hours, do what you can.

(I really don’t need a lot of special accounts. After I got up three accounts here, I immediately put up 20 mobile phones, but 20 accounts want to achieve 5 more, and I can’t edit them at all. Two people can edit them one day to keep 5 more. It’s better to keep more with fewer numbers. Anyway, the final result is the same. Bubble net earns me 20 accounts a day, which is more different from 3 accounts a day.)

2, the material, the material is to find some old men and women, do not use some young, star, I have said above, the vicissitudes of the old man and old woman can explode even with a copy and sad BGM, not to mention the dynamic effect of adding an old photo;

Stars are like: Zhang Shaohua, Ng Man Tat, the traffic is large, but the conversion is poor, users can’t think of their grandparents, grandparents; And one more thing, because the traffic is good, there are many people who do it, and you can’t get through the originality, so why bother with it?

3, production ratio, starting from 3-5 accounts at one time, in the case of cash, take the earned money to put the pods, there must be a better data in 3-5 accounts, staring at the data is better. Direct investment will do, similar to people’s investment, as long as I can return the money invested, or continue to chase after the investment in the case of small losses, remember that this project has nothing to do with the time period, I am the first to get up.

(In my opinion, it only takes about 1,000 to vote for an account. It is not necessary to have more. I think someone will ask where this 1,000 comes from. The money earned from free traffic in the early stage will be invested, and then there will be transformation, continue to vote, step by step. Superposition, instead of directly preparing 1,000 yuan for delivery, you can try it if you have money or iron. ……

Don’t always do free traffic for those small profits in the early stage, use the earned money to throw the accounts one by one, and then you don’t have to invest any more money, and all of them are free and large-volume, and the large amount of selfish traffic drained is also Can you do secondary conversion)

4, the transformation of private domain traffic, after many users add you, the photos are not in hand. After a few days, I will go home and take photos and come to you for repair. This is an impulsive consumption product, which can’t be transformed on the same day. It is more and more difficult to transform, and users are easy to forget. At this time, we need to use a circle of friends to stimulate (everyone is a good player in private domain traffic, so I don’t need to teach you how to make a circle)

  1. Live broadcast

In the case of traffic in the account, live broadcast must be started. The conversion of live broadcast is outrageous, draining 100 people and converting 70 people. Because during the live broadcast, the user knows your price, and he can watch you retouch, so he can rest assured that all those who come to you for retouching come with the psychology of paying. When there is no traffic, there is no need to broadcast live. Although there is conversion, there are no people in the live broadcast room, so it is better to cut a few films and send them out, which is more convenient.

The above is about sharing the old photo project. Personally, I feel that it is a short and fast project. If you want to test that there is no problem, there is still a chance to earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, but it may not be realistic to earn 100,000 yuan a month. On the whole, the project is not bad, which is suitable for many people to do sideline work.

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