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The currency circle is another skyrocketing, and it is recommended to try new things


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How to make money quickly: this is not quick money, this is slow money
2021-04-07 14:39 193
Recently, the currency circle has soared again, and it has doubled again since the last article mentioned digital currency.

I talked about it in the business camp of Guaitaitu before, suggesting that people with spare cash can buy it properly. I also informed some disciples who like to toss about and advised them to experience it.
Likes to try new things.

I usually stay on my own track conservatively, meet interesting new things, and get some money to play. If you can make it, you will make it. If you don’t make it, you should spend money to learn new things and new concepts.

Most of the time, keep your feet on the ground.

Very little time, opportunistic.

Life is like this, neither too upright nor too evil; Too rational also not line, too emotional also not line; Not too strong, not too weak …

Make a lot of people at a loss. In fact, there is a dynamic balance point, that is, the golden mean advocated by the wisdom of Chinese studies.

If you invest in the golden mean and make almost the same profit, you can call it a day. It is impossible to eat up every profit.

Being a man has a beginning and a end. Since the high-risk things, geeks suggest buying, then I will have a happy ending and tell you when to sell them.

The number of people who followed the buyers and listened to them increased by 2-5 times.

After sharing the points sold, some friends asked if there were any other recommendations.

There must be wow.

However, I refused to make any further investment suggestions, for the simple reason that my friends couldn’t bear it, and they made a triple profit. Some things have never been experienced, and people always feel that they can bear the consequences: Tu Ge, it doesn’t matter, you are self-sufficient, and you are grateful for winning or losing …

In fact, it is another scene. This is human nature.

Unless people who have experienced similar things, people with slightly higher mentality, pattern, horizon and thinking, the wind is light, the clouds are weak, and they look simple and actually need deep soft power (internal strength).

At night, watching the price soar, Xiao Hu couldn’t sleep.

I said, what’s the matter?

Xiao Hu, I can’t sleep.

I said, why?

Xiao Hu, uncomfortable.

I said, not to make money! Why are you still upset?

Xiao Hu, because I’m worried about making quick money, I don’t want to make slow money.

I said, this is not quick money. In the difficult and painful time ahead, Master has “helped” you get through it, but you have never experienced it and can’t feel it.

Most of the time, it seems to be quick money, and others seem to be very bullish and smooth. In fact, there is a slow accumulation process behind them, and others only see the time when it broke out.

See the outbreak, rush in, no results, leave the scene …

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