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Tik Tok expression pack project, completely zero investment, well done, with a monthly income of 20,000.


A while ago, our classmate Ding Ding sold headphones in Xiaohongshu and made a lot of money.

Before graduating from college, Ding Ding bought an Audi. (Do not encourage blind consumption)

Recently, the female version of Tintin-Pudding has made a fortune again.

Pudding students do an expression pack project.

Make interesting emoticons into videos and post them on Tik Tok.

If someone wants to take the expression pack, they will add the WeChat of pudding.

After adding WeChat, Pudding students realized it by issuing Taobao coupons.

After doing it for 3 months, Pudding has 11 WeChat messages and 35,000 friends.

An ordinary junior female student, now she has a monthly income of 2 weeks.
Besides, I didn’t invest a penny.

After making money, pudding inspired people around her to do expression packs, including her school roommates.

The agents also got income soon.
We talked with pudding for a long time and decided to put this project out and take everyone to do it.

Because the emoticon package project needs some software, it involves some simple mobile phone operation.

Therefore, we commissioned Pudding students to record a long video lesson, in which we completely introduced all the practices of Tik Tok’s expression packs.

The video content includes:

1) How to explore the hot spots of Tik Tok expression packs;

2) What kind of emoticon material can be fired?

3) How to make an expression pack quickly?

4) How to raise the number and how to drain it.

As long as you operate according to the video, you can trade a Tik Tok expression pack project independently.

Completely analyze the Tik Tok expression pack project, the whole network, only we have it here.

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