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Make use of movie resources to make money


I have shared with you a lot of projects that rely on virtual resources to realize cash, such as video number matching with music USB flash drive, e-book marketing group, etc., which can be operated on the ground. In fact, the project of making money from virtual resources is nothing more than finding some high-quality and scarce resources and then selling them through promotion means.

Just like what I want to tell you today, many friends want to do it as soon as they see it and throw it away as soon as they do it, because they can’t find high-quality resources.

What is the quality of film resources?

Scarce film source+high-definition visual experience, every movie has a high-definition or Blu-ray version, even if it doesn’t, there will be a repaired high-definition version in the later period, but just some pseudo-high-definition versions are circulating in the market.

The other one is the film source. Many movies can hardly be found on the Internet, but they can’t be found. Even if they are found, they may be castrated versions. In fact, they don’t mean how the movies themselves are, but they may be buried with some sense of the times or bad habits.

There are some new films released. People are eager to use this kind of resources for drainage, but they can’t find the film source. At this time, there is no quality for this kind of films. Even if it is a gun version, many people will want it.

If you want to make money from virtual resources in movies, the first step is to find these movies, and then you can sell the resources you have.

Acquisition of film source

There are many ways to obtain movie resources here, such as magnetic search, peer purchase and so on.

I also summarize some methods for you here. Let’s talk about the acquisition of new movies first. The best way is to enter the group directly. In the past, we should often see some film agents, and friends often send some wonderful fragments of classic movies. These are also a means to guide us into the paid movie viewing group.

These groups often publish some popular and new movie resources. After all, these groups still need to be maintained. No matter how they try to update them, we can do a good job of bringing them in.

Here, some paid QQ groups are recommended, and the price usually does not exceed 10 yuan’s money. These groups usually make new movies into seeds for people to download or share some platform links.

Of course, we can also do movie seeds ourselves, and search for a tutorial on the use of Bitcomet to some extent. When we do seeds, we can put up our own promotion links, private stations, QR codes, etc., so as to achieve the drainage effect for ourselves.

The second method is to buy on the e-commerce platform. Although the management is stricter now, there are still some businesses that sell data storage. In addition, some businesses now also have the service of downloading movies on behalf of others.

Another way to get resources is to become an agent, and film and television agents can get first-hand resources down the hierarchy, which is also a good method. However, to find a reliable home, movie resources, which may be infringing itself, suddenly stop playing at home, which often happens.

With these resources, the next step is drainage. As long as there are many traffic channels, bricks in hand can be sold into treasures, right? Moreover, the drainage effect by using popular resources will be very good.

Resource promotion

For the promotion of film and television resources, I only suggest two directions, such as posting and drainage, tribe or question and answer, which require certain experience and peer imitation ability, otherwise it is particularly easy to register.

The first direction of drainage is QQ group to dominate the screen. To get new film and television resources, we should take the time to build several groups named after movies in QQ group, and then find a third party to brush the active groups and brush these groups to the search homepage, so as to monopolize the traffic of QQ search engine.

Then the second direction is WeChat SEO, where there are more branches of WeChat SEO, such as the ranking of WeChat official account articles or the keyword layout of WeChat friends circle, because WeChat adds WeChat index function and also brings its own traffic.

Then, by using these two methods, we can continuously obtain accurate movie powder, and it is a passive natural search flow.

Drainage realization

Movie resources are generally stored in the network disk, so some paid network disks are our choice. What is paid network disk? When others download this resource through our link, we can get a certain dividend.

Such as Chengtong network disk, noble network disk, Yimuhe network disk, etc., are all good platforms. If there are specific benefits, you can test them by yourself and use these network disks to sell your movie resources. After all, the network disks have their own keyword rankings.

Another important realization platform is WeChat. Most users who use this free video to drain are boring powder, but it is basically impossible for this powder to have high customer price conversion, and most of them stop in 10 yuan.

It is also a good choice to earn the promotion fee of the platform if we set up our own movie viewing group and share the links with their own independent stations or acting film and television stations.

Up to now, some people have operated film and television resources for several years, but some people say that it is outdated, just like e-commerce. Everyone knows that it is particularly saturated now, but there are still many people trying and making money.
As for the project, as long as someone does it, someone must be making money. The platform that doesn’t make money has long been eliminated, but the original bonus is less now.

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