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Making money on the Internet is nothing more than selling. In short, if you dare to sell, someone will dare to buy it


I wrote an article titled “Selling” before. Making money online is nothing more than selling. You can sell products, services and advertisements. In short, if you dare to sell, someone will dare to sell.

It doesn’t matter what you sell. What matters is that you dare to sell.

Many micro friends have unique skills and resources, but they are afraid to sell them.

A few years ago, I met a micro-friend, who liked collecting resources and collected thousands of g of course resources.

At that time, he chatted with me and said that he was in pain, wanted to learn but didn’t have much energy, wanted to delete it, and finally collected resources for several years.

I told him, then you can sell it directly, pack it up and sell it to 100 yuan, and sell it to people in need!

He questioned that these were collected free of charge, would anyone buy them?

This is typical of not selling.

There are many micro-friends, who actually have unique skills, but dare not sell them.

There was a member who asked me for advice. He knew how to build a website. I said it’s good, you can record a tutorial on building a website and sell it.

But he thinks it’s too simple to set up a website, which can be set up in 5 minutes, so he is embarrassed to sell it.

To tell the truth, he just thinks from his own point of view.

In fact, for 90% of netizens, there is a threshold to build a website independently.

Not only dare to sell, but also sell.

Whether it is a network or an entity, the transaction is the last word.

But it takes many steps to get customers to pay, which requires a process, like a funnel process, to screen out your customers.

From crowd positioning, flow distribution, customer maintenance, transaction transformation, a series of processes, every step is indispensable. This is a complete project framework, which is very suitable for selling anything.

I see many micro-friends selling products, just shouting, and don’t know customers at all.

Because they don’t know marketing, they won’t attract. Sending friends is just a hard advertisement, which is not only repugnant, but also ineffective.

What do people who know marketing do?

For example: selling drugs to eradicate beriberi.

You can send: “I have never dared to go to other people’s homes before, because the whole room is full of stench when I take off my shoes. The problem of athlete’s foot that has been plagued for many years has finally been solved, and the whole person is relaxed.”

If your customers, at the same time, have this trouble, and you have encountered it, you are afraid to take off your shoes if you dare not go to other people’s homes.

It is the first step that he will try to understand you, not reject you.

To sell products, you must first understand customers, and you must know how to provide value to customers.

For example, if you pay attention to me, maybe you like my words and want to get some ideas, marketing skills or promotion methods from my words.

I know your needs, so if I offer you some valuable methods, you will be willing to pay attention to me all the time.

Therefore, it is an important part of marketing to understand the needs of customers, provide the value they need, and create a topic that can resonate with customers, so as to attract customers.

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