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A net earning project recommended for novice operation!
2021-04-08 16:13 67
For many novices who want to operate online earning projects, looking for projects with minimal investment and zero risk, it is recommended that everyone operate virtual products, and there are projects with poor information, because these projects don’t need to stock up and don’t need money cost.

So where to find high-quality virtual resources first?

Today, I will share with you five ways to find virtual resources.

  1. Virtual supply network

We can search out many such websites by typing the key word “virtual source network” in the major search engines.

I recommend several good websites to you:

Z158 resource integration: including lectures by famous teachers, online entrepreneurship tutorials, Taobao virtual resources, computer tutorial lectures, exam materials download, etc.
Source code shop: Source code shop is a comprehensive commercial resource download station that professionally provides all kinds of boutique website source codes, website templates, commercial materials, boutique software and business tutorials

  1. Taobao Virtual Supply Forum

Nowadays, the most concentrated virtual goods sources on the Internet are forums, because this forum is more suitable for selling and publishing these virtual products. Many webmasters are willing to spend time collecting these products. Generally, we only need to spend tens to hundreds of yuan to open a forum VIP account, and we can get hundreds and thousands of virtual goods, which also saves us a lot of time in collecting and sorting virtual resources.

  1. Virtual online shop agent

On the Internet, I found that there are many people who will recruit agents while selling virtual products by themselves. We can look online, Baidu, Post Bar, talk with these people, and ask if they can recruit agents. After becoming an agent, you can get all the virtual products, and you can also learn some knowledge about promotion and transaction.

  1. Diamond Card Alliance Platform

There are more and more virtual products on Diamond Card Alliance platform, including telephone recharge cards, game cards, QQ coins, VIP member accounts, Tik Tok praise, game accounts, and popular services in Tik Tok.

  1. Peer shop purchase

On Taobao, besides selling these virtual products by ourselves, there are many peers who, like us, are also opening a virtual online shop to sell this kind of goods, so we can spend a small amount of money to buy them directly, which is usually about 1 yuan, which is very cheap. If you say that the price of one dollar is very high, then you can go to Pinduoduo and buy it for only 0.1~0.3 cents. This kind of virtual product is cheaper than Taobao.

Or you can not buy these virtual products first, and then drain them for sale. The price is set slightly higher. When a consumer asks you to place an order, then you go to your peers to buy it, and then send this product to the buyer. In the middle, we can earn a poor money.

How to accurately drain?

  1. a treasure shop

The advantage is that there is a natural flow, so you only need to upload the baby, which can realize automatic delivery.

Many friends also find that there are people who have done well in some treasures, and they are very jealous.

But what you don’t know is that Taobao’s virtual resources are blocked very badly. If you don’t pay attention to the store, you will be sealed, and you have to pay a deposit to open a store. In the early stage, your store has no sales volume and no reputation, and you still need to spend a lot of money to get these up.

Therefore, I personally suggest that people who don’t want to invest money should not be a treasure, unless you find a niche field with no peers, but there is a need, so you can start to try.

  1. Baidu Post Bar

Choose a post bar that accurately matches the product. For example, the post bar about snack technology includes: snack bar, snack technology bar, snack training bar, malatang bar, baked gluten bar, hot and sour powder bar … Post and drain.

At the same time, you can take advantage of Baidu Post Bar’s high weight in Baidu search, use the post bar title to perform screen-blocking operation, and skillfully leave contact information in the post, so that users can find you by searching keywords in Baidu.

Put the key words of a product up, and the future will be a steady stream of accurate traffic, which will last for a long time.

  1. Major mainstream platforms

Use natural high-traffic platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Douban, Zhihu, etc., and drain accurate fans in the form of bait (free delivery) or value output (soft writing).

Each of the three platforms has different characteristics. Although there are many female users in Xiaohongshu, and most of them are women’s skin care and dressing topics, which are not very suitable for operation, this does not mean that there is no demand. Perhaps your virtual resources are suitable for women. If you operate, you may bring unexpected results;

Douban is a short and fast drainage. As long as you solve the problem of the top post of Douban’s account, Douban drainage is for you;

Zhihu is suitable for soft text drainage. It is very important to do Zhihu. It is necessary to insist on answering an article twice a day and it is professional content. You can easily attract traffic;

  1. Short video platforms such as Tik Tok

Common, such as love tutorials, slimming, dance tutorials, etc., many people drain in short videos. A caring friend can take a trumpet test to see how the other person guides you to add friends, and then make a deal with you.

About closing and after-sales

What we do is accurate drainage, come and find your fans, either pay quickly or think about Bai Piao, and ignore the users in Bai Piao.

Keep friends and see if there is any possibility that the circle of friends will continue to transform in the future.

As for after-sales, it is also relatively simple. For example, you can test some software by yourself first, and some Xiaobai may encounter situations where they can’t operate. You can instruct them to install or teach them how to use the software.

If you develop an agent, you must keep the resources updated regularly and look at their needs. If the other party joins the agent to make money, teach him your own practical theory (don’t be afraid of starving the master, because this market is really big); If it is only for your own use or study, keep the resources updated in time.

Those who have the ability can form their own communities.

Finally: repeat simple things and start from scratch

It is strongly recommended that Xiaobai follow the following five steps!

  1. Find the categories you are good at, interested in, and understand, and choose 5 products for each category;
  2. Go to Baidu search, post it, idle fish and other places to see if there are peers in each product;
  3. Look at how the peers operate. Start with imitation in the early stage (don’t copy blindly);
  4. Select one of the items to operate until a breakthrough of zero is achieved;
  5. Repeat the above steps, try to enlarge the operation, expand the products, and expand the drainage channels at the same time.

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