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Small projects are easier for ordinary people to make a fortune


When people have needs, they produce business, and when people have weaknesses, they produce various projects. Especially lazy, too lazy to go out to eat, so I have fast food take-out. Too lazy to get up, too lazy to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind, so there is a supervision business. You give me one hundred dollars, and I call you every day to urge you to study. One person has one hundred dollars. There are ten thousand lazy people in Qian Qian in this world, and 100 lazy people are willing to pay the bill, and the monthly income of supervision people exceeds ten thousand.

Doing projects always means making money with high cognition, spending money with low cognition or selling coolies. Children’s toys are a pile of waste in rich people’s homes, while those families who can’t afford high-end toys in rural areas are big treasures. So someone started a second-hand toy business, specifically recycling toys used by other people’s children, then taking them home for disinfection and selling them in rural markets, which still sold well.

I’ve only seen shrimp sellers become the richest man, but I’ve never seen whale sellers make big money. Small projects are easier for ordinary people to get rich. Maybe it’s a road sign stall selling small commodities, or a trouble stall selling barbecues and snacks.

Earn a few hundred dollars a day, hard work is hard work, make money without brains, have no ability, what can you do besides selling coolies, temporary hard work, one or two thousand a month, with the original accumulation, you will have the opportunity to do more profitable projects, the way is clear, the brain is flexible, snacks have become a craft, and then go to several food stalls, go to scale, join, and shrimp can also do it.

During the Chinese New Year in the county town, the inflatable castle for children to play in the square has never been absent. For 10 yuan or 15 yuan, a child can play in it for as long as he likes. Generally, a child will come out after playing for ten minutes to half an hour at most. There are dozens of children playing in it all the time. It is not difficult to earn thousands of dollars a day. However, this inflatable castle costs thousands of dollars. It is located in a suitable place, and it will be returned in a day or two on holidays. When you come out on holidays, you can earn tens of thousands of dollars a year, which is stronger than most migrant workers who work outside all the year round.

In another month, it will be summer, and Liangpi will become a best-selling product again. If it costs one or two dollars, it will cost six or seven dollars. Find a place with large personal flow and sell one or two hundred copies a day. When the business is good, it is possible to sell three or four hundred copies a day. Girls, in particular, can eat several servings of this fresh cold noodle with fresh cucumber shreds in one night.
Products are very similar to people. Some products are more valuable as they get older, while others are more unwanted as they get older. Just like RMB, it is as much money as it is now, and it was put into RMB 20 years ago. This old version of the whole collection is worth a hundred times and has been appreciating over time. People are the same. Some people are worthless as they get older. When they are young, they move bricks. One day, they have 200 yuan. When they are old, they can’t support themselves. The factories always like young people. Those who have just graduated from junior high school enter the factory. When they get older, they can only farm in the countryside. And some people, the older they are, the more valuable they are. Seven-year-old and eighty-year-old Chinese medicine practitioners are a treasure. After retiring for more than ten years, there are still small hospitals begging to sit down everywhere. A person makes himself more and more valuable or depreciates more and more, depending on what, depending on himself, the choice is greater than the effort, the direction is right, and the Japanese arch can reach thousands of miles.

When I was a child, I couldn’t see him selling candied haws at the colonel’s door. When I grew up, I found that he was still selling candied haws. The only difference is that when I was a child, I saw him riding a broken bicycle, and now I drive a four-wheeled bicycle. You don’t like it. Others have been making money in silence for many years.

Some people are more and more like pets, and some pets are more and more like people. Once upon a time, it was shameless to mention being kept by a rich woman, but it became a dream among young people. Being a pet of a rich woman has become an honor to show off. Like people, pets start to have their own place to live, eat and play, and have their own bed to sleep in. It is no longer new for owners to raise pets as sons. Even when pets die, they have to have a ceremony, which leads to pet funeral business.

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