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The sideline earning project thinking makes you take fewer detours on the sideline road


Hello, everyone, I am Da Chuang. I share the thinking of making money by sideline every day, so that you can take fewer detours and grow up quickly.

Friends who have known me for a long time know that I am very busy every day. On the one hand, I don’t have to operate my own other projects. On the other hand, I have to provide many people with answers. Among them, I am asked the most:

Da Chuang, I have less time, less experience and stupidity. Can I help find some easy-to-use projects? I can earn some money and pocket money by working two or three hours a day, and earn tens to 100 yuan a day

Usually, my answer is: there are many projects that move bricks, but this efficiency is very low, and it can only make a little money. If you want to make big money, you should choose a long-term sustainable project to operate as much as possible

Then I will recommend some small projects for them to practice and exercise their business thinking

Today, I suddenly remembered that many people may work, but their lives are busy, and they don’t want to do something to build their own brands. They just want to do some wool brick-moving projects, earn some money for meals, and smoke money is worth it.

So today’s article, Da Chuang will talk about things in this direction, hoping to help everyone

First, teng letter search for help

You can search WeChat official account directly on WeChat

Official description:

Positioning is to provide users with a flexible platform for small tasks, such as text annotation, picture annotation, picture collection, recording, audio writing and many other tasks

Settlement method:

QQ or WeChat, arrived in seconds

How much money can you earn?

Unfamiliar students earn 20 or 30 yuan a day, and it’s no problem to earn 70 or 80 or even 100 yuan after familiarity. The salary is piecework.
There are task recommendations every day

Exchange ratio of ingots:

5000 ingots are equal to 1 yuan. As can be seen from the task square above, a task is basically about a few dollars. The higher the difficulty of the task, the greater the reward

How much money you can earn depends on your proficiency and your time. It is a simple and repeated operation project. It is easy to earn one or twenty dollars an hour

Although there are similar software on the market now, many platforms will maliciously deduct wages, or do hands and feet in auditing. Those who don’t know how to do it will be pitted, so the best way to choose this project is to choose Large platform operations, such as there is also a group of people, are also quite reliable, and profits may be relatively low, but wins are stable

How to find this kind of platform?

The easiest way is to observe through QQ group

There will be circles in any industry. If you don’t understand it, you should look at it more and try again. There are also some circles that will reveal some unreliable platforms, so you can avoid it carefully

For example, if you think that the APP trial makes more money, and you like this way of making money, you can search for the trial APP in QQ

There will be many people to exchange experiences and a reliable platform. After staying in the group for a while, you will understand everything

The money to make money by moving small projects of bricks is limited, because everyone can operate without a threshold

If you want to earn more money, you have to cultivate your own core competitiveness and let yourself have a skill in order to do projects with higher starting price, such as a platform with a skill: free man collaboration platform, pig eight quit, Witkey network, etc.

Take the free man collaboration platform as an example:

Second, the free cooperation platform

If your work is related to the Internet, then this website can definitely meet your money-making needs. Whether you are designing, dubbing, copywriting, photography, programming, short videos, etc., you can find the corresponding tasks here

For example, WeChat official account has two 200 pieces, Chinese-English translation of 90 yuan, and WeChat official account edits 150 a day

Here, you can know a lot of people from Party A through what you do. If your works satisfy Party A, you may get a long-term cooperation opportunity. Usually, the salary of this kind of part-time job starts at 3,000

For example, the remote assistance engineer in the above picture costs about 5,000, and the price can be negotiated. This needs to be weighed according to the actual workload. Of course, the higher the price, the higher the quality requirements for the work.

Of course, this platform can make money, and not anyone can earn it. High value can naturally attract many people with similar experience, many of whom are better than us. If we want to stand out from these people and earn more money, we need to constantly learn and improve our own skills and increase our practical proficiency

Third, the car evaluation

In fact, I have talked about this project in detail before, and I will mention it again here

I like the opposite side myself, and occasionally read the news and magazines in this area, so it is not difficult to write

If you are interested in this aspect, want to operate but have no experience, you can also use the quick draft method I mentioned before

Party A in this field is a commodity with high customer unit price, so the task price of placing orders is also high, which may be several times that of other fields. Similar fields include medical beauty, real estate, etc. This interested party can explore.

Let’s talk about this first. Why is there this project

Because the competition between websites is very fierce now, many auto trading websites ensure the viscosity of active users

It is necessary to create a large number of car-related content to retain users’ time on the platform, thereby increasing the chance of exposure and improving the turnover rate

Let’s imagine that the websites of two car manufacturers, one is updated frequently, the other is rarely updated. If you buy a car, which one will you give priority to, is it the one that has appeared in front of you for a long time, because they have been subtly rooted in your heart, making you feel that they insist on sharing the contents of the car, which should be reliable, right

If we understand this truth, we can’t understand why they withdraw heavy money to recruit talents to write car reviews

Basically, the market is around 1500 words in 200 yuan. If you write a few articles a month, you can earn thousands of dollars. It is already very good for a part-time job

As for where to find the car review, it is still the same reason, part-time QQ group, Douban writers group, and car forum section

These projects just mentioned are some relatively simple part-time projects. There are still many brick-moving projects, such as salted fish, taobao guest, Wechat business, movie tickets, etc., which can be operated. Dachuang will continue to share with you later.

Ok, I won’t say much nonsense. Finally, I will tell you something:

Several practical tips for doing any part-time project, and I have used this method to fix many projects

  1. Integrate into the circle

The fastest way to enter an industry is to integrate into the circle. There are many ways to find the circle

QQ group communication is one of the better choices for many part-time groups

  1. Any circle will exclude novices

Don’t speak easily in the group, watch, listen and do more, learn from the clues of others chatting, connect the knowledge points in series, and slowly know how to do it

Just ask others blindly and don’t answer, and some groups will even kick you out directly

Therefore, even if you really don’t understand, you should find someone who talks more privately and ask for advice instead of asking for advice in the group

  1. Sharer positioning

Birds of a feather flock together, people are divided into groups, and there are many small circles in the circle. The topics exchanged in these circles are relatively secret and directly related to making money

Therefore, you must know how to share and show your value. When the value comes out, there will be a small circle to accommodate you and touch more things that you can’t touch outside

For example, if you find a new platform, you can test it and share it with everyone, or if you find new cooperation, the settlement will be faster and you can share it with everyone

If you are kind to others, others will naturally be willing to share their own things to tell you.

Da Chuang has something to say:

Finally, to sum up, whether it is a part-time job or an industry, there is competition in any channel that can generate income. I have talked a lot about the circle and told everyone, remember not to think about yourself, it is very time-consuming and a waste of opportunities.

If you want to make achievements in a certain industry, it is inevitable to deal with people. What is your attitude and what kind of attitude others are? Hiding is not the way to survive on the Internet. If you find a circle to warm up, you will find that you are slowly growing up. It is not only experience but also money

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