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20 Experiences on Internet Entrepreneurship


  1. Many people who do traditional business feel tired, so they want to do business through the Internet. Finally, it is found that the Internet is actually more tired, but the business opportunities of the Internet are infinite, and although tired, they enjoy it.
  2. When others watch movies online, you are watching training courses. When others are playing the glory of the king, you earn cash online. When others brush online for a short time, you study projects online. Because you are different, you will be the next successful network entrepreneur.
  3. Don’t believe some myths, such as earning tens of millions in a year. We only believe that hard work will produce results. Although the Internet is virtual, the efforts of entrepreneurs cannot be virtual.
  4. If someone writes an article and revises it once, you should revise it 10 times. In order to find a suitable picture to open a website, you have to open 10 websites. When others spend one hour researching Taobao, you should spend 10 hours researching Taobao. Only in this way can you earn more than others. Because when others earn one dollar, you earn ten dollars.
  5. Because you started on the Internet later than others, you should work 10 times harder than others. Because you don’t understand marketing as well as others, you should work 10 times harder than others. Maybe you will say, I don’t have so much time. But I can tell you: hard work is an attitude.
  6. If you want to make money through the Internet, don’t be afraid of trouble or fatigue.
  7. Many times, in order to reduce repetitive work, we can prepare materials that are repeated and reproducible every day. For example, ten potential customers are added to WeChat every day, and you know what they usually ask. Then you can prepare the most professional speech, and copy and send it directly.
  8. Choose the Internet, you have no one to rely on. You must work hard to build a good relationship with the strange world of the Internet. Be a harder and more perfect person than in reality.
  9. Study network marketing, and finally. You will find that only by process, automation and reproducibility can you really make money quickly. At that time, you can easily enjoy the fruits of your efforts.
  10. Many people who are successful in Taobao, and those who are very successful in Wechat business, will turn their mobile phones to the loudest when they sleep at night. Once someone asks for advice in the middle of the night, they will get up as soon as the voice rings. Therefore, their success did not come at random.

11, know the boss of a traditional enterprise, very rich, there are several factories and several companies. He wants to learn online marketing and find silence. I joked that you are so rich that you don’t have to learn it yourself. He said that any job can be outsourced, but learning cannot be outsourced.

  1. Real entrepreneurs will open several computers at the same time when they work, and they will not delay studying, doing business and doing drainage.
  2. I used to learn marketing knowledge, but I didn’t have many computers. I ran to the Internet cafe and started several computers at the same time. One for drainage, one for talking to customers, and the other for learning. Some people think that it is impossible. In fact, as long as people can do it without distractions.

14, learning video courses, we must learn to take notes. Accumulate over a long period of time and precipitate naturally.

  1. When I first came into contact with the Internet, I felt that it was useless to study every day. At that time, I learned a lot, such as building a website, programming, PS, SEO, etc … However, I gradually realized that it was not useless to study, and I must learn and use it skillfully.
  2. On the Internet, there will always be opportunities to make money. Why can’t you see it? Because your knowledge is not enough, and your experience is not enough. Therefore, you must strengthen your study of network marketing. If you have enough knowledge and experience, you will naturally see countless opportunities.
  3. Most of the time, opportunities are before your eyes. But you can’t catch it because you are not strong enough. The only thing that can make you strong is to keep learning.

18, hard work, can be exchanged for freedom on the Internet, financial freedom, freedom of work.

  1. Many people want to start a business on the Internet, not because they don’t work hard, but because they don’t know how to work hard, even in the wrong direction. Then, at this time, I suggest you join the smart selling circle and learn.
  2. Finally, I wish you a successful start-up, a bigger business, and a lot of money.

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