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An inconspicuous profiteering small business, which can be operated in batches and earns a net profit of 100 yuan every day


It’s really cold today. I went downstairs to have dinner at noon. I saw that there were people selling baked sweet potatoes on the roadside, and there were three electric ovens. I think there were almost a few hundred dollars to sell at that time. How much was the sweet potato and the price of cabbage? Why didn’t anyone do this business several times?

I often meet friends who are heavily in debt and borrow money to support them. Sometimes I really want to help them, but I am helpless. After chatting, I realize that poverty is all because of laziness.

A friend I have played for more than ten years is an example. A few years ago, his brother was engaged in sushi business on our side, specializing in sushi. The supporting drink was corn juice, which can be regarded as the characteristic of his family. I tasted it really well.

At the beginning, it was a business in snack car. It set up a stall at the entrance of our high school. A sushi with a few dollars was very cheap. Slowly, we opened a shop in our pedestrian street. Many customers came here. Later, when we had a branch, the business was unified and on the right track. Then we gave one of the branches in the university town to his younger brother, that is, my friend, who took care of it.

But this university town branch was the first one to be yellow. Of course, there was a relative factor in it, and I went my own way. No one could manage me as a friend. Every day, I squandered money at the bar. I went to KTV to sing tens of thousands of songs and sent them directly to the princess on my mobile phone. I took a shower and added clocks to more than 4,000. Finally, the branch directly got the transfer.

If starting a business requires diligence, it may be necessary to redouble efforts to stay in business. Besides squandering, the most important factor is laziness.

When it comes to laziness, many people may want to be stubborn with me, so how can someone lie down and earn money? Everyone knows that it is a super comfortable thing to earn money online, but no one asks how to lie down and what are the prerequisites for earning money.

If you can make money if you are lazy, just like the three sisters who are quick-handed, selling goods by live broadcast means not saying a word. Just staring at the screen, you can really sell things, like sleeping by live broadcast in the previous stage, and studying by live broadcast, which has been popular in bilibili. I engage in my things just for you to watch. This sounds a bit impossible, but it is really people’s life now.

Live broadcast in the short video industry has always been a hot topic for everyone. Most people know that they are very profitable, but they are afraid that they can’t do it when they want to enter, and they have no confidence. Just like Taobao in those days, they wanted to do it without a source of goods, and they were thinking about the source of goods every day. They have been thinking about it for ten years, but they never thought about attending some e-commerce product selection conferences. It’s so strange.

I have seen live comic sketches and live music in Aauto Quicker, which are similar to hang-up operation. Most of these contents are played at night, because it is basically boring at night, so we can have a rest after entertainment. In addition, there is a lot of social information now, and the set-up rotation directly solves the problem of our difficult choice.

There are still quite a lot of live broadcasts on the hook. Of course, there are various methods. For example, some larger anchors will have a special person to record the whole process during the live broadcast, and then the big anchors are tired. After kissing the fans affectionately, some self-media accounts talk and cooperate with the right to play live videos directly. The big anchors can not only get the benefits of XX, but also improve their popularity. I am very happy to do this, and the small self-media owners use this way of hanging up and recording, too

In the past, I always thought that they played movies directly, and they played songs in turn for the sake of powder, but in fact, they didn’t. In the way of live movies, there was a platform similar to no one on demand, on which TV and movies could be ordered, but it was necessary to brush gifts, and video sorting could be preferred depending on the score. This kind of pastime seemed to be free of money, but in order to master the initiative and play the movies they wanted to watch, it was necessary to brush some gifts.

Many people, including me, find it very strange why there is a certain market for this kind of live movie. Can’t you watch it on smart TV or mobile APP?

I summed it up. There are probably two reasons. The first is that many people don’t have APP members, and many other movies they want to watch are not included in some video apps, that is, resources are hard to find, and the second is watching movies. Experience, now we all like to watch the live broadcast mode. Some friends around me do things every day, and they like to open the Tik Tok and play it to some mobile games, either watching it or driving it there.

It is said that this way of supporting unmanned on-demand live movies can earn more than 100 yuan every night. If several mobile phones are hung in different time periods, the income of one night will be hundreds. Such a sideline business does not need to be managed every day, so it is enough to build a platform and wait for the time period to start broadcasting.

These unmanned on-demand movie software are sold in a treasure, but the price is not low. You can bring several live broadcast accounts at the same time, or you can go to Q Group to search related peers and peers who have the right to rent software, set up basic information and dock with the live broadcast platform.

As for some copyright issues, there is no clear boundary here. There are a lot of software on the Internet that can be viewed free of charge for movies and TV shows all over the network. In fact, it is similar to this one, and there will be copyright problems as well. My suggestion is not to do the latest movies, and not to do some movies at home.

Unmanned live broadcast looks mysterious. In fact, it relies on some software platforms to realize docking, and realizes income through some entertainment forms without anyone watching. Of course, since there is no one, this method can be operated in matrix mode, and as long as there is a live broadcast number, it can be copied indefinitely in theory.

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