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The short-term dumping mode of daily rent has a gross profit of about 30,000 in one month


In the previous articles, I analyzed that the biggest gap between the poor and the rich lies in the difference in thinking mode, and also gave you a case, the essence of why some people are still doing business in the same place for many years.

What many people don’t know is that the most important thing in doing business is to find a low-cost, replicable model, and then constantly copy and expand this model to give full play to the power of compound interest. To put it bluntly, this model is the basic framework for doing business.

As for who we do business with, the problem of earning more and earning less on a list is not the core issue we need to worry about. Because as long as this framework works, we will be finished if we work hard.

After seeing the short-term dumping shop model in small county towns shared with you before, everyone saw more problems brought about by clothing dumping and shop costs, and set limits on themselves before they started. How can a project be successful?

Actually, we jump out of our inherent thinking. This short-term dumping mode is suitable for many industries. Just think about the common businesses around us.

Those who are familiar with selling tableware and chopsticks, old coarse linen sheets, seedlings and flowers, selling small department stores, and doing moxibustion, their hair is white and black, etc., and the patterns are generally similar, all of which are carried out by renting a facade for a short time.

Therefore, extending this dumping mode to other industries can completely enlarge the operation, so as to minimize risks, minimize costs and achieve the highest efficiency.

Yang Jiasheng, a post-90s brother who works in Shanghai, relies on the short-term sale mode of daily rent. His gross profit is about 30,000 a month, but he sells bed sheets instead of our common clothes.

He said: “Although the unit price of bedspread business is not as high as that of clothing and shoes, it is a necessity of people’s life. Every day, a large number of people buy it, and when people buy it, they buy several sheets at a time. On the whole, the profits are very considerable.”.

For bed sheets with a purchase price of less than 10 yuan, Brother Yang Jiasheng usually sells for 10 to 20 yuan, which can normally sell about 2,000 yuan a day, and 3,000 yuan when the business is better.

It is easy to achieve a turnover of 10,000 when you arrive at weekends and holidays from time to time. Apart from travelling expenses, parking fees and other expenses, there are at least one thousand yuan in profits every day.

Next, let’s talk about how he operates.

Daily rent and high rent mode of vegetable market

Because 99% of Yang Jiasheng’s customers are old men and women, the locations of his temporary shops are concentrated near the food market and farmers’ market.

The reason is very simple. Nowadays, young people almost buy things online, and only middle-aged and elderly people still keep the old tradition of visiting the vegetable market. Besides, all the things he sells are relatively low-priced sheets, so the younger generation may not like them.

Therefore, whoever has a good flow of people in the market will go there; Wherever there are many people, they concentrate on where they go. They are not sold in a fixed market. All the rents he finds can be settled on a daily basis, but it will be a little more expensive.

Usually, the location rented by Yang Jiacheng’s younger brother is relatively small, with an area of seven or eight square meters, and the larger facade is fifteen or six square meters, with a cost of almost two hundred to five or six hundred yuan a day.

According to Yang Jiasheng’s younger brother, although the daily rent is more expensive, the advantage is that there will be less pressure to bear, and there will be a retreat if it cannot be sold.

Generally, he rents these temporary shops from two channels: one is to rent directly with the farmer’s market management office, which can rent daily, monthly and annual, and the booth fee of the farmer’s market with large flow of people is more expensive; One is to sublet the position that others have rented from the WeChat group.

In fact, there are some temporary stalls for rent in Guangdong Morning Market, some of which are 3×3 meters, some of which are 4.5×3 meters, and most of them are awnings that can just put down a 3×3 meter stall.

For these temporary stalls, the larger the flow of people, the higher the daily rent, ranging from 10 yuan to six or seven hundred, but the specific location is analyzed. The goods sold are also different. The daily running water used to break thousands casually. Some people sold leggings early in the morning to achieve more than 20,000 running water.

Now it’s a bit difficult to say, there are high and low, but drumming and selling sugar, each with its own business means, depends on how we do it.

The dumping mode of the whole audience in 10 yuan

According to statistics, the price preference of middle-aged and old-aged users is mainly between 10-30 yuan, which makes it easier for them to place an order for purchase.

Yang Jiasheng’s younger brother’s price positioning is also to adopt the low price, selling 10 yuan mode and 15 yuan mode in the whole audience, so that the effect is good, there is no need to bargain, how many pieces are sold every day, and how much money is earned at a glance.

According to my younger brother, when business is good, he can sell more than three or four hundred sets a day, and when business is bad, he probably sells more than one hundred sets. Mainly according to the consumption level of each market, it locates what quality bedding to sell.

Although this line can earn some money, it is really hard. Brother Yang Jiasheng’s daily routine is to get up before five o’clock in the morning, and then arrange the goods before the customers arrive.

Because the purchasing of middle-aged and old customers is basically concentrated in the morning market, even some businesses are few in the afternoon. So if you want to do their business, getting up early is a necessary condition.


In addition, there are also low seasons in this industry. When it is windy and rainy, or when you meet your peers and sell them cheaper than ours, your business will plummet.

Once, Brother Yang Jiasheng sold 15 pieces of bedding for the whole audience. I didn’t expect the stall opposite to sell 10 pieces for the whole audience directly. Even if it wasn’t of the same grade, the flow of people was attracted by the other party, so few people came to see it on his side.

This tells us that it is very important to do a good job in market research and pay attention to the weather on the day of the stall.

Keep the first customer

In the entrepreneurial industry, popularity determines everything in any business that comes into contact with people face to face. Only with popularity can we do business. Therefore, Brother Yang Jiasheng will try to keep the first guest after opening the door.

In the process of communication, Yang Xiaoge will enthusiastically chat with his aunt, talk about gossip, and blow a cow with his uncle, no matter whether he buys this guest or not, no matter whether he speaks well or complains. After the first guest stays, it is not difficult to keep the second guest.
People like to join in the fun. In a popular way, it is called getting together to watch the fun. The more lively the place is, the more people are surrounded.

As a dumping shop, if you want popularity, you must create a lively atmosphere. Customers will naturally be attracted to your booth, and the transaction is inevitable. Just like snapping up, once the door is deserted, they all leave at a glance.

Therefore, even if there is no popularity, we should create popularity, and we can do some interesting experiences and performances to create popularity. For example, a small trader will stand on a stool and put sheets on his body to shout wheat, which will not only let customers intuitively see what goods you are selling, but also attract people to form a gathering effect.

When the guests saw it and found it very interesting, they came to see it and gathered popularity constantly. Then we added some promotional activities to create an atmosphere of rushing to buy goods, and it was not a problem to bring goods slowly.

Let’s share the source of supply for Brother Yang Jiasheng. He has two sources of supply.

One is stacked stone in Nantong, Jiangsu. As a national home textile base in stacked stone, large and small suppliers, small and medium-sized businesses all take root here to sell goods, so it is easy to find a source of goods with high cost performance.

The other is Yiwu International Trade City. If you don’t want to travel far and want to shop for small commodities in Yiwu, you can go to the official website “Buy in Yiwu”, which I recommended before. This is the official website that binds 70,000 online shops and physical shops one by one. There are 1.7 million kinds of commodities for us to choose from, so we can’t worry about finding a source of goods.

From Yang Jiasheng’s brother’s experience, it can be seen that the advantage of short-term dumping mode is that it can withdraw funds quickly and make quick money, but the disadvantage is that it has to change places frequently. Although it is a short-term business for only a few days, the profits are still considerable.

The investment is not big, the most important thing is that one person can operate it, so long as we find the right source of goods and the location of the store is not bad, it is quite profitable. It’s just hard, because we have to learn to call Mai, to create an atmosphere, to promote sales, and to create a hot scene.

There must be a reason for the existence of every model. We don’t need to know all the models in depth, find the business model that suits us, and then go deep into it. I believe we will gain something.

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