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What are the best themes to attract flood traffic?


Now it is the world of mobile internet. Can you make money as a personal website now? Is it out of date to be a personal website?

In fact, some Internet giants such as a treasure and a certain east started as webmasters. There are two differences between personal websites and these big platforms:

1, popularity.

  1. loyal fan base.

If personal websites can do these two things well, then grassroots webmasters don’t need to do SEO, and rely on search engines to beg for food.

Personal websites can develop apps just like Taobao and JD.COM, where the data of their apps and websites are interoperable.

Those who say that websites are outdated are mostly rookies. They can’t make a profit by operating a website, because they haven’t understood the essence of making money through the Internet.

A website is actually a tool for obtaining traffic, just a tool. Whether it is suitable or not, whether it is useful or not, or not, depends on the user, not the tool itself.

For a person who is good at getting traffic through search engines, websites have high existence value.
This website is called Fried Eggs. You don’t know what this network is for, do you?

Baidu’s weight given on the webmaster’s tool is 4, and the daily traffic of the whole network is only over 6,000, but according to my estimation, the traffic should be over 600,000.

Of course, I have my own considerations as to why I estimate it is so high. Just like various online website tools and platforms, the data is for reference only and cannot represent the real data of the website.

For an old website that has been in operation for more than ten years, most of the traffic is directly opened from the favorites of netizens, so my estimate of 6,000,000 yuan may be said to be less, and it is also possible to have a million-level traffic.

The main profit of this website comes from the following three circles.
Actually, it’s Taobao Alliance. Now it’s JD.COM Alliance products. I have looked at the recommended products, and the sales volume is good. It can be seen that the income will definitely not be low.

The two T-shirts on the right should be new, from the self-operated Taobao shop, and the sales volume is still 0.

According to the data of this kind of Taobao website, the annual income of this website is definitely millions.

We do the website for drainage, and the traffic we attract is of course for the realization of our products.

So what are the users of Amoy customers?

Everyone has the demand for shopping, so the omelet net attracts the flood flow.

So what are the best themes to attract flood traffic?

New things, novelty seeking, beauty, funny.

This is the biggest feature of this website. One defect of these ubiquitous traffic is poor profitability. For example, similar shopping guide websites, which have one tenth of traffic, will be more profitable than others.

This is the verticality problem emphasized by many media platforms. Once the content is mixed, it means that the traffic is also mixed, and the difficulty of realizing it will become very high.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your personal website is only for your own interests. If your purpose is to make money, you’d better position your own theme and attract the corresponding accurate traffic with your own characteristics, so that the later operation and realization will be much easier.

Making money on the Internet is the same as running a network.

When we operate a project, the ultimate goal is to make money. If there are hundreds of thousands of fans in the end, but there is no good way to realize it, it seems that it is meaningless to do it.

Of course, making money is not the only purpose. While making money, it can make one’s own personal growth, so doing this thing itself is more important than making money.

For example, Huang Yufeng wrote articles on the Internet for more than half a year, only earning a few hundred dollars. If I only looked at whether it was profitable in the end, then I failed. However, after writing for half a year, I met many like-minded friends, and my writing level also improved. The most important thing is to sort out many previous knowledge points and precipitate more things, which are more important for me in the future.

There are a lot of things, many people always find it difficult to start, so they always want to find shortcuts and simpler methods, but the simpler the method, the more people will meet, so the effect must be average.

Making money is like this, so is growing up. If you are afraid of difficulties at the beginning, you don’t want to learn or do it, which is why many people find it difficult to make money online.

As for those who find it easy to make money online, they are just familiar with all kinds of operation methods, so they feel relaxed no matter what projects they do.

When we come back to the website above, many people think that his positioning is wrong from the beginning?

In fact, the webmaster of this website started with personal interests. What is important is that he started, and people didn’t think so much at all.

If you say that people are positioned incorrectly, if they were positioned with precise flow at the beginning, they may now have tens of millions of levels!

In fact, Huang Yufeng thinks so. It is far more useful to start doing it than to be wise after the fact. It is more important than anything else that somebody else’s website has entered millions every year.

In addition to the profit of the website itself, I believe that the webmaster’s reputation is not small, because a webmaster who can earn millions a year, this reputation, can certainly get other resources and projects.

How much money a website can earn can not be measured by money alone, but by what level the webmaster can achieve.

Just like many people want to start a business through the Internet, what is important is what they learn, what they do, and how much their thinking changes, not just projects

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