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What projects are heavily in debt, the only way out for the poor to turn over!


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What projects are heavily in debt, the only way out for the poor to turn over!
2021-04-10 15:30 157
Many netizens asked me what projects I owe a lot of money to make money.

Today, I reply in a unified way. Today, the only chance to change my destiny is to be Tik Tok.

After watching the e-commerce conference all day, what did you say? Just four words interest in e-commerce!

What does it mean? Tik Tok knows what you like, and then you brush the video you are interested in. As a result, you buy something conveniently. For example, when you brush Lao Wang next door to eat delicious hot pot, you buy a plate of mutton. You brush it until Teacher tony cuts a beautiful head, and tomorrow you will cut the same one.

You brushed Xiaoming’s classmates to teach you how to make money. I bought a book he recommended without blinking. These are because Tik Tok understands your interests, and you like everything you brush. Do you stay up late and brush Tik Tok, or do you chop hands with products you didn’t plan?

But you are willing to spend all this time and money. Because you are greedy for money and lust, love beauty and laziness, and love to take advantage of it, this is your humanity, and you can’t change it.

I boldly predict that the market value of Tik Tok’s listing in the second half of the year will be 400-500 billion US dollars. For the sake of capital market, Tik Tok will be open to e-commerce in the first half of next year. If all brands are in charge at that time, the market value will reach 700 billion US dollars.

In the second half of next year, the market value of food, clothing, housing and transportation services will exceed 900 billion yuan, and the market value of socializing based on your interests will exceed one trillion yuan. In the future, you will make friends with people with the same hobbies in Tik Tok, play games with wheat in Tik Tok, call a taxi in Tik Tok, order the mixed rice downstairs in Tik Tok, and even find a wife in Tik Tok.

Maybe you are still a loser with nothing. But as long as you make content that others are interested in, there will be flow and money. It’s not too late to start now, and the future is possible.

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