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In the sideline earning project, Xiaobai has a profit of dozens of pieces


There are many kinds of online sideline earning projects, and there are many classifications. Part-time tasks, zero-threshold mindless hang-up or self-media, e-commerce, etc. are all regarded as sideline. Theoretically, a long-term available product, coupled with a drainage and realization channel, is a project.

In this way, we can almost discover most sideline projects on the Internet, such as selling products, tangible products, intangible marketing, it doesn’t matter what kind of products, depending on how you make corresponding marketing plans.

Next, I will explain the whole marketing process for a specific product, and help you quickly find your own position in confusion, so that you can continue the project.

For example, when we build a website normally, we generally need the auxiliary product of source code. So, what is the demand of source code in the market? We can know that its demand level is still very high by searching the index.
This sideline earning project, Xiaobai has a profit of dozens of pieces

So this commodity like source code is currency in the circle of website construction, and obtaining source code+selling source code is the whole process of the project.

Since we have chosen the source code, we should find the popular and high-quality source code in the next step.

Get source code

  1. Various source websites

Baidu search source website, there are all kinds of selling source code, what we have to do is to find some popular source code and download it.

There is a ranking problem here. Basically, in a source code trading station, high-quality and popular source codes are basically ranked first. You can choose to download the source codes with the highest popularity.

Another way is the source code purchase area, where people will buy all kinds of source codes. If a source code is purchased more, it also means that the source code is hot.

2, the source code two vendors

Like some source code platforms, some people buy other people’s source codes in batches and put them in their own shops for sale or privately sell them in a circle of friends. The price is much cheaper than that on the source code platform, so we can take them in batches.

There are also some second-hand vendors of source code who often wander in various groups, such as QQ group or WeChat group. When we open QQ group search, we will find that there are many source code sales groups.

  1. E-commerce

This won’t cost much. There are too many source codes sold in a certain treasure. Here, we only take the source codes with high sales volume, because there are too many kinds of source codes. We only take the ones with good sales volume, and the sales volume represents the market.

Through the above channels, we can basically get about 60% of the popular source codes in the market, so that we can sell them. Here’s a reminder, don’t touch the free source codes. It’s not that the free source codes are not good, but because they are unknown.


In fact, the way of realizing the source code is very simple, that is, selling the source code to make money, but how to sell it, what marketing copy and which platform are worth pondering.

Here we recommend two better sales channels, and if you are willing to spend some time, you can build a long-term platform.

  1. Build your own source code sales website

In fact, building a website is not as difficult as imagined. A server builds a space environment, parses a domain name, and sets a theme is the outline of a website. If you can build a website, you can build your own source code station.

There are also many tutorials on the Internet. If you don’t understand, you can find them and study them. The time to build a station can be settled in an hour or two. Find a source code to sell and send it to the server website file, and the source code sales station will be completed.

Then screen some high-quality source code, match with the description and actual function of the source code. You don’t need to sort it out by yourself, just take someone else’s sales copy, which is why Bubble Net earns the resources that I advocate everyone to sort out and pay for.

These popular source codes can be uploaded to the website, and one or two original articles can be written every day to lay out keywords, so that the natural flow of search engines can be obtained after a period of time.

  1. Sales of mutual station network

The mutual station network itself is a platform, by which we can buy or sell source code, and there are a lot of reselling source code in this station, which also gives birth to the popularity of this platform market.

For now, the traffic of the mutual station network is still very high, and the weight in Baidu search engine is still very high, and the source code products we released will also get certain keyword search traffic.

On the mutual website, we can set up automatic delivery of virtual products, as long as they are a little cheaper than most sellers on the platform, keep a little competitive and make a difference.

  1. Social platform group marketing

For retail investors like QQ group or WeChat group, if it can be promoted, it should be promoted well, but I always think that when doing projects, I should take the road of obtaining passive traffic, and active promotion is only temporary.

Therefore, we can do the marketing of this social group by combining WeChat keyword SEO technique and QQ group bully screen.

No matter any project we talked about before or the sales system of virtual commodity source code, we should learn more and imitate our peers. Nowadays, many people are doing it in any line of the Internet, and many people are doing it well.

No matter who else says it is unreliable, if you want to make money, you must learn to refer to your peers first, so that you can enter the project and grow up faster.

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